Community Ignites Change // Giora Israel

10/01/2017 . By Shoshana Friedman
The Generator is a new social initiative that the Midburn Association recently launched. It aims to inspire and provide tools and support for social projects initiated by members of the community who want to positively influence Israeli society in the spirit of the 10 Principles. The Generator kicked off as part of the “Hackburn,” Midburn’s […]
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Heartbreak and Connection // Sivan Abelson

09/01/2017 . By Dannah
At Midburn, I found myself fighting depression due to a recent breakup. Each morning I was on the verge of packing up my gear and driving home. I was unable to connect to anything or anyone. I was trapped in my own internal, horrific pain – like a supernova that could not explode. In the midst […]
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Human Instinct and Need for Community at Midburn // Chandra Zas

08/01/2017 . By Dannah
Every Human wants Community. Connection is the strongest bond of Community.  I know no better way of intentionally creating connection than creating shared experiences. And what better playground is there than an event where everyone has the freedom to dream, to create, to help, to build, to be apart of something that is purely out […]
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Midburn 2017 Theme Selection

03/11/2016 . By Omer Kalderon
The Playa dust from 2016 still hasn’t settled, and here we are – already starting to create Midburn 2017, and our first step is choosing a theme. This year we are getting an early start and giving our community, right now, the foundation on which we can all start crating. Let’s refresh our memory a […]
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31/05/2016 . By Rachel Rowland
As I type, we’re finally wrapping up several months of intensive negotiations with the authorities about its licensing terms for Midburn. Our biggest challenge along the way and in the passing years has been to show that we represent a different type of event, we represent a different culture. In our DNA we take full […]
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A Short Guide for Virgins

26/05/2016 . By Rachel Rowland
For many people, this is going to be the first time at Midburn, or any other burn, and it’s hard to know what to expect. In this post, we will try to make things clearer and more focused, and answer the most frequently asked questions, in the shortest version possible (trust us when we say […]
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The Boiling Point // Nir Adan

23/05/2016 . By Rachel Rowland
A couple of weeks ago, my son asked me, “ How does water boil?” Even though we don’t see the whole process, suddenly the water is boiling. It’s a wonder, just like other wonders in the world. And yet, we’re talking about an exact moment. From a physical perspective, the boiling point is the temperature […]
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A Gift For Us // Magali Bursztyn

23/05/2016 . By Rachel Rowland
Gifting is one of my favorite principles of Midburn. It’s much more than an actual material gift, it’s about making someone else happy without asking anything in return. With the principle of gifting, everyone in the playa becomes one. The barrier of ownership, of what belongs to me and what belongs to you, breaks completely. But…what […]
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In a Manner of Gifting // Ilse Kauffeld

20/05/2016 . By Rachel Rowland
Midburn is devoted to acts of gift giving. The value of a gift is unconditional. Gifting does not contemplate a return or an exchange for something of equal value. (The Ten Principles, Midburn) The manner of giving is worth more than the gift Compared to other large festivals, one of the most unique features of […]
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The long road home, or… permits, please! // Giora (Gio) Israel

04/05/2016 . By Omer Kalderon
The process of getting a permit for last year’s Midburn event was complex and nerve wracking, to say the least. We got through it thanks to the inspiring resourcefulness of our external relations team, the spirit of our volunteers on the ground and behind the scenes, but especially thanks to the power of the our […]
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