Midburn and Art

Art comprises a significant part of the Midburn event. It is an experimental environment for innovative and outstanding artwork created by participants of the event.

The advantage and power of the event is in the art that fills the city, whilst the significant expression of community members is through their creations.

Any kind of art has a place in our city: polished work, complex work, as well as technical, enormous art alongside small, modest, personal creations.

We aim to change the perception of the art from a commercial, branded object into a dynamic experience of creative expression affected by intervention and interactivity, thus forming a mutual relationship between the audience and the creating artist.

The power of the art lies in the honesty and integrity of its creation, and in the commitment to its manifestation. Therefore, each person is invited to participate and everyone is invited to create.

Artistic Theme

Each year, a theme is chosen to inspire the participants and the artists.

2017 Theme - Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon that occurs when a person is conscious enough to recognize that they are dreaming while sleeping.

This awareness allows that person to control their actions in the dream, with unlimited options on what they can do. A person in a state of lucid dreaming has complete control over their dream and can change their surroundings to be any version of reality they choose. Control over your lucid dream means to be able to fulfill your ultimate fantasies, often as clearly and concretely as is in waking life. While dreaming you can use your five senses just like in the real world, where all the experiences feel absolutely real, except that physical and social rules do not exist in your dream. You can use lucid dreams to practice, to learn and to experience things that reality does not always allow, and then take your new knowledge and experiences and utilize them in reality.

Think about midburn as the place of our dreams. Within this space where we can experience our lucid dreams we realize that we are in the dream that allows us to create, communicate, express ourselves, to try, to experiment and to experience the reality outside the normal spaces we find ourselves daily. This is our experimental arena, a space where the laws of physics and social restrictions blur, a space where we create together the reality that we want in a way we can control. When we return to reality outside Midburn we come away more experienced and more aware. Both consciously and unconsciously, we bring with us fragments of our experience to our daily life and improve the reality around us.

Calling for Midburn Art 2017

Calls for major installations for Midburn 2017

Adam and Eve

Midburn’s temporary city is built around a central statue - "Adam and Eve". It is a towering installation which is the main focus of the city and also defines the overall traffic. The installation caters towards the widest common denominator, reflects a fundamental dimension of convergence. It is presented so you may feel a connection and is open to personal interpretation.

Burning "Adam and Eve" takes place at a ceremony which marks the culmination of the process of change and development which each and every participant goes through.

Call for proposals – Main art installation for Midburn 2017 “Man & Eve”


The Temple

The Temple reflects the festive and joyful atmosphere of the event through the veil of holiness, emotional honesty, memory and renewal. The place that the Temple fulfills in the temporary city, like many other things in the Burning Man culture, is ambiguous, open to interpretation and includes all those who participate in the event. While the temple can show a clear contrast with the constant carnival atmosphere, it helps shape the community into a multidimensional form.

Those who created the Temple did so for the community, providing the community with a space to fill their hearts and keep spirits up during the event.

Call for proposals – Main art installation for Midburn 2017 “The Temple”


Come create art for Midburn!

Dream of creating art for Midburn?

You are in the position to paint reality. Design experiences. Generate positions. Creative professionals and subject developers. Your gift will forge the memories of many people. It will grow beyond your original intent and will become widespread knowledge - it will be subject to the emotional, personal, and experiential interpretation of the participants.

Remember this along the way because it is larger than life. Take full responsibility of the project, push boundaries, but do not lose control. Do things that are a little more than you think you are capable of and believe in yourself. Find a way to reach people, find partners, do things together and rely only on yourself.

Sign up for art installations.

Registration, grant requests and coordinating production requirements is through the Dreams Platform.

You are welcome to download the file submission requirements, and enter the information into the system when you're ready.

Opening date for registration 11/1/17

Deadline for registration and submission for grant 11/2/17

Deadline to submit Safety Information 15/3/17

For details about the Art Foundation Grant of Midburn 2017, click here.


Midburn Art Virtual Gallery

This Midburn Art Virtual Gallery is up in the air. We welcome you to dive in and see the different projects created in years past. The Gallery is in Hebrew at the moment, and we hope to translate it in the future.


Contact  the Art Department

The Art Department operates year-round. If you wish to join us or have any questions, please contact art@midburn.org.