A couple of weeks ago, my son asked me, “ How does water boil?” Even though we don’t see the whole process, suddenly the water is boiling. It’s a wonder, just like other wonders in the world.

And yet, we’re talking about an exact moment. From a physical perspective, the boiling point is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid is equal to the atmospheric pressure exerted upon it, thus making the material change states from liquid to gas. And it’s this specific moment that is impossible to discern.

We are at this boiling point, right now. The vapors are the volunteers that in less than a month will take off to create a temporary city in the desert. The past couple of weekends I have been shocked, not only by the amount of productivity, but by the vigor.

Imagine Midburn as Google Earth, comprised of all the sexy continents of the Midburn community, and zooming in on any coordinate opens new and bustling worlds.

To be exact, there are  27 different continents in this world of ours, each representing a different production department. Each continent is a whole world unto itself; to see it, all we have to do is zoom in:

On the Gate continent, there are over 200 volunteers that meet each week to speak about their preparations. They are bonding and getting to know one another, sparking new friendships and relationships, and creating the largest art installation ever built in a regional event in the world.  

Zoom out and zoom in on….the Nomads (Rangers) working on the procedural drafts, and training 300 volunteers and another 20 guides who will meet you on the playa. Zoom in more and I can even see how they will be dressed this year, and what they are carrying in their bags…zoom out.

The Art continent. It’s hard to comprehend how in 2015 there were 67 artists and that this year the number has increased to 100.

Zoom in, zoom in, zoom in. It’s amazing.

While you’re reading this, I estimate that over 800 people are crafting their own self- expression through vibrant art installations.

Zoom out.

On this planet there lots of islands, an island of Greeters, a Salon (Center Camp) island, Logistics, Safety and more.

As I walk through this world, I see how beautiful it is, and move to another powerful continent, the theme camps. This continent is divided into many different countries yet there is no border dividing them, they are all connected. And every piece of land is a world onto itself.

And walking around each continent are unusual wildlife, sublime, hidden and modest. Animals from the MAPATZ volunteer department that color the continent in productivity.   

We are at the boiling point, in less than 20 days, we will reach this boiling point and before we know it, we will all be on the same planet.

This is my call to you: stop for a moment and take in all that surrounds you, within your own country, the islands in the distance, the beautiful wildlife and the view that takes your breath away, this is an invitation to witness, recognize and cherish.

Zoom out.  

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