Credit Ofir Abe
Credit Ofir Abe

Every Human wants Community.
Connection is the strongest bond of Community. 

I know no better way of intentionally creating connection than creating shared experiences. And what better playground is there than an event where everyone has the freedom to dream, to create, to help, to build, to be apart of something that is purely out of personal and group desire. The motivation is simple: we all want to build something, and we all want to burn something. Creation and destruction. Art and Fire. Music and Silence. Celebration in modern day terms.

My first Burning Man event, I attended as a consumer. I came with nothing but my smile and my self expression. I had a great time because my mind was blown by the radical reality. It’s true what they say – you really have to go to “get it.” I also had a great time because I experienced a place where I felt incredibly comfortable being myself, as comfortable as in my own home walking around naked in my own beautiful skin.

Nine burns later I had the best burn of my life in Israel’s Midburn. I gave an incredible gift of co-organizing the camp for the Gate. For six months leading up to the burn, I gave every spare moment, every spare thought, every spare cell in my heart to help build this camp.

I do not have words to describe the incredible experience I had during the six months leading up to Midburn 2016. I can say it was rich with moments, insights, art, creation, challenges, meetings, parties, problem solving, power points and learning. But the biggest gift that I received was the connection with the people that I worked with. The family that we made together. I found community.

We built community by first dreaming, second by sharing our dream, third by finding people who connected and wanted to be part of our dream’s manifestation. We invited new people by creating gatherings, planning parties, making ourselves available to talk to, and above all staying real with each other.

I’m happy to notice that Burners are spreading far and wide like a spark amongst dry and thirsty grass all over the globe. A fire thirsty for connection and ready for community. Humans who want to celebrate and connect in the desert with fire – how primal of us! It sounds like home to me.

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  1. Patrick

    Maya, what a wonderful, life-loving emotional view of ur” burning” experiences.
    Ur passionate way -respectful work last year, makes me smile cause that is real love with a bit of craziness- i like- it mooved me .

    Thank u for share these with us.

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