Will I like it?
Will it be uncomfortable?
What should I expect?

These are some of the questions running through my mind as I prepare to lose my Midburn virginity in less than 2 months. I am intrigued and drawn to the philosophy behind the burner community as it speaks to my own shared values of giving, sustainability and civic responsibility. Midburn endeavors to create an alternative society that, counter to the one we live in today, adheres to a clear set of principles that are cushioned in acceptance and inclusion.

As I approach this new territory, I have inquired, questioned and accumulated a lot of other people’s Midburn adventures. Though, I can’t help but shake some of the large unknowns that loom before me, as well as try to temper and modify my own expectations.

I can only envision how many incredible art installations I will witness, how liberating the playa must be and all the types of beautiful interactions I will share with fellow burners. On the flip side, I find myself filled with anxious jitters ranging from the theoretical to the practical.

Like what does total abandonment look like? Will I be able to curb my natural tendency to judge? To what extreme does radical expression go? How will I fit into the whole milieu? Does the playa actually provide? To such pragmatic matters such as, how the fuck will I deal with all this sand?!?!

Prior to the event, I am trying to immerse myself in as many pre-festivities as possible and take an active role in my camp (shout out to Rack Cafe!). These activities provide a nice taste of what is to come and a peek into the greater Midburn community.

But, I recognize that only when I step foot on the playa will I truly understand the essence of Midburn – and with that, pop my cherry.

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