Support Art @ Midburn 2016

The Midburn Art Foundation is a committee in charge of the distribution of scholarships to artists who have applied for an art project in Midburn. The foundation strives to bring the art at the event to a level of uncompromising perfection, in both design and production. The distribution of the scholarships is based on predefined criteria, matching the agenda and spirit of the event.

Our aim is to support as many art projects as possible. All funds for the Midburn Art Foundation will be directed towards the creation of art at Midburn. We will use the proceeds to provide scholarships to artists, for transportation of the art installation and for building them in the Playa.

We thank you for showing your support to Art @ Midburn.

Criteria for applying for an artist scholarship.

RS1377_Midburn 2014 Sharon Avraham (1)-scr