Midburn offers a rare opportunity for Photographers and reporters. The art, music, activities, theme camps and mostly - Thousands of participants - all these combined create real magic.

To balance the will to document and advertise what takes place in the event with the will of the participants to keep their privacy, photographers and reporters must receive the approval of the production of the event to document the it and must have the understanding of exactly where the line is crossed in photographing, filming or writing about the event.

Please read what follows on this page, It will save you precious time and many questions.


Private photography VS Professional photography

Photographers who wish to take pictures and / or videos just to show friends and family, do not need to register as official photographers. Information about personal use of cameras in the event can be found in The Photographer’s Etiquette Guidelines. Any use of an image beyond personal use requires a pre approved written authorization by the organizers of the event.

Photographers who wish to take pictures and / or video intended for distribution for the public (for any use, commercial or journal), Must contact the organizers of the event to receive a written permission as well as read and confirm the Rights and Responsibilities and the guidelines mentioned onwards. The production reserves the right to prevent any photographer or journalist from entering the event.

Photographer who wish to bring unmanned flying devices (Gliders, Drones) - According to Aviation Regulations that apply to the event, there is a ban on the use of unmanned gliders, drones or any other controlled flying device, in the parameter of the event as well as up to 250 meters beyond the fence. The organizers reserve the right to confiscate any equipment, glider or drone which have been used as opposed to the above regulations and will be returned to the owner by the end of the event.



The last date to register for the photographers and reporters project is Saturday, May 21 2016. To request permission, please send an email to - press@midburn.org (reporters) or gallery@midburn.com (photographers) with full details about the purpose of your photography or documentation of the event.

We strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible. As we near the event, The volunteers of the press relations department are going to get much busier. The sooner you register, the sooner they will be able to answer any personal questions you have regarding your project. Furthermore, there is a limit on the number of reporters that will be approved for the event and as such, the sooner you register, the better chance you have of being granted approval.


Mandatory read for photographers and reporters

You must read and confirm all of the following documents as a prerequisite before you can receive a written permission for documenting and photographing the event:

Recommended read

To paint a complete and accurate picture of Midburn, please go over the following information. This will save you a lot of time and help you understand and better describe what takes place at Midburn.

Relevant links


Questions and Answers

Do journalists need to buy a ticket for the event?

Yes. The Midburn event is based on the principle of ‘Participation’. All who come to the event are citizens and participants in the city of Midburn. All must have a ticket.

Can I come for just a day or two?

Yes. will you really be able to experience the event? not so much. will you be able to document and capture the essence of the event? probably not. we highly recommend you take a large part in the event.

Where to go when I reach the event?

You are welcome to come to the Information center located next to the Center Camp in the center of the city. You can ask the greeters at the city gates where the information center is,  there you will find nice volunteers that will help you orient yourself around the city. We recommend pre scheduling with our press relations department so that you can get assistance with the proper forms and approvals and the people you wish to interview.

What facilities and equipment is there for reporters and journalists?

What we have is only what you bring with you. Electricity for charging batteries is on your responsibility. You can find information about electricity and generators in the FAQ. We recommend bringing many batteries so you won’t be left without. Connection to the internet is also your responsibility. There may be cellular reception at times but the production does not commit to it.

Will my Press Pass allow me to photograph and document the event?

Photography and Press passes will not allow you to photograph and document the Midburn event. To get permission you must apply through Email.

What is the deadline to apply to photograph and document the event?

You have until Saturday, May 21 2016.

I want to interview the production team, how is it done?

You can directly contact the spokesmen for the production through via email at press@midburn.org.

How can I stay updated with Midburn’s news?

Sign up for our newsletter (in the box on the side of the page) and stay updated with all the developments. You can also follow on the Official Midburn facebook page.

Where can I get updated during the event on activities going on in the city?

You can find information about what is planned during the event in the Information center located next to the Living Room. Remember the great people there are volunteers who give from their own time in the event for all the citizens of the city.

Can I take photographs freely during the event?

The simple answer is No. you must read the rights and responsibilities page and understand that you must receive authorization from any person in your photograph.

How will the participants react to being photographed?

It is important to remember that the Midburn event promises it’s participants a free space for self expression. Many of the participants will not want to be interviewed or photographed. The responsibility to receive the written permission from the participants you want to photograph or interview is on you. Midburn production does not carry any responsibility on false advertisement or publication of photos without approval, The responsibility is all yours.

I have a question about logistics. Where can I find information about it?

You can find a lot of important information on how to prepare and what is going to expect you in the Survival guide. Please note that this is a mandatory read for the participants of the event.