This Rights and Responsibilities document is meant for all those who wish to make use of photos taken at Midburn in a professional, commercial or artistic way or wish to publish these photos in any way. e.g. journalists, media etc.

If you wish to take photos for personal use only, you are welcome to read the Photographer’s Etiquette Guidelines and skip this document. 

As journalists and photographers interested in documenting the Midburn event and publicize it, you must take into consideration your rights and responsibilities to yourself and others in the community. The Midburn event is committed to keeping it’s unique creative and non-commercial nature, and these rules are made for this purpose.

Please read the following information thoroghly. You must read and accept it as a condition for receiving a photography and documentation permit.

If you have any questions regarding these rights and responsibilities, please contact


Guidelines and demands for video, stills, journalistic coverage and publishing photos taken at the event

  • As a rule, it is forbidden to publish and distribute photos without receiving approval from Midburn Association. (hence, “the organizers”)
  • A necessary pre-condition for distributing any photo is receiving permission from the subject of the photo.
  • Permission to document, take pictures and publish will only be valid for Midburn 2015 and only for the purpose specified on the permit. For other events and/purposes, separate requests must be submitted.
  • One of Midburn’s principles is that participants don’t harm other participants’ immediate experience. As journalists, you are expected to respect this and act accordingly. If you do so, you coverage will be much more authentic and meaningful.
  • The photographer must receive permission from each of the subjects in any way committed by law, and only the photographer will be legally responsible for publishing. In case of publishing offensive/revealing photos or photos that were not approved by the subjects - they will carry the legal responsibility for the subjects and Midburn and the sanctions as specified at the event’s rules and regulations.
  • If any participant asks you to stop taking pictures or filming, you must stop immediately. If you do not stop, you might be asked to leave the event.
  • For your information, the organizers may instruct you to remove published photos, and you must commit to removing them immediately.
  • The photographers must integrate in the event. We ask you not to walk around with vests. huge bags and lots of cameras and lenses. Midburn is not a zoo, and for that reason the photographers must be part of the event and not only document it. If we feel the photographer is interrupting Midburn’s activities, they will be asked to leave the event.
  • Photographers are not allowed to interfere or bother the activities of camps or artists.
  • It is strictly forbidden to photograph and publish nude photos without an explicit written permission from the subject.


Right and responsibilities of journalists and press

  • All press and journalists must register at the information center upon arrival.
  • All press and journalists have the obligation to participate and the right to be respected as any other participant. As such, press must be kind to the participants of the event and respect their right for privacy. Those who will not respect that right will be asked to leave the event.
  • All press has the legal responsibility to obey all local and international laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property and privacy regarding any recording or photographing at the event.


Rights and Responsibilities of Midburn Association

  • The rights for the Midburn name and logo are reserved to the Midburn association. Any use of these trademarks will require written advanced permission from the association.
  • The Midburn event is connected to the international Burning Man organization, and the Burning Man name and logo are trademarks and intellectual property and belong to the international organization. Any non-private use of the Burning Man trade mark is forbidden.
  • In case of receiving permission to use materials for non-private use, you must provide the production with a copy of the project for Midburn archives no later than 90 days after the event. If your project requires editing/production after the event, you must provide a copy once it’s complete.
  • Midburn will not allow for selling or distribution of photos or videos of the event via websites or printed materials, if such include sexual, racist or hateful characteristics.
  • Midburn will not allow for selling or distribution of photos or videos of the event via image stocks.
  • As a condition to receiving permission for distribution, the photographer must allow Midburn free and uncredited use of photos, movies or videos they on the Midburn website, newsletter and different Midburn events. In addition, If the Midburn event organizers receive requests for photos or videos from written or broadcast media during the year, we will direct them to people who contributed to the Midburn archive. In case of such requests, you are free to negotiate credit, terms of use and payment, as long as Midburn organizers approve of the designated use.
  • The Midburn event is held on public grounds, but you must maintain a code of conduct suitable for private event in order to maintain the participants’ respect and privacy, and the unique nature of the event. Movie makers filming for any use other than private must register as press. All press must apply for permission from the event organizers prior to filming.
  • The photographer is aware of being exposed to legal actions from the organizers or participants in case of distributing or publishing photos from the event without advanced permission. In addition, Midburn reserves itself the right to take any necessary action against a photographer taking pictures at the event without registering and receiving permission, including removing them from the event.
  • During the event different participants will be photographing and filming, and may take a picture of you. These photos might be presented at different places without your permission or payment. Midburn is released from all responsibility regarding said photos. Regardless of that fact, the organizers are doing everything in their power to clarify the acceptable behavior for photographers at the event. For more, see the photographer etiquette guidelines.