Midburn Decompression Party 2015


The event is sold out. No tickets will be available for purchase at the gate.

Welcome Time Travelers

The annual Decompression party is the largest community event outside of the Playa. This year, the Decompression is going to be special – this year, we’re Time Travelers.

Four months after Midburn 2015, we will bend time and travel together, 4000 Burners, to the unknown.

And we’ve got our work cut out for us…

Get ready to a mini-Playa, with Greeters, Art Installations, Theme Camps, and just a lot of Midburn.

)'( 3 music stages with wonderful DJs and musicians from the community

)'( A psychedelic time tunnel that will bend your imagination

)'( And all of this in a large “mini Playa” space, under the stars

This will last for an entire night, that will feel like 4 days, with our beautiful community!


We will begin our voyage on October 2nd at 09:00 PM. It will take place on the “Playa” of Ronit Farm and will come to an end by the next morning at 7:00 AM.

The Decompression is meant for Midburners, so the first tier of ticket sales will open for registered profile owners only.

This is done in order to allow our participating community members to start planning their art projects, volunteer in event operations and invest their time in communal effort towards the event.

The second tier of ticket sales will be open to new members of our community as part of the Radical Inclusion principle.


The event is sold out. No tickets will be available for purchase at the

The Time Shuttle

Why drive your car when you can hop on our time shuttle? (Well, it’s actually more of a regular shuttle). Round trip will be at a subsidized cost of 50 ILS. Shuttles will leave from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.

Guarantee your place on our time shuttle that will depart at 09:00 PM and will leave back to your destination at 5:00 AM.

volunteers (1)

Communal effort and participation

The time machine is all set and ready to go, you’re probably looking for the button that says “I WANNA PARTICIPATE AND VOLUNTEER!”. As in any project, our success is dependant on participation and our communal effort.

We are going to be 4,000 Midburners and a quick calculation will show that we need 500 eager and ready volunteers.

So in order to volunteer, just click on this link and pick an area you want to volunteer in.

Personal space and Consent

Remember that a critical aspect of Radical self expression is to be aware of the receipients rights and liberties. If you want to hug someone – make sure you have their consent, If you simply must take someones picture – ask for permission.

Any kind of contact and communication must be done with a clear and definite consent of both parties, No compromises.

Be aware of your surroundings and help your fellow participants if you identify she\he is in distress.

If you feel that your personal space has been violated in a way that you cannot deal with by yourself – to your right and left are community members who will be happy to assist.

The event will also have Rangers patrolling and assisting if need be.

MOOP, get it out of the way!

The venue will be clean when we get it and that’s the way we intend to leave it when we’re done.

There will be no plastic cups at the bar so bring your own. cups will also be sold at the bar in case you forgot to bring your own (but why should you?)

You saw MOOP? Pick it up and GET IT OUT OF THE WAY!


It is forbidden to enter with food to the event. Those are the instructions of the venue owners. Food stands selling vegan, vegeterian, and meat dishes will be available for purchase at a price of 30 ILS.

Alcohol and drinks

Glass bottles are not allowed because of safety reasons. Entrance with alcohol is forbidden. Alcohol will be sold at the bar and any profit will be used for Midburn NPO activities throughout the year. Please bring your own cup, at least 400ml in volume.

Alcohol prices:

  • Water – 5 ILS (Free water taps are located next to the toilets)
  • Soft drink – 10 ILS.
  • Chaser – 15 ILS.
  • Beer – 20 ILS
  • Vodka / Arak / etc. – 30 ILS

What should I bring?

ID, your ticket, multi-use cup, gifting, warm clothing for the night.

A few last words

  • Entrance to the event with weapons is forbidden and there will not be a check-in counter for weapon storage.
  • No animals are allowed (except kangaroos).
  • Entrance age is 18 and over.
  • Alcohol and glass bottles are not allowed.
  • No camping in the venue.
  • No fire in the venue (except for pre-approved fire acts).
  • All participants of the event, must have a ticket to enter the event. Tickets will be available for printing via the profile system after completing the purchase. One should print their ticket and present it at the gates.
  • The payment may only be made with a credit card. American Express is not accepted.

Sales, Cancellation and the Transferring of Tickets

Ticket Sales

Following the event’s Terms and Conditions, It is forbidden to profit off of your ticket purchase. You may not resell your ticket for a higher value. It’s not allowed and it’s also really not cool.

Ticket Cancellation

If you need to cancel your ticket (no! say it ain’t so!!!) please send an email to tickets@midburn.com and review the terms of cancellation in the website’s Terms of Use.

Transferring your ticket

Please follow the instructions described at the Ticket Transfer page.

Luv ya!

2015 Decompression team.