the safety of the participants is of the outmost imprtance, you must read these safety instructions and act accordingly.


During construction:

Until the electricity net is set and approved, no electricity will be supplied in the city. Standard and intact generators will be allowed for use until Tuesday, June 8th, 2016, at 10 AM. After that the licensing process will begin and it will not be allowed to operate these generators.

Electricity during the event (from Tuesday at 9AM to Sunday at noon):

The electricity during the event will be supplied by one provider from which you can buy electricity in advance. During this time no generators of any kind will be allowed. The start time of the power supply is approximate and is dependent on the licensing provisions.

Cables and electric outlets:

Extension cables must be buried in the ground or hung at least 2.5 meters high. All outlets and socket strips must be intact.

Water, electricity and fire:

There must be at least 3 meters distnace between cables and fire or water sources.

In case of a fire in an elctrical device or board, do not extinguish it using liquids.

Open Fire:

  • The use of open fire is allowed only in a container. The container must be at least 7 meters away from anything flemable (tents, fabric, shade, caravans, gas containers etc.)
  • The flames cannot be higher than 1 meter.
  • Never leave a burning fire without the supervision of an adult over the age of 18.
  • Make sure the fire is fully extinguished before leaving.
  • Make sure to have a fire extinguisher near by.

Gas Systems:

The use of disposable gas tanks is stirctly prohibited.

The use of standardise gas burner equipment with a reusable (refillable) gas tank is allowed.

Do not use gas systems/tanks in closed quarters.

Gas burners attaced to the cooking device through a pipe:

  • Must be stable and have a regulatory tap.
  • The gas-hose must be intact, conform to Israeli Standard, and secured at both ends with proper clamps.
  • The gas pipe must be buried as deep as possible.
  • The gas tank will be burried with only the head above ground.
  • Alternatively, the tank can wrapped completely with full sand bags.
  • Gas systems will be examined during the licensing process before the event, by a gas examiner on behalf of the production.

Art Installations and facilities at the Event:

Many art installations and theme camps facilities will be built for the event. You must follow the instructions given by the ushers or signs, if there are any.

In case of idnetifying a safety hazard in any installation or facility, you must clear the area and inform a Nomad or the emergency line.

Addittional General Instructions

  • Tent or shade pegs must be properly shielded as to not harm participants, and all ropes must be properly marked during all hours. These will only be located inside the area allocated to the camp and not in the streets or access routes.
  • It is recommended to use personal protective equipment during work

To protect the service route and the roads in the city after leaving the main road, the speed limit is 15 kmph .