Midburn 2016 – Tickets

Hi everyone, the moment you’ve all been expecting has arrived, tickets info for Midburn 2016 – Abracadabra!

[Pause for applause]

This year the ticketing plan was built in a way that will give priority for volunteers, theme camps and artists.

What does that mean?

The plan will allocate ticket pools for the various teams and departments volunteering year-round or during the event, theme camps and teams building art.


Our community has experienced an accelerated growth sprout during the last two years, this year we wanted to allow a sustainable growth rate.

Bottom line – this year we will sell about 7,500 tickets out of the desire to grow as little as possible (last years attendance was about 6,800 participants)

Since this year supply of tickets will be less than the expected demand, it’s important for us to ensure that the more involved participants that choose to volunteer, take part in building a theme camp or an art installation will be able to purchase tickets for Midburn 2016.


Midburn is a participatory volunteer based event.

Without volunteers we cannot create Midburn and there is no possibility for the magic to happen.

This year it will be easier to get a ticket if you are a volunteer, a part of a theme camp or art crew.

In order for Midburn to be Midburn we need to create a culture of participation and volunteering. After a great deal of thinking (a VERY great deal…) this is the best way we’ve come up to achieve this goal. It’s the very manifestation of “Abracadabra” – together, all of us create what we speak!

It may seem artificial but the importance of this change is enormous – the message is “There are no spectators, everyone participates”.

Why volunteer, create a theme camp or join an art crew?

Volunteering is to do something without expecting to get anything in return, the thought behind this system of allotting tickets to the various teams, camps and artists is not to force people to volunteer. Volunteering is something that should happen out of a real desire to give.

That is also the reason that EVERYONE in Midburn 2016 will purchase a ticket. Theme camps, volunteers, Board members, paid staff – literally everyone…

A year of change

This year is a pivotal year with regards to volunteering. Every volunteer buys a tickets, whether it’s MAPATZ, Midburn board of directors, artists, volunteers, Midburn CEO and so on and so on. The whole concept of honorary tickets – tickets that were given as a gift to volunteers working year-round or during event build week or tear down, is cancelled.


The intention is to separate the ticket-volunteering paradigm. A ticket is part of communal effort which everyone need to be involved with (there will be a lower income program for those who find it hard to pay the full price). Volunteering is something you need to want to do.

Who thought of it?

Giving volunteers, theme camps and artists priority in purchasing a ticket is an idea we don’t take credit for. the idea of allotting tickets for these groups was first executed in Israel as part of smaller events organised by private participants of our community (rather than the Midburn NGO) like the Contra-burn and Midburnerot which happened just several weeks ago.

This policy promotes participation and promises a right mixture of participation and volunteering.

In addition, allotting tickets for artists, theme camps and volunteers also exists at Burning man, Afrikaburn and other regionals.

Think of Midburn 2019 (just 3 more years…)

It’s important to remember that this change in policy is part of a process which is of great importance to our community and to how our event will come out. post event we will analyze the ticketing policy in order to see what worked well and what needs to be improved in order to update the ticketing policy for Midburn 2017.

How will it work?

So, ticket inventory is divided into two types:

  • Tickets for the general public: which will be sold like last year – via your Midburn profile at specific dates.
  • Allotted tickets through the different departments: Volunteers, artists and registered theme camps will be able to see if a ticket can be allotted to them:
    • Volunteers – through your department’s volunteers coordinator.
    • Artists – art department representatives.
    • Theme camps – your camp leaders will receive info via theme camps department.

It’s important to understand that allotted tickets are not related to the general public tickets. it will be possible to allot tickets after the regular sales rounds.

So, if you are part of a theme camp, volunteers or art build crew and couldn’t get a ticket in the regular tickets sales – Don’t panic! speak to your contact as described above.

Ticket prices

Pricing this year was determined after hours and hours of discussions, calculations, arguments, agreements, disagreements, more calculations, more discussions and arguments and finally – agreements on the best way to have Midburn taking into consideration the future of this event and community.

Production expenditures are more expensive due to expected permitting conditions (Police, Fire dept., medical infrastructure, etc etc) and infrastructure improvements (vehicle access, parking, fences, port-a-potties and more).

Last year we found out exactly how unexpected the permitting process is and how unexpected expenditures can suddenly appear.

Beyond Midburn 2016 costs – Midburn NGO is building an infrastructure that will sustain not only Midburn 2016, but Midburn 2017, 2020, 2050 and of course many more events and activities during the year.

We are here to stay and so we are creating a long term organisation with paid positions, a professional cadre of people that will handle day to day affairs, recruit resources which will enable big and small events, art and social projects this and the following years.

To conclude

2016 will be a year of many challenges and sustainable growth as a community. the way home begins now. Midburn 2016 will be both accurate and powerful. hope to see everyone participate as volunteers, theme camp members and leaders or as art build crew. this year we all create the things we speak – Abracadabra!

And now for the details – Midburn 2016 tickets information page.


  1. Is there a contact list for the theme camps that have already formed, so that I might join?

    1. a contact list will be online once the theme camps registration will be over. you’ll get notification about it. I also encourage you to check the Midburn FB page.

  2. I’m volunteering as a drone photographer and as part of the english-speaking PR team. I’m in contact with Rachel about the PR team, but not sure what I need to do to purchase tickets based on those two volunteering positions (or who to get involved with re: photography)

    Sorry if I missed something, it’s quite challenging for me to read in hebrew so I miss a lot…

    1. more volunteering option will go online on the main page next week. take a look over there.

  3. We ask for two tickets for Midburn 2016 -June
    Will be happy to know how we can join.
    Thank you

    1. Hey, please read the tickets page on this website. tickets go on sale today at 19:00 Israel time

  4. In my opinion the way the selling of tickets is happening is a “Not done/none starter”! there should not be waves, and prices should be the same for everyone regardless of contribution and voluntaring. there should not be, and there isn’t any dependency or functionality between price, wave, function or position. its for the people by the people. nekuda

    The way to go is:
    – no profile is needed, can be filled voluntarly later.
    – enter your email and buy a ticket. Prepare for 50000 purchasing transactions at once.
    – send a confirmation mail, with a link if those people want to volunteer for something, and list properly all the proffesssions you need: doctors, layers, it, carpenters, cleaners etc.
    – per definition, any participant, are all volunteers. when there is nothing to do anymore, they can become “substitute” volunteers 1 2 and 3 (in case of abcense). when that is full, it becomes a spectator.

    simple, practical, equale and all have the same chance to initiate what they want to do or reprisent

    what happens now. is redicules, complicated, boring, energy wasting; disappointing, and bring you a bad name.

    i from the us. spent 2-3 houres the first time. what should have been a great experience.. became a real idiotic one. my dougher in the UK, a Doctor, tried from there, and told me she’s almost giving up on this, “this is badly orgenised”. As if she has nothing to do all day, but stay near the screen, and press “refresh”.
    Today 30th Jan, 2016 , for the second time, same result. my sister in Haifa, the same. both said 165 euro becomes too much money for them, and they consider not bothering anymore.

    Okay, u get the point. im considering to give up my 2 tickets, as the animo to participate is almost zero.

    I suggest you issue millions of mails to appologize to the peoole, change your system immediately, and open your tickets to the mass indiscriminately!

    Thank you

  5. I am trying to create a Midburn profile but it will only let me login, not signup. Is it too late to signup to create a midburn profile?

    1. Hey Michael, the profile system will be available for singing up right when the 2nd round of sale will be over. It will happen by the end of this week.

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