The following information and guidelines are designed to promote safe use of fire and gas by all participants in the temporary city. You are required to comply with these safety guidelines as they are.

A- Open fire flame

  1. The use of open fire flame of any kind at the tent\theme camp area is permitted solely for cooking purposes and solely in metal receptacles such as a half barrel or barbecue. It is not allowed to light a fire directly on the ground.
  2. Do not leave a fire without adult supervision. Never allow flames to pass 1 meter height.
  3. It is absolutely forbidden to use liquid fuels of any kind.
  4. In case of strong winds and sparks flying, you must put out the fire.
  5. At the end of the use, the participants are responsible for making sure the coles are completely extinguished and cooled.
  6. The use of fire is allowed only by those over the age of 18.
  7. It is forbidden to use fireworks, explosive materials, under pressure fuels  (except for standard gas balloon as part of the gas system as described below).
  8. When you use an open fire, extinguishing equipment must be held within reach.

B- Gas Systems

The encounter of gas and fire can be deadly if caution and safety regulations are not maintained. Especially dangerous conditions can be when you're out in the open with difficult weather conditions, such as strong winds. These may increase the flame on which we cook, or turn it off, while the gas continues leaking from the tank.

  1. The use of personal camping gas burner equipment with disposable gas tank (peck, screwing, pressure valve) is completely forbidden within the temporary city area. Gas burner equipment / Containers of this type that will be found will be confiscated immediately by the organizers.
  2. The use of standardise gas burner equipment with reusable (refillable) gas tank is allowed, while maintaining the safety regulations listed below.גזיה - מידברן
  3. Hotplates or an oven of any type working on Gasoline (Benzin) is completely forbidden.
  4. Theme camps use of gas is permitted only with tested gas systems that were installed and tested by the production gas inspector and got approved.
  5. Gas use safety regulation:
    5.1 Make sure to hold extinguishing equipment(fire extinguishers, bucket of water) in reach.
    5.2 You must ensure that all the parts of the head of the gas container are available and attached in place.
    5.3 Do not use rusty, squashed or distorted containers.
    5.4 Every time you turn on the gas, it must be at least 2 meters from any others flammable material or power source.
    5.5 It is forbidden to use gas systems in closed areas or tents.
    5.6 Before turning on the gas system you must ensure the presence and standard of the rubber seal at the top of the system.
    5.7 Do not operate the gas if its not protected from the wind.
    5.8 It is absolutely forbidden to smoke near the gas at startup and at shutdown.
    5.9 It is forbidden under any circumstances to open the gas tap on before the lightning the match.
    5. 10 After the end of the use at the tank, you must cool down the head of the device and the container before placing them in a secure place.

C- Fire at the Art installation

  1. Each theme camp or artist (including fire performers) that wish to build or operate an installation, performance, or overall occurrence which includes fire (including burning installations at the end of the display) must submit a request in advance and receive the necessary permission from the relevant department: Art department, Fire department or the theme camps department. Such requests shall be submitted for approval as part of the installation / performance / camp safety file.
  2. The granted permission is valid only for the specific terms, conditions, means, and timing determined at the permission, conditional on compliance to safety guidelines prescribed by the safety engineer and the relevant department, and upon the safety briefing that will be held with all involved before the actual use.
  3. Those who would not held the valid permission before the beginning of the event would not be allowed to do any use of fire during the event.
  4. The production has full authority to withhold, modify or cancel any installation or performance that contains fire, for whatever reason.

 D- Burning wood residues

All combustion of wood leftovers or any burning material at the end of the event is prohibited,except in the designated areas specified by the production and by prior arrangement.

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