A single lady and a couple walk into the Playa … sounds like the beginning of a joke right? Well it’s not, its reality. Mine at least.

I had never been to the original Burning Man but a good friend told me it was an experience – not fun – an experience, so I knew that if I was coming to Midburn alone I should probably have someone there to be my anchor. But, what is a lady to do if her mail-order husband got lost in the mail ? (Really, Israeli post office is a serious challenge ).

And then, all of a sudden a good friend asked me if I was coming to Midburn and I asked if she is going and she said yes, and she was in a camp, so I packed my bags not blinking twice at the challenge of getting a ticket and organizing the necessary vacation days. I even found a ride, thanks to my friend, with the cutest couple ever. They made me feel welcomed from the get go and I was very excited.

We arrived at our camp, set up our home for the next few days up, met our camp mates and were ready to go explore the Playa.

Only, turns out, there wasn’t a “We”. My friend who had been there a few days went to have some quality time with her man, and the sweet couple needed some romantic time, and I was left alone.

Now I may be single but am no nun, so I looked at my camp mates and realized this is not were salvation lies.

I decided to go for a walk on my own, mainly to mark where” Sh’tifaleh” camp was. I’d heard their camp had public showers, which meant I’d be visiting them a lot: I’m addicted to showering.

As the night set-in after a really good meal I found myself alone again. And this time it hit me hard: our camp did not have lights yet, I did not know many people, and mainly I felt alone. I was bummed that I didn’t have a partner with me, but I remembered something I heard from friends more than once: if you need something, ask it from the Playa and the Playa will provide. So, after walking on my own for a while I asked from the Playa for companion, male, female , it did not matter, all I wanted was someone to talk to, to share this experience with.

And it turned out my friends were right. The playa provided a companion in the form of a young sweet man that was waiting for his friends to arrive and was looking for company too. From this moment the evening took a turn to for the better with a great conversation, a walk on the Playa, and even a night long hug, no hidden agendas and no mixing of body parts, just two individual enjoying for some company.

I woke up with a smile and a new faith, “what you ask from the Playa, the Playa will provide.” And so, I asked for love, I asked for vodka too and I got it, but I needed love, and I know what you are thinking … she wants romantic love or physical (you naughty you!) but that is not what I asked for, not that I would’ve minded. Oh, I’m still single by the way 😉


What I needed was love and company and beautiful souls to have fun with and one by one or two and more they came: Camp PatzPatz guys that made me laugh, Camp Therapy that gave me vodka and hugs, friends from the real world that popped on the Playa and more and more.

The Playa produced love for me as if the hot sand was boiling with love; love of people , love for joy , love for art , love for sexual freedom , and it was just as if love was hanging in the air along with the dust and you couldn’t help but breath it in.

Of course, the fact that we are drinking and dancing all day helped, but pure the love like I felt on the Playa is love that no drug or liquor can produce: either it’s there or it’s not. And the best proof of it is the sheer number of people who want to buy a ticket to the 2016’s Playa.

Other than the magical emotional experience, I also had a very harsh physical experience in the form of harsh allergies that made me wonder more than once if I even belong there, if maybe I should skip out of the whole thing and mark Midburn as one of those things you gotta try at least once in life and that’s it.

But this year I can hear the warm embrace of the loving voices from the Playa calling me back, back home. So I am coming back; back to the loving embrace of the Playa.

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  1. Michael Fischer

    Lilaaaaach…. Return to the playaaaaa…. It’s habit forming and it’ll feel right.

  2. Dustin de Wind

    Playa faith… thanks for the reminding 🙂
    that and to the release of certain aspects commonly craved for within “LOVE” household. I had the best time in the MidBurn simply enjoying meeting new people (I mean, I did not come as a single, but I still require love 🙂 )

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