Midburn 2017 Theme Selection

The Playa dust from 2016 still hasn’t settled, and here we are – already starting to create Midburn 2017, and our first step is choosing a theme. This year we are getting an early start and giving our community, right now, the foundation on which we can all start crating.

Let’s refresh our memory a bit.

What is a theme?

A Theme is like a rope which all elements of the event are attached to

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A theme is the concept that creates an inspirational, intellectual and philosophical framework. It is the foundation and the seed for the content. The theme is drawing a line, running through every aspect of the event, connecting all the elements, making a comprehensive and complete creation. The spirit of the theme encompasses this creation and holds in it the connection and the essence of all participants. The theme guides and inspires the art in the event.

Last year’s theme, “Abracadabra”, gave a deep philosophical meaning to Midburn. It carried an important message and inspired varied artistic directions. The word could be interpreted in different ways, but the basic meaning had a common understanding. The spirit of Abracadabra could be sensed months before the event and during the event itself. It was present everywhere, in every experience and yet allowed full freedom to each and every one to take it to the place that felt right for them.

So, what will be our theme for 2017?

All community members are given the opportunity to propose a theme.

Sit, think, talk, share, dream, and feel the theme that will inspire and stimulate our thoughts.

Instructions for submitting the proposal:

  • word / short phrase / words combination / letters combination
  • Written in Hebrew letters (and will be translated into English and Arabic)
  • Open to different interpretations but creates basic understanding of the message deriving from it.
  • Inspires and triggers the imagination
  • Connected to the culture of Midburn and to one or more of the principals

Submission of the proposal should include (proposals that do not include all listed below will be disqualified):

  • English and Hebrew theme
  • Explanation paragraph – between 120 and 150 words, that outline the philosophy and the connection to Midburn and to one or more of the principals.
  • Short sentence (up to 20 words) explaining why this theme is best suited for Midburn 2017.
  • Short sentence (up to 20 words) explaining the objections that might pop-up against this theme?

Terms of the proposal:

  • Only one proposal per participant
  • The proposals will be posted anonymously

Selection process:

Phase A– Proposals (03/11)

Until November 7th at midnight, members of the community may submit proposals, according to the terms listed above.

Phase B – Initial filtering (08/11)

Till the 12/11 at midnight community members, with a Midburn profile, will vote for their preferred proposal – Ten proposals with the most votes will continue to the next phase.

Phase C – Secondary filtering (13/11)

Till the 15/11 at midnight community members, with a Midburn profile, will vote for their preferred proposal from the list of ten – Three proposals with the most votes will continue to the final phase.

Phase D – Final Selection (16/11)

Till the 18/11 at midnight the community members, with a Midburn profile, will vote for their preferred proposal – the proposal which will get the most votes will be the theme for Midburn 2017.

Phase E – Announcement (19/11)

19/11  – Formal announcement of the selected theme for Midburn 2017

Phase F – Accessibility (04/12)

On the 04/12 the theme presentation will be published to the community. The presentation will analyze the chosen theme, reveal the philosophy behind it and present various interpretations and creative directions for using the theme.

To send a proposal please click this link.

*In case two of the proposals will get the same number of votes in the final selection phase there will be another vote between them.


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