Burning Man encourages the individual to discover, exercise and rely on his or her inner resources.

That’s the definition of self-reliance I first found when I was deciding whether I was ready for my first playa experience.

I love discovering new things, and also, putting my knowledge to practice…but relying on myself? I mean…just myself? That was a whole different story.

As Midburn was getting closer, all I could think about was how someone who has never been in this sort of situation could calculate how many things he should take with him. What if you need more water than what you usually drink? What if your food goes bad? What if it is super cold at night?

I only got my final answers after I arrived to the playa.

Even though there are thousands of people always willing to help and give you whatever they can, if you really want something – bring it yourself. From costumes, to swimsuits, food, drinks and up to medicine, the playa can give you amazing surprises, but they should not be expected. Once you get to the playa and you open your bag, that’s when you’ll know how much you know yourself. Your needs, your likes, your pleasures.

And that’s exactly how the journey of Radical Self-Reliance starts. The playa experience is probably the best environment to learn about who you truly are. What can you actually tolerate? How do you react towards extreme situations? Are you independent? And then, my favorite question of all, the one that has the exact same answer for all of us: Who is actually responsible for your experience?

You. Regardless if you are going by yourself, joining a camp of strangers or lifelong friends, no one will hold your hand through this Midburn journey like your other hand. You are the one that will ensure you have a life changing experience. You are the one that will learn how to enjoy and embrace new things. You are the one that needs to take responsibility for your playa experience.

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