Midburner: Armel
Midburn Year: 2015
Hometown: France
Currently Resides in: Luxemburg

I went to Midburn 2015 with a close friend of mine.
Here’s my story.

It all started because my friend André got married.
From love, comes Midburn!
The whole wedding was arranged in a rush, and happened very quickly. In the whirlwind, I did not have a chance to organize a nice wedding gift for him. So, after the ceremony I told him : ” I will bring you to Midburn”. I told him this even though he was looking for a job, and did not know if he could make it. That was my gift to him. To help me organise the gift, his wife gave me his passport so I could organise airfare and logistics.

Then, I set out to choose a camp. Since we had a little misfortune at Burning Man 2014 (we’d joined the famous Gypsy Flower Power International Camp and it was a bit of a disaster….), my friend said jokingly, ” Go ahead and sign up to join any camp you want as long as there is no gypsy, hippie or rasta in the name!”. That made the task a bit easier :).

So, with my friend’s words of wisdom, I took a look at the theme camps on the Midburn website. It was pretty much a wild guess. I decided to get in touch with the Craft Shack Camp who seemed cool from their description, and when I reached out they were happy to welcome us.  From day one they were very friendly.

Joining a camp made it easiest for us to meet local people. We really found an amazing camp. André helped them for the build of the dome (we have one similar back here in Paris), and had an amazing experience with them. I had the best food ever at a burn (food matters for french people 🙂 ).

It might be easier for burners coming from abroad to join a camp, but i know some people also like to be independent in the freecamp. So it is just a matter of choice. Both are good. We wanted to meet people, and share a daily experience with them. And, we had an exceptional experience, with the people from this camp. This was really my best Burn event ever!

We stayed two nights in Tel Aviv before heading to Midburn with the kitchen lead Saul the next day. We first slept at Charlene’s place. She was from our camp and invited us to stay one night before she left to set up on the playa, so we grabbed an AirBNB.

We found the ride to Midburn at the last very minute, but as you know playa always provides 😉

We could not bring too much stuff with us. We had two bags each, and decided to share a small tent instead of a bigger and nicer one. Then we bought food on the way with Saul, who was managing the kitchen for the whole event. Check out the photo above – our car, packed with 300 eggs. It was a cozy ride! Except for some cereal bars, we shared every meal with our camp.

And, since we had such little with us, we decided to join the MOOP (Cleanup) crew, and brought the best goodwill we could with us (as well as some Polaroid cameras to take/give photos all event long.)

Our return was less organized, since our ride from the way in, our chief cook Saul, could not bring us back.
So we went to the gate with a sign “Tel Aviv/Paris”, and eventually found a ride with two guys from free camping. They nicely dropped us from Midburn straight next to the building where we would enjoy our last night in Israel with people we met in our camp.

We were a little exhausted, but still has enough energy to have lunch in Belgrade, where we had a connection, before heading back to Paris, and then to my final stop Luxemburg.

I have no special piece of advice for people coming to Midburn from abroad, except that you must always be well prepared, independent, and open minded. Finding a ride helps too because it is not very easy to get there otherwise. Speaking English, French or Russian always helps too. Oh – and! Always read the survival guide, especially if it is your first Burn.

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