You want to start a camp? Have a dream or a vision?

Creating a theme camp is no easy task. It requires commitment and dedication, but it is also extremely rewarding.

"Working in this small community, which is part of different radical communities, is the most tiring (also financially unrewarding) and joyful thing i have ever encountered.

It feels like in the last couple of years, a growth process has started within me, mostly in the field of conducting myself within a society and initiating shared projects.” - R. Sabar, Poykamp

Camps receive a guaranteed quality location in the city and therefore must meet the following criteria:

  • The camp will be interactive, welcoming and have applicable content.
  • The camp will create an atmosphere and a visual presence.
  • The camp will fulfill the safety protocols (gas, electricity, safety etc.)
  • The camp will maintain the Ten Principles, and especially Leave No Trace - everything brought in by camp members, must leave with them.
  • The camp will be self reliant and take care of all its needs.
  • We welcome theme camps from abroad! Read on to learn more about Theme Camps at Midburn and how to get in touch with us for more information.

Connection to the Ten Principles

The 10 Principles reflect the culture and ethos of the Midburn community. They have become a tool to help inspire participants and preserve the original nature of the Midburn event.
Theme camps, as major channels of communication and interaction, have a strong influence on the city and its citizens. Theme

Camp leaders are expected to instill the principles in their camp members in order to conduct their camp in a way that respects the principles, the event and the community throughout the year.


Midburn is built solely on volunteers. About 70% of the participants are members of different camps. In order to maintain the event and avoid burnout among the volunteering core of community members, theme camp leaders are expected to encourage camp members to volunteer beyond the camp. Members can volunteer to help plan and build the city, take a shift during the event, join the different departments and help maintain a problem-free event in which everyone has fun.

Theme Camp Heaven and Hell - Midburn
Theme Camp Heaven and Hell - Midburn


The process

The process of registering and running your camp has a few steps:

  1. Registration on Midburn website. At this stage you will be required to give all the details you know about the camp you wish to build. To register, please fill out the registration form.
  2. Theme Camp department will contact you with important information including safety instructions, logistics and more. At this stage you need to let the department know your needs and requirements.
  3. Supplying information for the program. A program is handed out at the city gates, which includes all activities happening in it. You need to pass on information on all planned activities if you want them to appear in the program.
  4. City plan - the placement team will situate you according to your needs, based on the information you supply the team with.
  5. Safety permissions - The camp’s construction plans will be accepted pending the approval of safety department and you will have to follow their instructions.
  6. Arrival and construction - Theme camps can arrive at the venue prior to the event opening, in order to be able to operate the camp as soon as the event begins.
  7. Operating the camp during the event.
  8. At the end - clearing and cleaning the camp area. Camps are expected to leave the place as clean, or even cleaner than they got it, as part of the Leave No Trace principle.
  9. See you at the next event!

To register, please fill out the registration form.


Some things you should know:

MOOP and radical self reliance

All camp needs must be thoroughly taken into account in order to make your camp completely autonomous, including electricity, water, temporary buildings, shading and anything you decide to create.
The camp and its members must be prepared to transport everything that was brought to the event back out!
The camp and its members must be prepared to leave no trace after the event ends.
Don't be a slob. Keep the playa clean and beautiful.

Watch the The Great MOOP March to understand better how MOOP is collected at burning man events

Theme camps logistics

• Founding a theme camp is a complex process. To make sure you don’t get exhausted before the event even begins, try to follow some important suggestions that will help during the creation process.
• Recruit a Lead Team to share the load with you. Try to delegate among the Lead Team members as it will make everything easier in the future. Designate key positions ahead of time like someone responsible over water, electricity, conveying, MOOP, kitchen, recruitment, finance, etc.
• Determine the maximum size of your camp - a size that will let you build, manage and run the camp the way you envisioned it.
• Determine the camps’ theme. Remember, there is no need to scatter around and try to have it all (parties combined with acro-yoga, horror movies and freshly roasted Parisian coffee!). It is better to have a limited variety of well executed relevant content or activities.
• Set a budget for your camp and try to keep it as much as possible. Leave at least 15% of the budget to unexpected expenses (speaking from experience, 20% would be better).
• Make sure that the members of your camp become friends! Introduction sessions, team building exercises, and social events are a great way to get to know people who will be a part of the establishment of your temporary home.
• Build a detailed camp plan. Think about all the equipment you will need to build your camp in advance (shade canopies, ropes, etc.) and make sure to get it all in time.
• Don’t forget to bring all your equipment in, and also out! Everything you bring with you should also leave the city with you, including MOOP.
• Join the Migdalor (“Lighthouse”) - the theme camp accelerator. There are Lighthouse meetings throughout the year where training and guidance are given on various subjects – from managing the camp’s budget, to how to build the kitchen and set up shade canopies and even how to deal with MOOP.


Theme camps appear in the Midburn Program that all citizens receive at the gate. The camp leader and its members are responsible for submitting a description of their camp and activities to appear in the Program. Theme camps that provide written contents prior to the event have more visitors. Don’t be lazy.

Location in the city

The location of the camp is decided in advance by the placement department based on the camp type (quiet? loud? kids friendly?), size and the needs of the city. This is why you need to decide who you are, how many people you’ll be and what your activities are by a month prior to the event.

Public area

Every theme camp must allocate at least 25% of its territory for creating public content. Therefore, if your camp takes up 100 square meters, 25 square meters will be allocated for public content. Most theme camps leave up to 70% of their camp for the public. This is what theme camps are all about.

Children at Midburn

The number of children arriving to Midburn events keeps growing. Camps that are not kid-appropriate must indicate this in writing and signs.

As part of the city plan, an area will be allocated for families with children or people that don’t wish to stay in areas that are not kid-friendly. This area will be situated in a quiet and central section of the city. We encourage families to share information and ideas and create kid-friendly theme camps.

Children and Families at Midburn
Children and Families at Midburn

Electricity and Generators

Israeli regulations do not permit the use of  gasoline fueled generators in events with many participants which is why they are strictly forbidden at Midburn. Gasoline fueled generators that are part of a trailer are also prohibited.

Diesel fueled generators that have been checked by a qualified electrician will be allowed for use with approval in advance.

It is recommended to bring substitutes such as batteries and solar systems.

Theme caps usually cooperate in ordering basic electricity connections, in order to have electricity supply during both day and night. Further information on the matter will be given prior to the event, in accordance with licensing regulations.

Dogs and other animals

Dogs are not allowed in Midburn! Do not arrive at the gates with a dog or any other animal, or you will be asked to turn back and return them home.

How do I register and what is the next step?

Theme camps instructions for Midburn 2017
** Whether your camp is new or old – it doesn’t matter. As in every year, there are regulation changes and updates. This section contains all the needed instructions for your team and will be constantly updated until the event.

• The camp’s name is final! Please take time to think about your camp’s name. Once you register a camp; you won’t be able to change its name.
• Evaporation pools will be prohibited this year. Unfortunately, previous experience has proved that this is not a good enough solution in the Israeli climate, therefore camps will not be allowed to have evaporation pools. Please prepare accordingly on how to handle the camp’s gray water disposal.

• The number of camps will be limited to 100 this year. If you wish to start a theme camp – make sure you register as soon as possible to make sure you become part of the city. The theme camps registration will be closed on Feb. 1st, 2017.

• The minimum camp size is 17 people. This is essential in order to make sure the camp can fully function and provide their share in creating content for the city.

Have any questions? We’re here to help. Contact and we’ll help you figure it all out.

We also have a Facebook page filled with information and helpful people:

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