The Generator is a new social initiative that the Midburn Association recently launched. It aims to inspire and provide tools and support for social projects initiated by members of the community who want to positively influence Israeli society in the spirit of the 10 Principles.

The Generator kicked off as part of the “Hackburn,” Midburn’s first social initiative hackathon. The event lasted 12 hours and 23 social entrepreneurs took part from the Midburn community, along with a number of experts in the field from both outside and within Midburn. The event is the culmination of more than a year of planning and brainstorming in an attempt to harness all of the passion and activity of Midburn for the betterment of Israeli society and beyond.

Midburn in its essence offers a transformative experience for participants; one that sheds light on the good sides of humanity.  The inner self that understands the responsibility they have on their behavior and conduct in life opens up a path that allows for positive change in others. Those that believe in the teachings of the Indian teacher and philosopher Krishnamurti heed the words: “Society is the sum of relationships between ourselves and other.” When someone changes, their world changes too. And still, there is logic in the desire for community members who wish to take their positive experiences and suffuse it into the world.

In the last year, I was privileged to take part in many discussions and meetings on this very subject. It was a fascinating experience to see as part of the organization if we are able to transform ourselves from an organization centered on an event to an organization with a communal outlook both locally and globally. And maybe, part of this internalized feeling of responsibility and significant impact that Burning Man and it’s various offshoots has on western culture will permeate. Today, there isn’t a single example of gatherings such as Burning Man or Midburn that bring together so many leaders from different fields (technology, entrepreneurship, culture and other professions) to join their forces of creativity and positivity to make the world that much more wondrous and magical.

The bridge between those worlds is when we feel the desire to share that goodness with others.  Everyone knows that feeling of coming back home from a Midburn community event and wanting to infect others with that inner smile that just won’t go away. The most interesting dialogue connected to this is the transition from a community that leaves no trace to a community that leaves a positive trace. How is that done? And at what pace? We are still far from knowing, but we have decided to start to explore. The power of ventures like the Generator, is that this initiative is grown out of the community and has a shared responsibility with the Association. But beyond the Association, we want to encourage those out there who have a great idea for a way to give back to take action. They don’t have to be large events, rather activities that are already taking place during the year like food and wood donations at the end of events, through Gifting Day in Be’er Sheva, beach clean ups or like how two weeks ago Ma’patz volunteered to renovate homes for youth in the Shapira neighborhood. The clear goal of the Generator is to serve as a space for inspiration and action, to provide support and guidance and to always leave the door open to anyone who wants to join. And just like in the Playa, we believe that the Burner spirit will lead the way and do what it does best.

Want to get involved?
You are invited learn more about our community projects and find out how you can make it happen – go here for a list of projects.
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