Wonderful community, dear friends – Congratulations – a new association has been born in Israel – Midburn!!
Below is the first document in a series of transparency documents which aim to share with the community the actions and activities of the board of directors of Midburn.  In the near future, after the completion of the association’s website, direct access to the association’s documents will be enabled.  Including agenda, board decisions, regulations etc…And in the mean time a few updates:
  1.  In good time our community has been recognized as a registered non profit organization with the name “Midburn”.  Date of registration: 31.12.2012.  Certificate attached above
2. Nine members were chosen from the founding group who comprise the board of directors:
Adam Levitt adam@ midburn.org – General Manager
Itamar Cohen itamar@ midburn.org – Law and Order
Nati Goldman nati@ midburn.org – DPW
Rei Dishon mb@ midburn.org – Communications
Daria Frost mb@ midburn.org – Community Relations
Nir Adan nir@ midburn.org – Production
Sharon Avraham art@ midburn.org – Art
Assaf Katz assaf@ midburn.org – Volunteers
Daniel Schwartz daniel@ midburn.org – Fundraising
3. Near term activities of the board of directors
a. Completion of the organizational structure and creation of a yearly work plan.
b. Writing of the association’s regulation documents including regulations governing recruitment of new association members and new board members.
c. Cooperations with Burning Man Headquarters and other communities across the world.
d. Planning of the main “Midburn” event (see section below).
e. Recruiting volunteers.
f. Fundraising for the association.
4. “Midburn” – the main event: A team has been chosen whose goal is to find a suitable location where we may hold a large scale event in the beautiful dessert of Israel.  As soon as a suitable location is found we will update the community regarding exact dates and location… We already know that the event will not be held this coming Passover… We also know that the event will be a wonderful event like we have grown accustomed to from this community.
5. Reburn Decompression Fundraising Party – This was one of the most successful events of the community to date…Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed.  A transparency report outlining revenue and costs will soon be published.  Whom ever hasn’t yet seen media from the event here is a link.
6. contact list Building – Creation of a database of community members for the purpose of updates and communication between the association and the community members and the between the community members themselves.  If you are interested in receiving updates regarding meetings, events and projects which the community is working click on this link.
7. Volunteer Recruiting – An appeal to the community will soon be released for the purpose of recruiting active and skill full members to work year round in Midburn’s departments.  In addition we will be looking for volunteers that will help during the events themselves.  Stay tuned for further community updates.