The Midburn association calls out to artists and groups to submit proposals for the planning and building of the main art installation (“Effigy”) for the 4th Midburn, to be held between May 28th and June 2nd 2017.

The temporary city of Midburn is built surrounding the main statue – “Man & Eve”. Standing tall in the center of the playa, it is the beacon that defines the motion of the city. The installation turns to the widest common denominator, reflects a basic dimension of convergence, accessible to inter-connectivity and open to interpretation.

The burn of “Man & Eve” held as a festive ceremony that marks the peak of the transformation and development process that the event participants experiencing.

Project requirements:

  • Theme: Man & Eve
  • Height: 10-20 meters
  • Expression of the Midburn culture and the ten principles
  • A project dedicated to the event and will be burned at the end
  • Sticking to the schedule and safety requirements
  • A connection to the event’s theme – “Lucid Dream”
  • Self sufficient management complying with all planning and execution needs

Proposal process:

1. Proposals must be submitted prior to February 4th 2017 11:59 PM via email to and include the following details:

  • Project name
  • Leading artist / group
  • Project description (up to 500 words). The philosophy behind the installation, physical description,  social / communal / environmental / artistic context, explanation regarding day and night visibility. It is also recommended to refer to horizon visibility and close visibility in contact with participants.
  • At least 3 images of the idea/proposal (sketches / drawings / 3D visualization)
  • Detailed budget estimation including all project costs
    If the budget surpasses the assigned funds, please submit a detailed plan for extra fund raising


2. Please attach the following to the proposals:

  • Contact details for the project manager (name, email, phone number)
    The project manager will be the person representing the project when working with the event’s production team
  • Artist manifest (No longer than one page)
  • A letter describing the artist’s connection to the Midburn / Burning Man community and culture (up to 250 words)

Priority will be given to:
A project with holistic approach that reflects a vision of values / culture / experiential as a whole.
Artists and groups that have proven experience with similar scale projects, and with affinity towards Midburn culture and the ten principles.


3. Proposal submitters are expected to comply with all planning and practical aspects of the projects including: budget management, safety requirements, engineering, accessibility, human resources and volunteers, building team, work site, mechanical equipment, tools and more. Independency and transparency are required facing the art department of Midburn, and compliance to its requirements. 


4. The chosen proposal will be granted NIS 65,000 for project expenses.


5. During the building days, the production will support the art team with food, water and shading of the working area.


6. After the last submittal date, a committee on behalf of the association (“The committee”) will discuss the proposals and if needed might contact the submitters for further details and personal acquaintance.


7. Preference in the sorting process will be given to:

  • A project with a holistic approach that reflects an ethical / cultural / experiential vision
  • Artists and groups with a proven track record in projects of this scale, and an affinity to the Midburn culture and ten principles


8. All proposal submitters will be answered up to two weeks after the last date for submission.


General terms:

  • The committee entitled not to accept any offer.
  • The committee is entitled but not obligated to give explanation for the decision.
  • Any material, information or document that will be submitted to the committee will remain in its possession.
  • The committee entitled to display and / or to publish any proposals or part of it, as it sees fit, at any media it deems appropriate.
  • The chosen artist\group will be required to sign detailed agreement with all conditions necessary to obtain the actual project.


Good luck to everyone :)’(: