Ticket Transfer

Transferring Midburn 2016 tickets 2016 via the ticketing system is no longer possible!

If you have a general sale ticket for Midburn 2016, transfer will be possible only at the gate’s box-office (“Will Call”). You will be required to present an ID of the original ticket holder, and a signed form (See below).


Please note that only adult tickets purchased in the general sale may be transferred.
You cannot transfer tickets of type volunteer, production, theme camp, artist, low income and other tickets that fall into special categories. They are non-transferrable and cannot be sold!

Please note that the transfer of children or youth tickets will be done in the same method of transferring adult tickets. ID# card of the ticket owner, as well as the name and ID # of the child receiving the ticket.

As a reminder, child tickets are meant for children under the age of 14, while youth tickets are for teens ages 14-18. Tickets are required for Midburn participants of all ages, and participants whose ages do not match the ticket type they are carrying will not be granted entry.

To transfer a ticket to another participant at the event gate, you must present all of the following documents, printed on paper at the box office:

The ticket will be transferred by the box office staff, the ticket receiver will receive an entry bracelet and be requested to get back to line in order to enter the city.

Please note the conditions at the top of the Ticket transfer form, make sure you understand and comply with them.