Gifting is one of my favorite principles of Midburn.

It’s much more than an actual material gift, it’s about making someone else happy without asking anything in return. With the principle of gifting, everyone in the playa becomes one. The barrier of ownership, of what belongs to me and what belongs to you, breaks completely.

But…what is a gift? Basically anything you can think of. When you are planning your “gifting” you should ask yourself, how could you make someone happy in the playa? Giving them a hug? Planning a water slide? Taking a photograph of them? Offering a meal? Every option is valid.

One of the beautiful concepts of gifting I believe, is that it’s in all of us. All the time, in the playa, or outside of the playa. By learning that feeling of sharing, giving and gifting and finally, embracing it, I noticed that being unselfish was actually, natural. And it’s something that you can apply in your everyday life. Seeing someone smiling and enjoying something you prepare for them is truly amazing. Also, the act of gifting encourages a connection with another other person.

Big, small, spontaneous or well prepared, doesn’t matter what you choose – the important part is that you try it!

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