[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Reflection means looking back,
so that the view looking forward is even clearer….

One of the most magical and spiritual places at Midburn is definitely the (holy) Temple of Reflection. This is a community place where people can gather and unite, as well as find both peace and quiet.

Taking part in Midburn is not complete without a visit to the Temple. There is plenty of space for emotions on all different levels; getting rid of old baggage and welcoming new changes, a place for individuals to remember people they lost, and a space for people to find closure. Battles or struggles someone is dealing with can be written and settled down here and ignite new beginnings. Burners are welcome to leave a note on the structure of the Temple or bring pictures from home, giving them a special place to reside.  

People can take part in various activities in the Temple, such as a special ritual cleansing mythology. This is a process in which your aura can be cleansed and emotional space cleared. Moreover, people can seek help and open up to others about their struggles through deep conversations in both big and small groups.

The daily ceremony is most likely one of the spiritual highlights of the Temple and takes place at sunset each day. In the beginning of each ceremony, a group of participants cross the Midburn city before the sun goes down, and light up the Temple at the night, marking the start of a magical experience.

This year’s Temple was conceptualized by Meir Stars, a talented architect, designer and artist based in Tel Aviv. Stars sought to connect both community experiences and individual journeys as the focus of the Temple’s design. Each corner of the Temple provides space, inviting intimacy and retreat, while the middle calls for group-souls to share and enlarge their joint experience. The bridge in the center leads to a unique and private place. The Temple lightning comes from the floor and it will be seen all over, illuminating the playa.

Out of the desert grew a ritual,

a celebration,
a participatory moment

Out of the moment grew a need.
A need fulfilled by a Temple
a place to let go,
to remember,
to celebrate

The temple became a tradition.
It grew from the Playa,
from the temporary city,
from the culture.
It’s methods were ours,
it’s tradition was ours.
It became a part of our city.

And a part of us. – Jess Hobbs

Since everything is a reflection of our minds,
everything can be changed by our minds.

A special thanks to Meir Stars and Elad Amit for their collaboration in this post.

Look up the Temple of Reflection on it’s own Facebook and Instagram page to follow the building and join the experience.


Click here to contribute to the temple.


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