The complete guide to creating art for Midburn 2016

So you’ve decided to bring art to Midburn …

Congrats! You’ve made the right choice. But should know that the journey is long and complex: the

magic of art is not created by waving a wand, but with manual labor, commitment and dedication. It’s

not the easiest thing in the world. “Hang on a sec…” we hear you say “is it really worth it”?

Well. In bringing art to Midburn you will be joining the ranks of creators of reality. Molders of

experience., Expressors of opinions., People of genesis , makers of content. Your gift will crystalize into a

memory shared by thousands of people. It will evolve into something far beyond your original vision,

becoming public domain – open to the emotional, personal and experiential interpretation of all

Midburn participants… Remind yourself of this along the way, because it’s something larger than life.

Have we answered your question?

Before we go on, here’s a small, magical tip to the beginners out there… ….

Push the limits but don’t lose control, do just a bit more then what you think you can achieve and

believe in yourselves – we do. Don’t ever forget that you are a part of a great and omnipotent

community. Find the path to people, find partners for this journey, do things together and rely only on


So how does this work?

Thanks for asking! Our process has a few steps.

Step A – Waving the wand

This involves filling out the initial form in which the artist or group of artists declare their intention to

create an art project in the event. It lets us know who you are and gives us a general idea of what you

intend to build. Filling out this form kicks off a process with the art department that culminates with

installing your art on the playa!

The application form includes:

1. Name of the art installation

2. Project leader

3. Number

4. Email

5. Name or the artist / group of artists

6. A short description of the art installation

Step B – The sixth sense // Defining the project

At this stage, it’s time to get more specific. We ask artists to provide details about their project and

explain how they plan to handle different aspects of the project including:

Its size, what it will look like, what it will look like at night, will the art installation generate sound, do

you plan to use fire. All these subjects may require some special preparation so we need to know these

details as soon as possible. Also, these aspects are usually the main elements of the project that give it

depth and precision.

Stage C- Mixing the potion // Project management

This stage is mainly for you. Its purpose is to give some organizational assistance in a way that also

allows us to track the progress of the project. At this stage you should already have all the information

you need in order to apply for an art grant scholarship and to deal with project management.

Above all – it’s essential to plan your schedule in advance in such a way that leaves you some breathing

room and margin for errors. There will always be surprises. Dedicate extra thought to planning and

managing cost efficiency, double check all your to-do lists to ensure you don’t forget anything, and

consider fall-back plans that allow you flexibility.

Stage D – Transformation // The safety folder

A large event such as Midburn must ensure the safety of all its guests and go through legal licensing with

the authorities . In order to do this, we need to know some pretty important safety details about your

art project. We’re still working out the full range of details that we’ll need from you at this time, but

you should expect them to include a description of your work safety procedure from the moment you

begin construction to to our approval , your electrical safety procedure, your plans to ensure

participants’ safety and any relevant fire safety items. When we do finalize the list of information we’ll

need to provide us with, don’t worry, we’ll share it with you.

Please be advised! Art installations that do not submit their security folder by the deadline will not be

allowed on the Playa. This is a basic requirement that is necessary, and is not up to us. After the

deadline we will no longer be able to accept submissions for art installations, so be warned and don’t

say we did not tell you.

Stage E – Tuning // Field preparation

At this stage you’ll most likely be very very busy with your project, and we are the last ones who want to

waste your time with nagging so just be aware that there are a few simple things we must know so that

when we get to the desert everything works in synergy where you would like to stage your art , how you

would like to be presented in the program, what your work plan is for the field, how you need to

coordinate heavy f mechanical engineering equipment , what your plan is for the fire folder (for art

installations that intend to burn), your disassembly plan and moop plan.