When you arrive at the event, after passing through the gate and paying a visit to the greeters, you will meet the parking department that will assist you in parking your car, before entering the city.

So what do you need to do?

Step 1: Print the parking sign.

On this sign you will write your name, phone number, camp name and relevant parking spot (see example below).

Please note - Cars will not be allowed to enter the city limits without the sign attached to the front window (the greeters will be happy to help you with that).

 Parking sign at midburn

Step 2:

After being greeted, you will be directed towards the parking lane. Lots 1-5A will be located on the right, 5B-10 on the left.

Each car will only be allowed in the lot it’s supposed to park in.

Step 3:

At the entrance to each parking lot you will meet the department’s volunteers that will direct you towards the closest free parking space. You won’t need to look for a spot or drive around the lot. Listen to the volunteers’ directions - they are there to help you and the city.

Step 4:  

Park your car where you were directed to do so, unload your things, give a big hug to the volunteers helping you and welcome to Midburn!!!


How will I know where am I supposed to park?

The parking areas are numbered in accordance with the hours of the city, so that a camp that is located at 4:30, will park at lot number 4, etc.

In order to make the distance between the parking and the camp as short as possible, each lot was divided in two, for example:

Citizens of a camp located between 6:00 and 6:30, will be directed to parking 6A.

Citizens of a camp located between 6:40 and 7:00 will be located to parking 6B.

Citizens of a camp located between 7:00 and 7:30 will be located to parking 7A.


What is the process for free campers?

Free campers must also print and fill out the parking sign. At the entrance to the city you will receive information about free parking areas.


What if the parking lot I'm supposed to park in is full?

Due to the condition of the territory, the size differs between lot to lot, and some of them will be full sooner than others. In case the lot you are supposed to park in is full, you will be directed to the free parking closest to your camp.


Will it be possible to leave the car at the entrance of the parking lot, unload it and then park it?

No. We know your things are heavy and it’s hot outside, but it will not be possible to unload anywhere other than your parking spot.


Are there reserved parking spaces?

Only for the disabled. Each lot has a few spaces near the entrance saved for people with disabilities. Parking in these places will only be allowed for cars with a Midburn disabled person sign, made with the help of Midburn’s accessibility department. If you feel like you need and deserve such a sign, please contact the accessibility department in advance through this form.

In addition, some spaces will be reserved for logistics vehicles near the disabled parking spaces.


What happens if I park my car in a forbidden place or somewhere that disturbs the traffic?

A car that will be parked in a disabled or logistics spot, and is not allowed to do so, or any car that will be parked in a way that disturbs the traffic or blocks a passageway, a route etc., will be towed to an empty space in one of the lots.

Please note there we will not be keeping track of the location of the towed vehicles, and any owner of a car that was towed will have to locate the car independently.


The Midburn Association and/or organizers will not be held accountable for any damage caused to a car due to towing as mentioned.