A woman who walks in purpose,
doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities.
Her light causes people and opportunities
to pursue her.


It’s 4 PM in the Israeli Negev Desert, the sun sets slowly, making room for the moon to shine it’s magical light on the Playa.

It is the 1st day of Midburn 2015, women of all kind and nations are here united.

Amongst them are Ayelet and Amit, two girls in their late twenties coming from Tel Aviv for their 2nd time Midburn. Ayelet is wearing a thin white dress that flashes her sun-kissed skin. Amit’s tall, strong body is pointed out by a small green jumpsuit. Their hairs are braided and filled with pink and red flowers. The skin around their eyes is decorated with little stars and shimmers, gently reflecting the last pieces of sunset.

Ayelet and Amit are two out of many beautiful women souls gathered at Midburn for an empowering experience.

This is a place where appearances make room for inner beauty to shine.

It is not important how people look, women in particular; every woman is special in her own way. It is a place where women embrace and accept themselves, allowing their character to grow and make new social experiences with their surroundings.

The entire Playa is filled with music and good vibes.

Everywhere you turn, your eyes will find rest on some both comforting and energizing scenes. In an open space there’s a girl swinging the hula-hoop with natural flair around her body, while another lady spreads energy with her dance moves. Others are enjoying each other’s company while sitting on blankets and talking about life.

When these women feel good, they make qualities of character, such as charisma and self-assurance look elementary, pointed out easily in their natural behavior.

At Midburn we don’t judge, embrace one another, we compliment each other and allowing others to grow.

Here’s to nights that turned into mornings,
And to friends who turned into family….


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