Volunteering is an inseparable part of the Midburn experience. The volunteers are the ones to build, operate and teardown the city. Volunteering does not automatically award you a ticket, but this year the priority is to allot tickets to volunteers in the different departments.

If you have a medical background, this is the place for you! In the center of the city a strictly volunteer based medical station will be established in order to provide counselling and medical services. The clinic will provide the citizens of the city medical attention in the Event that someone will require assistance. We are looking for volunteers that have any sort of medical certification (medic, paramedic, nurse or doctor) and are willing to volunteer for one shift or more throughout the Event. Also people looking to volunteer will need to arrive to 1-2 preparatory meetings before the event in the Tel Aviv area.

If you are interested in volunteering at the medical station, please fill out this questionnaire.

The Center Camp is the main public area at Midburn. The Center Camp will be divided into different areas including a stage, a lecture and workshop area, treatments area and chilling areas. The Center Camp’s staff will maintain and operate the different areas during the event by managing the content, schedule, sound etc.

If you can work sound equipment, or are a performance artist of any kind and wish to perform, holistic therapists, philosophers, lecturers or hosts, if you are people’s people, great managers, producers at heart, visionary or just want to be part of one of one of the most magical places in the city – this is the place for you!
We have an amazing vision.

To join, please fill out the volunteer form.

Midburn Nomads are volunteers from the community who devote their time to maintain the safety of the town’s citizens and their surrounding.

Midburn Nomads represent a cross-section of the community and serve as mediators while practicing an attentive and non-confrontational approach.

Midburn Nomads have been qualified to identify and deal with safety hazards, mediate arguments and resolve disputes that are not resolved by the parties involved.

Midburn Nomads encourage community dialog and shared responsibility. The rangers approach and reach out to help, only when they are required to do so.

Midburn Nomads are not just a comunnity – it’s a philosophy of life.

Join Midburn Nomads

Greeters are the very first people that visitors of the Playa will see! The responsibility of the Greeters is to ensure that everyone brought with them all the necessary equipment, to inform people of the basic and most important laws of the Temporary City we call the Playa, and lastly to get them into the very special and different atmosphere that is found on the Playa!

Volunteer Greeter’s undergo several days of training before the Event, including several seminars.

If you are someone that LOVES people, is happy-go-lucky, always smiling and inside of you lies a mischievous side, then COME to US! To join, please fill out the form.

Our Dining Room feeds the volunteers of the set-up and disassemble teams. We make sure to provide enough food and energy to the Mapatz (DPW) team while they build the City. We are looking for volunteers with or without experience in cooking. However, what we are looking for is people with a high level of motivation to chop, spice, stir and most importantly cook food with lots of love for all the people who will build and disassemble our wonderful city.

To join, please fill out the volunteer form.

The Gate to the city is a unique and special place , it is the place that separates the default world from the magic city we create. The gate is the first place people meet the magic and the place where you leave reality behind and walk into a dream.

The Gate department is in carhge of managing and operating the entrance to Midburn, including the first welcome to the Midburn’s particiapnt with an exciting convoy at the entrance, issuing the personal entrance ticket to the event and the most excting part – the wristband ceremony .

Department’s responsibility :

  • Recruitment of about 100 volunteers for manning the temporary city gates.
  • Planning team buiding activities for the gate’s family.
  • Defining the protocol for the gate oporation.
  • Logistic planning of the gate, including purchasing, corporation with other departments and carrying out in the field.
  • Planning and building art installation at the gate area .
  • Construction, operation and deconstrcutions of the gate at Midburn.
  • Planning and building the camp for the gate’s volunteers.

Gate department has 4 main teams:

  • The volunteers team
  • The art team
  • The logistics team
  • Alligate camp team of the gate volunteers.

The gate’s department works all year round, we are in touch with all of our volunteers and plan fun team-building events and training before the event, We would also have camp and art installation constructions days that would give us another reason to celebrate. We form a unified and United family which together will allow us to operate the Gate best. Attention – it’s a habbit that is hard to kick – you have been warned.

The department volunteers are the first Burners the participants of the event meet! It is important for us that our volunteers will have positive eneregy, lots of patience, a smile and the willingness to listen and solve problems.

For more questions you can contact one of the regional heads of volunteers:

Shiran Maor – Jerusalem area shiran.maor5@gmail.com

Itamar Goren – Beer Sheba area  itamidburn@gmail.com

Naama Golan – Center area tlvgatevolunteer@gmail.com

Oded Keren – North area cocoabracadabra16@gmail.com

To join, please fill out this form.

Do you have what it takes to play with fire? Are you strong enough to guard the flame? We, of the Fire Tribe, dance between the darkness and the light. Our mystical ways and alchemical haze, ablaze, will amaze in experimental, elemental theatre.

The Fire Team produces the Effigy Burn Ceremony. We literally put the ~Burn~ in Midburn. Add your magic to the mix and join us to design the very catharsis of the event for thousands of fellow burners.

We need all kinds of skills. Share your flame with us and sign up in this form.

Mapatz is the department that plans, builds and takes down the infrastructure and the public buildings of our temporary city. During the main event, and the rest of the community events, Mapatz are the first to arrive at the site and the last to leave. Mapatz volunteers are unique, hard working and resilient to tough weather conditions. They work well together and are ready to do what it takes to achieve common goals.

Mapatz Responsibilities:

  • Preparation of the site, building and laying down essential infrastructure essential to the functioning of the city.
  • Measurement of the city’s roads and boundaries
  • Fencing off and marking the city boundaries
  • Building of shade structures in public areas
  • Placement of street and city signage
  • Installation of  lighting in public areas throughout the city
  • Building the main gate to the city
  • The supply of portable and stationary electricity to public buildings and art installations

Mapatz is a department that is active throughout the year. The department members undergo training in the operation of power tools, erecting shade structures and working at heights.
Mapatz volunteers are in touch throughout the year, at seminars, team-building days and fun weekends away, because we’re family, we’re proud to be family and we love spending time together. The special nature of the department turns hard work into a unique experience, where we do something that we are passionate about with people that we love. There’s nothing better than that.

Mapatz work hours: From the beginning of a task until  it’s completion.

In Mapatz, we believe in personal responsibility of the highest level, and in the ability of an individual to influence, change and improve.

We are looking for volunteers* with all levels of experience and knowledge. What is important to us is that our volunteers are people with high motivation and a willingness to work hard.

Feel free to send any questions our way via the Mapatz volunteer email: mapatzvolunteers@gmail.com

Like to Join our family? please fill this form

*Warning, volunteering with Mapatz is addictive and will change your lives in ways you can’t imagine.

We work hard and play harder!

Playa Info or the Information Center, is the place that will provide you with everything you want to know! You want to know where a camp is located? What’s Happening at a certain hour? What to do in case…? Come to the Playa Info and WE will provide you with all of these answers and more.

If you are someone who loves to answer questions, help people, be at the center of everything and know what’s happening, this is the place for YOU! To join, please fill out this form.

Midburn is the temporary City in the desert that is built in the hottest time period of the year! Ice is a vital commodity and necessary to our ability to live in the desert for this temporary time period, and thus is the only item that is sold for money at Midburn. In the center of the city, a station will be built and run by volunteers for the entire duration of our temporary City.

To join, please fill out the volunteer form.

The “Chaback” is the control room of the Midburn production – it’s where all the spells and potions are made. The control room is the information and nerve center of the production. If you love knowing what happens behind the scenes, love running things and making them happen, or if you’d love to find out how our city operates, this is the place for you!

This is the first year this department exists, and you will be part of creating and designing it.

Our trained magicians will sync everyone and everything in the city from within the Chabak. In addition, we are looking for magicians to help create that magic and build the department from now until the event.
For further information please contact – control.midburn@gmail.com

For volunteering please fill out the volunteer form and we will contact you soon.
Thank you!

MATAR department – leave no trace, is a new department in Midburn association.
The department will coordinate the effort to build a culture, community and practices that will enable us to return the Playa to mother nature cleaner than we got it.
Our vision for Midburn 2016 includes three main components:

1.  Build a community – that if we can connect people who care, it will reverberate success.
2.  Adoption of the neighborhood – to fill up the “holes in the bucket”, we will build ethics in which every camp will adopt the public space neighboring them. This will increase our responsibility – reduce the likelihood of MOOP residues.
3. Comfortable terminal solutions – so that it’s convenient for all of us to just succeed in keeping it clean.

To realize this vision, MATAR department needs you! If it’s important for you that the event will be held in a minimal footprint – your place is with us.
Important – a major part of the department’s work is done on the last day of the event (12/6) and the day after the end of the event (13/6) – It is important to note whether you have appropriate time to volunteering.

To join, please send us few words about you to yaroklekulanu@gmail.com or alternatively, if you are fluent in Hebrew, please come back soon as we will publish a registration form.

If you suddenly discovered all Midburn departments are full of volunteers and you haven’t gotten the chance to participate, or you like seeing everything organized and orderly, you’re in the right place!

This year Midburn is all about magic and there is no magic bigger than getting 5000 vehicles into the the desert and safely out of it. Join us in making this magic happen.

Mid-Park department is being created these days and we are looking for good, patient people that want to give something to the community.

To join, please fill out the volunteer form.