Submission of grant applications for art foundation – Midburn 2016

‘Midburn’ will take place between 8-12 June 2016 in the south of Israel.

Midburn Association’s goal is to ensure we have an event that is rich in unique, multi-disciplinary art, thereby inspiring artists to create unconventional art free of boundaries and limitations – ‘Breakthrough art’ –that is unaffected by social norms or commercial motivations, thus expressing the artist’s unbounded state of mind.

For additional information, we recommend visiting the Midburn site art page.

Midburn annually allocates part of its proceeds to support art, in addition to the monies from art fundraising taking place throughout the year.

In order to distribute these financial resources in a controlled, intelligent and transparent manner, and due to the limited financial resources available, the association has set up an art fund, which aims to assist and support artists who wish to attend the event.

The Art fund will ONLY consider applications from artists submitted through the art department for display at Midburn 2016.

Selected artists will receive a scholarship for the establishment of their installations at the event, pending the artist’s request and their fulfillment of the following criteria:

The Art Fund criteria is divided into two parts:

1. Character of the piece – how the piece reflects the nature of the event in the opinion of the Fund and the ten principles.

2. Manifestation potential – Execution potential of the project by artist/artist’s team and the likelihood of realization and of presentation on the Playa. This is based on an evaluation by the Foundation Committee based on information presented in the application for scholarship form.

The Art Foundation will award scholarships to artists who submit detailed proposals and meet the criteria listed below. The fund will decide which art to sponsor at its own discretion and is not bound to accept all applications.

Character of the piece:

Concept (15%)
Midburn Foundation encourages original, inspired and visionary installations. Priority will be given to installations that combine various creative disciplines, materials and interesting techniques with a general artistic statement.

Interactivity (10%)
Midburn encourages active engagement of its participants in order to enhance the personal experience of participants and interaction between participants. An interactive installation is one in which event participants can affect the way it is presented or can participate within it. Also deemed interactive is an installation that affects the participants due to its thought-provoking message and/or its size, and which can become a significant landmark for event participants. Encouraged are large installations that utilize the unique platform provided by the desert.

Hours and days of operation (10%)
Midburn event takes place over five days and four nights. The movement of participants within the event is not limited to a particular hour or day. We encourage art that is alive both day and night, throughout the event. This sort of art will be visible and accessible to its fullest potential to participants at the event.

Support the annual theme of the Midburn event (10%)
The event theme provides a link between various artists’ work and the event, which creates a certain atmosphere amongst the participants. We encourage artists to create art inspired by this year’s theme – “Abrakadabra”.

An installation which is specially created for the event (10%)
We encourage artists to create unique art for Midburn inspired by the principles, the medium and the community creating the event. An installation that is built specifically for the event helps transform the Playa into the unique gallery that it is.

Manifestation ability:

Financial conduct – minimum and maximum (15%)
Financial considerations will be a major factor in the evaluation of weather the person pitching the project can indeed carry out the work.
Financial conduct will be evaluated by:

1. Presentation of a minimum necessary budget and, separately, a regular budget.

2. Detailed cost of raw materials, construction and transportation.

3. A plan for acquiring the additional resources needed for the installation.

4. Effective utilization of resources, such as the use of recycled materials waste.

Construction plans (10%)
The artists will be asked to provide clear diagrams and drawings specifying dimensions of the installation. Three-dimensional drawings are welcome. The drawings should include scaling (preferably an added human figure drawn at the side of the installation for scaling).

Professional experience (10%)
The Foundation supports and encourages individuals and groups who are not involved with art outside Midburn to apply for a scholarship. The professional experience used to evaluate the potential artwork will be any relevant experience that could contribute to the success of the project (such as project management, construction, carpentry, fundraising, etc.) and not just with regards to artistic experience.

Work conduct (5%)
The Fund will consider the depth, detail and forward planning of the piece and of bringing it into the field. The Fund will seek a detailed work plan, a construction and striking plan, which includes schedules, personnel and MOOP program (LNT), and means of transport or a plan to burn the piece.

Official role holders (5%)
The Fund will examine the structure of the team and individuals within it in order to determine whether its composition can cover all the issues that may arise from the nature of the work being submitted.

Additional Terms
The fund will award scholarships of up to a maximum of 50% of the full budget of the project.
The deadline for applications for grants is 27 February, 2016. The artists will be notified if they have won a grant no later than March 20, 2016.

The grant is conditional upon signing an agreement to comply with the criteria determined by the Art Fund.

The grants will be awarded at the end of the event, and by 1 September, 2016, subject to the fulfillment of all the above criteria.

The Foundation reserves the right, after the event, to determine whether the artist complied with the criteria established to its satisfaction.

Applications are welcome below, and due by 27 February, 2016.

Apply for a grant

How do I submit the request?

You are required to download the scholarship form from the scholarship Foundation page and complete it. After completing the form it needs to be sent via the scholarship Foundation page using Google Drive, together with all necessary detailed on the scholarship Foundation page itself.

How does it work with Google Drive?

We recommend opening a new document in the Drive folder opened for the project in the art department directory and filling it there. For further information watch this video.

What does the Art Foundation give to art projects?

The Foundation supports projects with a scholarship alone, starting from 500 NIS and up to 40,000 NIS in unique cases, up to 50% of the entire cost of the project. Art doesn’t have to be expensive – one person’s garbage is another’s treasure.

Does the foundation take care of tickets for artists?

The foundation does not have tickets to allot to artists for 2016, tickets for artists are allotted through the art department. Further details can be found here.

What if I want to build an installation in my camp?

That is great, but the foundation only supports installations presented on the playa – the open space in the heart of the city.

How many art projects can benefit from the Funding?

The fund aims to try and support as many projects that meet the submission guidelines for it and given the amount of resources available – we do not have a target number of projects we support.
For comparison:

In 2015, 79 projects were submitted to the fund, of which: 33 received full scholarshipes, 20 received partial and 26 announced their retirement while working on a project towords the event. The Fund has granted a Total of 287,720 NIS divided into -140,400 NIS and – 254 Appreciation tickets to the Art teams. It should be noted that Midburn invested in the field of art installation approximately 500,000 NIS in the Effigy and the Temple projects.
In 2014, 43 applications were submitted to the Fund and all of them received grants. All applications submitted were actually eligible for an appriciation ticket when  22 projects implemented in the event, 78 total tickets for artists:, Total grants approved: ₪ 45,300

Where the Fund resources come from?

Fund resources come from the participants tickets , as well as the annual Gala of the Art Foundation and Midburn Association.

Who is the fund?

There are three members of the fund – Avital passion, my elk (Chairman) and Tal Shavit (Fund Manager)

How does the decision-making process of the fund works?

After we collect all the fund submissions each member of the Foundation goes on and gives individual score by certain criteria. Then all the members meet for a day or two to go through all the projects and consider them by the formulated guidelines keeping in mind the overall picture.

According to those decisions the Fund resources are divided, as we do our best to support and balance the various projects and the different needs they have (based on parallel funds and the fund of Contemporary Art of Burning Man and other regional events as well as the online community of Burning Man)

How to determine the amount of the scholarship?

The scholarship is determined by the minimum cost that is needed for every project. the level of presentation, the quality and character of the creation, the ability to go through with the project. As well as in comparison to the bigger picture of the other projects and the total resources of the fund.

There are those that say that size is what matters - what is the perspective of the fund?

Yes, of course there are, large-scale projects are often more powerful and is also one of the advantages that Midburn can facilitate large installations that in most galleries would not fit. In addition, we know that sometimes a Tiny Flower or “Gem” that is suddenly revealed to us in the desert can have a meaningful impact, not less than the big installations.

What the fund covers?

The fund covers for the installation’s raw materials, different suppliers, and transportation, the fund does not cover subsistence expenses of artists and wages.

Every year, the Art Foundation allocates special grants for art installations. Some of the supported installations eventually don’t reach the Playa due to various reasons. This year it has been decided to open a special appeal process in which the remaining funds will be distributed to other art installations. The opening of the appeal process depends on additional funds released to the Art Foundation if and when supported projects decide not to bring their art installation to the Playa.

At this moment, since there isn’t much money available, the appeal is only possible for installations which have not received any support. That comes from the recognition that some of the projects did not get support – not because their proposal for an Art installation wasn’t desrving – but due to difficulties with properly filling out the required forms. Since the budget for distribution is not large, the Art Foundation will not be able to withstand the appeals from all the interested installations.

A special update will be posted on this page in the case that additional funds become available and thus enabling the opening of the appeal process for any interested art installation.

Appeal Process:

In order to submit an appeal, the art installation should re-submit the request form for an art grant. The appeals will be graded in the same way the rest of the request forms were previously graded. Therefore we recommend to carefully examine the various criteria on which the Foundation members base their evaluation of the request forms, and to invest precious time and thought when filling out of the re-submitted forms.

The appeal request should reach the Art Foundation Email address no later than Apr. 30th 2016.

It is important to note that submitting an appeal doesn’t ensure receiving a grant. There’s a very limited budget for appeals and it will not be possible to support all the projects.