Photo by Chen Ziv

Last week the Midburn Department volunteers and field workers headed to the 2016 Midburn Playa. Friday night, right before the sunset, they participated in an Inspiration Ceremony. While the video is in Hebrew, you can get a taste of the Playa sand, desert winds and Midburn Spirit.

Here are the words from Nir Adan, Midburn CEO, translated by members of the Midburn community.

“Before we begin I’d like to ask you to close your eyes, feel the earth beneath you, and take a deep breath. Now we’re on our way – it’s no secret – and those who know me know that I’m the biggest believer in inspiration. I know that if something is going to change humanity, it will be inspiration: the ability to awaken emotion in the soul of another is the strongest force on the planet. We call it participation, but if we take a moment to really understand the words – participation and inspiration – we’ll truly understand what brought each and every one of us sitting on the desert ground together.

They say that this is an opportunity that fell into our laps, but I say an opportunity doesn’t fall, you pick it up.

You chose to pick up this opportunity, and with it, to nourish others around you.

There’s a ceremony that happens each year in Nevada’s Black Rock City called the Golden Spike when about a month before the temporary city comes to life, the surveying team hammers a large spear into the central point of the city. I thought about it for a while, and I felt that we too deserve a unique ceremony of our own. So allow me to welcome you to the Inspiration ceremony.

It was only a couple of years ago when very few had heard the name “Midburn”. It was underground, and unknown.

And here only a few years later Midburn is beginning to change the face of Israeli society, embracing people in a sobering aura, enabling them to rediscover that their fate and destiny is in their own hands; that they are beautiful, loved, simple and strong. It ignites in them the desire to create and express, and most importantly allows them to be themselves.

It wasn’t an accident that I chose for us to sit here, in this specific place; we are sitting on both the remains of our city and foundations of our city. If for a moment we stop and think about it, there is something powerful and even confusing about being present in a place where remains and new foundations meet. But this is our identity … as Israelis, as humans, to remember at all times where we came from and where we are going. And, stepping out of our comfort zone is something that is absolutely fundamental to the development of our independent selves. And here you are, sitting on remains and foundations with closed eyes. You’ve picked up the opportunity and have redefined the values of responsibility and friendship.  We’re all colors of the rainbow and at the same time we’re all equal.  I am extremely proud of you all, filled with love and I really believe in each and every one of you.

I believe that Abracadabra is not just an inspiring word – it’s a realistic way to look at life, its a way of life, and it’s this way, this journey that transcends the destination. The effort always overpowers the result, and this is why in my eyes, you are the champions.  Because what is a city without a community, and what is a community without leaders.

So, open your eyes, look left and right, extend your hand, share a moment.

And there will be a desert. And there will be a city.

Thank you.”

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