General Information

We put participants’ safety above all and therefore it is very important that you read the following information if you plan to make use of electricity.

It is strictly forbidden to make use of private generators of any kind. The use of electricity during the event is possible by reserving service from the event’s official electricity provider only, according to a predetermined price list.

The use of generators without the explicit approval of the event’s production team will result in expulsion from the event and may jeopardize the entire event.

Midburn will have a complete electrical grid, powered by Biodiesel generators in order to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact. The grid is laid out so that every spot in the city can be connected. Therefore you don’t need to know your location beforehand, you can place your electricity order in advance and update the provider with your location after you’re already settled down.
You can also make the order after you settle down, but you should consider a certain waiting time, as the provider will serve the pre-ordered reservations first.

Q&A about the use of electricity at the Free Camping zone:

  • Is it allowed to use personal generators at Midburn?
    It is strictly forbidden to make use of personal generators of any kind. You can get electricity from the electricity provider, by coordinating with them directly according to the pre-determined price list.
  • What are the electricity prices?
    Electricity prices are:
    3000W - ₪ 1500
    6000W - ₪ 3000
    9000W - ₪ 4500
    12000W - ₪ 6000
    Electrical connection for a caravan - ₪ 1500
  • How to make an electricity reservation?
    As mentioned above, you can place an electricity order with the provider in advance and update your location after you’re settled down. Also, you can make the order after you’ve arrived and settled down, but this option has a certain waiting time because the vendor handles bookings made in advance first.
    The event’s electricity provider company is “Power On”.
    You can reach the company at the following numbers:
    Office line: 077-4149904
    An extra office line and field number: 053-7017698
  • What is the power supply schedule?
    The electricity supply will start on Wednesday June 8th at 10am and will end on Sunday June 12th at 10am.
  • Is it allowed to split electrical outlets?
    It is strictly forbidden to split the electrical outlet point that was designated for you! A certified electrical engineer will do daily check-ups to verify the integrity of all power supply points. Participants that will split or misuse the electricity supply will be expelled from the event and will endanger the existence of the entire event.
  • What to do in case of an electricity malfunction?
    If you encounter a malfunction in the electrical system supplied to you, you can contact the provider at their field phone number, and they will provide you with the necessary technical service to resolve the issue.
  • What electrical devices can I use?
    It is your responsibility to make sure that all the electrical devices you choose to connect to the electricity grid are in working order and are hazard free.
  • What are the instructions regarding the use of electrical cables?
    It is forbidden to draw power cables on the ground. All cables must run underground at a depth of at least 20cm, and their track must be clearly marked to prevent accidentally hammering rebars or spikes into the cables. Another option is to run power cables at a height of at least 2.5 meters.
  • Is it allowed to use an RV generator?
    It is forbidden to use any kind of generator! An RV with generator will not be allowed to enter the temporary city. There will be no place to store them as well. According to the law and the safety regulations, in a mass participation event it is forbidden to use and operate gasoline based generators. As most of the trailers in Israel are equipped with gasoline based generators, it is absolutely forbidden to operate them. Participants who will fail to comply with the safety regulations will be essentially breaking the law and will endanger the continued existence of the event. Midburn Safety Crews will ensure that generators of this type are neither placed nor operated during the event.

For more info visit our RVs at Midburn page.