Midburn 2015 – List of Theme Camps

This page lists registered theme camps for Midburn 2015.

The names and descriptions where supplied by the camps’ organizers and are under their responsibility.


The AliGate Camp is a place of cool, free spirited, and dynamic people: the perfect place for all Midburn Gate Volunteers!
Your sexy Gators and Gateritas Camp is an Oasis of epic morning Music sets by our beloved home town DJs, we serve cocktails that might alter your brain to an alligator-size! Come thirsty, come green, come hot and come dry! Come for our Green bar drinks, come to shake your tail, come for shade and come to get wet.
And every Green Oasis needs a little fire…Psychedelic cartoon cinema and firepit by night!
We assume that our camp size will be about 50, and we know that our beloved Gate Department Volunteers will have a cozy place to call home for the week!

To join:


Abarbanel Freshwalk

We will build a catwalk that will change in character each day. One day we will build a refreshing catwalk where everyone who comes to visit can walk down and be refreshed by strong fans, shpritzers of mist, a drop of perfume and a nice breath mint. Another   day we will build a costume catwalk for a costume show where anyone who comes can upgrade their costume with accessories and facepaint that we will provide, and then will be able to walk the runway to show off their amazing new look in front of an audience. Another day we will offer an ego-booster runway where anyone who comes to walk will get flooded with compliments and good vibes from the audience. And we’ll do the opposite as well with a heckle–walk, where all walkers will be heckled by the crowd, being told that they don’t have what it takes, and definitely have no future in modeling.

After life

I experienced camp right where you are coming from, meets God, and then choose to go to heaven or hell, heaven is an experience of freedom and peace, meditation retreats and treats, hell is S & M encounter with the horror experience and unforgettable.

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B&B – Bar “Barad”

At noon when the hot sun of the desert strike on the burners heads we will help cool them down with some cold ice drinks


In Baobab we are combining a camp of community and living with art-work. Our service to the community will be a 12 meters tall baobab-tree, which will rain sprays of clean / water for refreshment in the heat. You will dance your heart out, wet, muddy, and re-born. 

Under the tree, there will be an ongoing mud project of body painting and mud sculpture.

We need people who are interested in building, drilling, jig sawing, painting, transporting, lighting, dancing playing in mud,… and of course people who can be a functional part of the camp in planning and putting it up, taking turns in cooking, cleaning, merry making etc.

Following the burner vision, everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be part of any group, come as an individual, and find yourself busy with others within minutes.


Hi, we are planning to raise the subject camp with quality music (mostly electronic) and avant-garde. Combined with Live art for example- graffiti artists, sculpture and more …. we will have a bar in the camp and a family vibes. little hard to describe how much fun we’re going to do in our camp, we are a big collective and varied group who want to give from ourselves the best for Burn and for all.
It’s going to be awesome for all of us.


The idea behind our camp is distributing the culture of fun & entertainment, based on electronic music and alcohol, Dj sessions & music workshops, teaching the environment the behavior and language- all along with hard work and pleasure combined.
Know how to mix, react & deal with life.

Camp Free Love

Free Love – a safe space for deepening into healthy sexuality. Tuning into our bodies expands our consciousness. Through aware intimacy we empower ourselves and our loved ones. We practice honest, attentive empowering sexuality, so we can create a safe space for all.

On the Playa we offer the ‘Pleasure Dome’ – a safe and friendly space to express sexuality in all its beauty, for all genders, orientations and preferences. We offer a space for workshops, talks, shows and any expression of love, intimacy, body image, sexuality, touch, sensuality and pleasure.
At night, the Dome becomes an open and free playground for couples and moresomes.

Camp members are partners and creators of the the atmosphere in the camp. We hold a safe and open space for the city guests to stop by and learn, experience and relish :)

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emailEmail The Camp – campfreelove@gmail.com

Camp Kodama

“What is Kodama?”
“It’s Japanese mythology”
S. Aziz – Mibburnerot 2013

Come see us and meet your inner Kodama – http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Kodama

Camp MamaTeva

MamaTeva is about natural oriented parenting. We accept everything and everyone.

Phone: 054-4246161
Email: leeisfree@gmail.com
Lee Friedman Lokshin
Karmit Arbel Rumbak

Camp PatsPats

We offer lots of bubble-rap for everyone to playwith. Bubble-rap party and green tea!

Camp Sheduza

We will make them, and teach people how to make them and decorate everything with it. They will be also lit and glow in the dark

Camp Shtifa’le

The wettest camp on the Playa!
Camp Shtifal’e provides one of the rarest and most indulging experiences one could have in the desert – a shower. Accompanied by insane music and a dedicated team of professional shower specialists.
All you need to bring with you is 2 liters of water and a towel. Clothing optional ;)

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Caribbean Rhapsody

A Caribbean style music camp.
Including a cool bar with occasional live music

Cinema Camp

Every night all Mid-Buerner’s will be invited to chill in our cinima camp and to enjoy a variety of breath-taking natur movies. .As in all other great cinima places POP-CORN will be served to all Mid-Buerner’s during the screening
!! The idea is to porvide Mid-Buerner’s an oprtunity to take a brake and relax while whatching the greatest footage of our planet


The playa can be overwhelming at times – people, sounds, sights, all coming at you from all directions! COFFEE & COOKIES is an island of tranquility in the eye of the storm. We are an eclectic bunch of people that love to host! Come in for a warm cup and a sweet delight. Please bring us tasty homemade (or other) cookies to share


Pimp your costumes!

☆ Craft Shack ☆

We are a crafty communal lounge. We will have scheduled workshops and an open craft buffet for people to make gifts, outfit accessories and art projects.
come get crafty :)

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Deep Soul Talk

Would you like to talk to someone who is really attentive? Someone who will look straight into your eyes and understand everything? Someone who will be there just for you?
You are welcome to the “Deep soul talk” camp.
Each one of us knows how to listen and to be attentive, how to give you the space and ask you the right questions, each one of us knows how to be there just for you.
The most appropriate time for deep soul talk is the twilight hours. Every evening at dusk we will play music that goes straight to the heart, we will gaze, together, at the Playa and watch the sunset together. All of you are invited to join us.


Rock and Roll is not dead and the Dome of Rock still stands. Come to the musical Temple for all that is not sacred
The camp is comprised of three main elements:
The Dome – an interactive, musical haven for all pilgrims
The Sound Garden – a place to offer your musical offerings on the altars of Rock
The Priests’ Quarters – living quarters and hospice for the comfort and pleasure of the faithful heretics

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The shrine of the bubble

The shrine of the bubble is a sacred terrain where pagan ceremonies take place and a holy truth is being unfold
in the center of the camp erects a mesmerizing sand pendulum which will be built
by insane unrestricted psychedelic minds
the pendulum is sacred, its beautiful, its interactive
its magical
the people of the cult look the same (make up & costumes) and they speak the autonomic truths of the moment
the people of the camp are happy to help other humans understand the massiveness of the gospel according to the bubble
all of this is accompanied by Techno
and other nameless tunes

Eco Camp

The Camp will demonstrate the radical self-reliance with the desire for community life through sustainable behavior and various ecological infrastructures.
The camp functions will help us to work toward ecological life and at the same time give services, advice and practical support to the rest of the camps during construction and during the event.

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desert cruise on the Playa!

Everland is a Theme Camp at Midburn 2015. It will be your home on the Playa, a place where you can host your people under the pirate ship’s cool shade, swim in a pool of pillows and meet all of Midburn’s hot, colorful, beautiful beings


Ejos Agirafa

Mental Health Clinic .
we will give test tubes alcohol -based medicens in different colors .
tribe members are doctors and medical staff that are experts in this kind of medication .
Patients who come to our clinic will be diagnos by the our experts and get the right medication for them .

Family Camp

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
Here lies the Alice in Wonderland Family Camp – a camp of families and children only, where by mutual reliance, parents will be free to roam the playa.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
But our camp is not just for kids – we will have a lounge with live chillout music and jam sessions, craft activities for young and young at heart, and breakfast will be available for anyone who shows up with their own bowl and spoon and cup.
“It’s always tea-time.” …Step into the rabbit hole and join a mad hatter’s tea party or take some pics in our psychedelic photo booth. This and much much more… See you on the playa!
(We do not accept new members, but you are all welcome to visit!)


the camp is about –
experimental dinner
in the middle of the desert with challenging conditions
we will offer good and Surprising food , with Strict design
and story Behind each dish…


Hfweika cooking pot is huge iron pot that -diffusing the heat equally among all its parts
! who enters the gates of Camp joins the pot
You are the vegetables, each with its unique taste and the music is the secret ingredient

Camp serves in the morning shakes evening Fweika,
The public space will be open to Jam sessions, workshops and parties of unicorns and Grgmlim.
but the most important is that the camp is our hous, Place to return to rest and freshen up before heading back to Play.

Humans of Midburn

Following in the ‘Humans of New Yorks’ idea – our camp would seek to photograph (with Polaroid) every single Midburner and with that photograph of we would ask them two to three set questions about themselves/what this Midburn experience means to them.
These photographs will be the basis of creating a Midburn portfolio that documents each person with a photograph, their purpose in life, something that makes them unique, their purpose for being at Midburn, what camp they are a part of with the further intention of creating a structured ‘map’ style 3D portfolio creating a clear sense of how each individual contributes to this community, where they are located within the community as well as learning about each individual.

A personal portofolio of each individual, and the portfolio will include: a photograph, a bit about the individual, what camp they are a part of, what brought them here.

We would hope that by the end of Midburn we will have an organized Midburn portfolio consisting of everything you would want to know about the different assortment of people and characters that attended Midburn and what they gave to the event

Ice, Cream, & Fire

Ice, Cream & Fire camp will keep you cool on the hot days, and warm in the cold nights. We’ll make Popsicles with dry ice and some magic. We will have giant games and more magical and amazing activities.

IHOP- International House Of Pancakes

back for another year!
Just before sunset we’ll be serving chill-out atmosphere and vegan pancakes … music, morale and a spot to relax in and watch the sunset before a night of experiences begins.

Just Caffe

Everyday between 10 am till 12 pm we will serve coffee from the Mocha coffee makers table.


The first Karaoke bar in the Midburn.
Show your true skill with a microphone.
Prove to everyone that you have what it takes to be a star.
Karaoke, Alcohol and Live shows.

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Ku-sumo in space!

After the mind blowing success of KU-SUMO on 2014 midburn we decided to take a step up and bring the wonders of the KU-SUMO to outer space!
Vision: intergalactic decor, spacecraft, Sumo (well ,Of course), space bar, music from galaxies far far away and Led lights …. lots and lots of LEDs! And of course wearing traditional alien wear!

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Lend A Friend

Lend-A-Friend is a unique camp. We create experiences with and between people. Get ready for something else….

La Gazette

La Gazette aim to be the daily newspaper of the Midburn. It will provide the city with all the informations the Burners don’t need to have, but also with all the amazing stories happening on the playa. We will write in english.
The project is one sheet of paper, printed on both sides, released everyday at noon and delivered hand to hand by our stunning dressed up paperboys/girls crew.
Once read, the Gazette will turn itself, origami style, into a daily sculptural experience.
At least, that’s the plan.

emailEmail The Camp – midburngazette@gmail.com

Lindy Camp

Welcome to Lindy Camp! The camp for swing dancing!
Grab your top hats! wear your vests! put on your smooth shoes! prepare your ruffled clothes! Couse your about to swing it out!

This camp will include dance classes in a variety of styles (lindy hop, charleston, balboa, blues…) in a 30’s-40’s atmosphere.
There will be lectures on the history of swing, a non-alcoholic “”Lindy Bar”” of running cold juice, Jazzy jam sessions, electro swing parties and many more!

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We are all expected to chase after ‘a good education’, ‘wedding’, ‘buying a house’, ‘having children’, obeying the law, retiring with a good pension…
Mainstream\Extreme is a theme-camp designed to color the ‘mainstream’ world with satire, experiences that break the accepted norm, and with one’s stretching his\her own boundaries.

Mechigene Tehini

Our idea is to Build a Tehini Place that going to supply hundreds of meals during the festival.
The tehini is gonna serve by actress/waiters that will play with the people and do short scenes.
.There will be an open Bar and Menu’s with conversation topics and crazy tasks
At the siting corner, are gonna stand poetry books, and other important books.
Also every day there will be a changing exhibition.

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Midburn – Rehabilitation Center

The Rehab center will help and assist Burning Man addicts how to get rid of this horrible culture, quit and change lifestyle habits based on the ten principles that forced destructive mind and human behavior patterns … The Center will offer and provide alternative principles for better and more dirty future
The patients will go over various treatment stages as part of the rehabilitation process, including electric shocks intra-cerebral memory to validate deleting of all Burning Man-related content… ultimately, patients will come out to new Playa … The rehab center staff will accompany each patient in his first steps in the new world.
The center will be open to participants over the age of 18 … participants with allergies to themselves will not be allowed entry to the Center.

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Midburn Post-Office

We’ll open a post-office – for post articles inside Midburn, and to the default world.


Same idea as last year. A radio station for midburn.

Never Ending Camp

This year, the Never Ending Camp is an “art support camp” for several art projects. We’re also a home for many fire spinners. We’ll have Falcor flights and stock market workshops… though we may skip the workshops.

No Man’s Camp

No Man’s camp is a timeliss zone that gives anyone the upertunity to be free
the meaning of freedome is the ability to be who you are and do what you want.
No Man’s is the place to go when you want to be together but also when you want to be alone,
it’s an open code for life where everyone is a part of the creation of now.

Prana Yoga

Ahalan wasahalan. Welcome to an island of serenity in a sea of madness.
Prana means life energy, or chi according to Chinese culture. Our camp offers Hatha Yoga classes and Zen meditation
If you’re a beginner or advanced, a kites or an anchors, big or small.
Come and enjoy a cup of hot tea, a treatments compound, chill-out area with relaxed music and talks about everything and nothing.
Anyone who wants to volunteer or help the camp is welcome.

Option: We want to do a yoga class with live music so if your playing an instrument and able and willing to accompany us – we’ll love for you to do so! In addition, we would like to offer a yoga class for children and are looking for a teacher who knows how to teach our future teachers.

Contact Noam Tokman: 0544548540

Red Nose – The Adult Version

Welcome to Red Nose – The Adult Version
here you can juggle, climb ropes and look at the Playa upside down.
spontaneous circus performances and mostly a lot of joy and love.

Contact Tali – 054-6609522
Contact Roy – 050-3549403


An interactive artistic camp on the middle of the plaiya that will offer the participants of the event the ultimate hammock chillout spot,
The hammok saloon will be shaded at day, lighted at night and constantly full with music.
It’s a place to rest, think, rebalance, nap, lough, meet lose it, find it,
and feel at home…


This camp creates a space of creation, we are going to build a complex of mats and how to perform concerts, music and lectures.
Filing two vegetarian meals a day (lunch and dinner), Camp Workshops people pass (beliefs and spirituality)
Before making a record two events
1. thina masks party.
2. Alternative Shabbat on Friday night.
* Our camp design artistically representing the abundance and was built by the campers.
The principle of the camp is to provide a platform for all creative and crazy idea to go out into the action, it will camp right where everyone can fulfil his fantasy
And members of the camp assistants dream come true. We provide the tools to shefa.

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Shit-Hole Camp

Shit hole camp is a hard place with hard people.
Dark humor and dark people in the darkest place on Playa – shit-hole

Straight Friendly

Straight Friendly is the the first LGBTQ in Midburn.
Queer? Experimenting? Lesboflexible? Just flexible? Homosexual? Gay friendly? Like to watch topless lesbians kiss ??
If one or more of your answers is “yes” – you belong to the proudest camp known to Midburn community!
Join us to create a piece of rainbow in the desert´s sun!

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Sunrise Kingdom

Sunrise Kingdom is dedicated to bring you the music and sounds we love to the Israeli playa. From deep house to techno, our DJs will steer your emotions and move your feet in long parties, from sunset to sunrise, and beyond…

Talking Handjob

Talking HandsJob is the camp of all those who know who to speak without using their voice – deaf, hearing impaired, and any Sign Language speaker (-8
We will expose Midburn to the beautiful world of nonverbal communication – a language that is to some of us the native one, but many people learn it merely because it’s soooo intuitive and fun, and enables talking from dawn till dusk in a complete peaceful silence –
a really fascinating experience to the newbies!
The camp will provide sign language related activities: Hebrew (or other) Sign language workshops (by levels – to both children and adults), and theme lectures (fully translated and followed by an open discussion).
EverYBodY is invited to come over, get closer, participate, and create an exciting gathering that will melt down the ice (in the Vodkas) and will expand the desert’s horizons.

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The Lab

We want to create a day-drinking, science-themed bar with daytime programming revolving around science, chemistry, experimentation, and radical participation. Drinks will be served during daylight out of test tubes, and some examples of activities are: liquid nitrogen ice cream social, chemistry magic show, do-it-yourself, social experiments, etc.

The Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree is is a feel-good space, where the lemons are always fresh and the music is always good. We welcome the desert community to come and enjoy a squeeze of sweet lemonade and dance with us. We will host groovy Lemonade parties during the day and a bunch of activities (from yoga to jams), depending on the mood. We want to create a space where people feel free to be themselves. Who knew the lemon could be so sweet?

* As we are still in the process of forming our camp, we are still playing with additional art installations, performances etc. that we would include in our camp. Therefore, our ‘vision’ might change slightly before the festival.

Who we are:
We are a group of 15 – 20 friends from Israel and Europe. We will set-up and organize the public space of the camp, but we will also provide sleeping and cooking areas for our members. Although we will not be able to host additional people, we do open all our events and workshops to everybody at the festival – The Edge is, at the end of the day, a space for everybody.

The Turtle

The idea is to create a complex emotional release and convergence rate of the spirit with the body
We plan to create and support colorfull stage that will give visitors to our spiritual librety
Our way to do this is with music ! We believe that it has the power to connect people and free them inhibition of modern society
Logistically complex will be built in a large space , shaded by a special color -saving we bought this year (what will be the turtle’s armor )
Entrance to camp goes by the turtle’s mouth and all events will be conducted within
We have a unique sound system produces sharp , high-quality sound without reaching at high volume
In terms of musical content we welcome artists outside the mainstream expose us unfamiliar style and we will open the hearts and minds of wonder created the world but do not get enough in their proper ear .

The Inner Child – Children of Fire and Air

Come join us at our vibrant and active camp for children of all ages!
Invitation is also for adults who are connected to their inner child, in spirit.
Anyone who is interested in the four elements: Practice air witch-craft,
learn how to use your fire, to make your wishes come true, to create one’s reality using your mind’s force.
Learn how to manage your choices more wisely and how to control all four elements (like Avatar the cartoon) to bring peace and inner balance to the world by bridging and connecting between the material world to the spiritual one.

The Unbirthday Camp

The Unbirthday Camp is back!

Is it your birthday today? Congratulations!
Is it *not* your birthday?

Even better!

Come celebrate your un-birthday with us.

Other than singing un-birthday songs – we would love to offer you drinks from our bar, have you dancing into the night at our crazy parties, and chill out in our Zoola!

*Closure guaranteed to anybody who has had traumatizing birthday parties in their childhood.

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The wise old men of the tribe

I am 65 years old, a former Yoga teacher and a student of Osho (Formally Baguan), graduate student of the Trilo-Therapy and several more spiritual trainings. With me are several friends with similar backgrounds and age. Last year we participated during the Midburn , where in a spontaneous way, many younger participants came to us and started talking “”about Life””. They wanted to talk to us about their parents without prejudice or personal involvement and were looking for answers to fundamental questions that concerns them. As a result very deep and fascinating conversations developed which made very strong impact on all of the participants over and over.
We plan to setup this year a small camp that will be called something like “” The wise old men of the tribe”” (Temporary name) which will be open for discussions on a cup of tea for individuals and groups.
In order to move ahead with the idea and we first need to get tickets, something we were not successful doing so far even though we started last Saturday evening spending hours trying to register unsuccessfully.


You’re welcome to sit with us around the fire on the cold nights of Midburn. We will host you like family: we’ll feed you, give you hot drinks, comfortably sit you down, and if you feel like it – we’ll create interesting conversations with whomever’s around our burning barrel. It will be hot. It will be cozy.


You bring it, We dip it, and then lick it!
Every night a hot chocolate fondue will just wait for your fruits to be dipped. There’ll be brushes for some sexy chocolate body painting.
Masala chai will also be served occasionally.
The camp is vegan-friendly.

Yossef Bahazer

Long long time ago in a place called Hatzrot Yassaf an Ethiopian neighborhood was established, this communitty through the best parties in darkness and daytime, including ridiculous ceremonies like contacting the dead, touching the virgins and loving the earth.

a few years later, on the same grounds next (up in the north) a new community of friends took the old wrecked grounds and lived there for 4 days. making life food parties and all of the above was what kept this small community for 6 years.
this year we want to unite with our natural values of BM and create our safe\hazard place on the playa

many ideas to come, but heres the first step.