Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Midburn 2015 Decompression Event (“The Event”)

Every participant of the event vouches that they have read these Terms and that they accept absolutely and without reservation all its content. These Terms form an agreement between the participants of the Event and The Midburn Association, RA 580567600 (“The Organizer“).

  1. Participants under the age of 18 years will not be allowed at the Event.
  2. Your entrance to the Event is conditional upon presenting a valid electronic ticket and a valid identifying document. There will be no sale of tickets at the Event. When entering the Event, an identifying bracelet will be worn on your wrist. Please keep it intact, because you will not be able to re-enter the Event w/out it, if you have left it temporarily.
  3. A pre-condition for purchasing a ticket for the Event is providing an e-mail account that you use regularly, and by providing it you allow the Organizers to send you updates and notices through it. The complete provisions as to payment for ticket or transferring the ticket to another participant are found here. The complete provisions as to cancellation of the transaction are found here.
  4. All participants of the Event create, work, participate and co-habit in the spirit of The Ten Principles. You are required to read these 10 principles prior to arriving at the Event.
  5. Our community is committed to radical participation ethics. We believe that change – in respect of an individual or a society – can occur only through deep personal involvement. We realize being through action. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play. We turn the world into reality by heart opening actions. Volunteering is an inseparable part of the Event’s experience, and the volunteers are those making it possible. In order to volunteer you must register here, and as shall be required, you will be approached by the Volunteers` Dept.
  6. The Event will include art works, installations, displays, performances & theme compounds. The art created at the Event is not commercial, commissioned or branded, and the Organizer is not responsible whatsoever for the contents or operation of arts or compounds, and/or to the risks that may arise from their set-up or operation, or the visit or use thereof.
  7. Maintain your safety & watch your environment. Bring a multiple-use cup*. Make sure you haven’t left any MOOP behind – take back with you anything you have brought to the Event. Watch over your belongings – the Organizer is not responsible for any loss of/ to your belongings.*(multiple-use cups with carabiner will be sold at the Event, for the convenience of forgetful participants)
  8. You are not allowed to bring in to the Event alcohol, animals, weapons, laser pointers, fireworks & pyrotechnics, dangerous or illegal materials/substances. FYI – you may undergo an inspection of your possessions as a pre-condition to entering the Event.
  9. Commercial food & beverage stalls will operate at the Event; you are welcome to make use of their services/products. However the Organizer is not responsible whatsoever for the activity & conduct of such stalls.
  10. Teams of volunteer Rangers will operate at the Event, who will assist in maintaining safety, tranquility & the Event’s experience`s quality. Please follow and obey their instructions. The Organizer advocates zero tolerance towards violence, whether it is physical, verbal or behavioral, and reserves the right to expel from the Event’s grounds any participant not complying with such policy.
  11. The complete provisions re: photography & documenting at the Event can be found here. Their summary is provided here for your convenience:
    • A person’s picture shall not be taken without their knowledge & consent.
    • No pictures may be posted on social networks without the photographed person’s consent.
    • In any event it is forbidden to make any commercial use of pictures, without explicit written consent of the Organizer.
    • Anyone violating the provisions above, may be subject to legal proceedings for violation of privacy.

    The above provisions fully apply to videotaping and filming as well.

  12. The Organizer considers safety & security of the participants as a top value and fundamental and essential condition for the Event taking place at all. Each participant has full responsibility not to endanger himself or anyone else by his/her actions. You are required to pay attention & be alert to the risks that exist in your environment and take action to prevent and/or remove them, and if necessary, alert the Rangers, security personnel, Organizer’s personnel, or the premises’ operators immediately.If during the Event you have chosen to participate in any kind of activity, you are doing so at your risk & full responsibility.
  13. These Terms will be interpreted in the widest sense, so as to allow maximum exhaustion of the Organizers’ rights towards the participant.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood these Terms and undertake to fulfill all the conditions herein. I am fully knowledgeable & aware that without agreeing to be bound by these Terms, the Organizers would not have consented in the first place to my participation in the Event.