Midburn’s Nomads are volunteers from the community who devote their time for the safety of the Midburn residents and their environment.

Midburn’s Nomads represent a cross-section of the community and serve as attentive and non-confrontational mediators.

Midburn’s Nomads encourage community dialogue and shared responsibility. The Nomads reach out to help only when asked or required to do so.

Midburn’s Nomads department was established in June 2014, inspired by Balck Rock City’s Rangers. The first Nomads training course was conducted by rangers from the universal organizations who arrived to Israel especially for that. Since then onward, the Nomads are filling their role in different community events, Midburn association events and private events held by community members.

The Nomads’ role:

The nomads are participants who were trained and receive their authority from the community members by virtue of their training and the event’s rules and regulations.Their objective is to help, locate and maintain a safe and pleasant environment for the safety of Midburn’s citizens. They preserve and broaden the echoing of the Burning Man values in this changing and growing community, through watching and monitoring, but mostly through inspiration and personal example.

The Nomads are a link between Midburn’s citizens and the event organizers, the security detail and the authorities, They help in dealing with safety hazards, controlling extreme happenings, and conflict resolution between participants in some cases.

The Nomads cooperate with all participants, including the security staff, emergency staff and law authorities, and they are trained and instructed to find solutions including handing over the treatment to security staff/law authorities in cases they are not authorized to handle.

If needed, Midburn Nomads will instruct and help the participants to fulfill the mutual commitment to each other, based on the ten principles and the Midburn principals. The Nomads act in a conciliatory and non-confrontational manner, and search for a chance to allow cooperation and mutual attention.

The Nomad is a “professional friend”- attentive, caring, alert, aware of his environment and equipped with the right tools to ensure your safety and welfare, from a band aid to empathy. Don’t hasitate to contact the Nomads in anything regarding your safety, comfort zone or needed help, and they will respond in kind and generosity.

The nomads patrol the city during all hours, starting with construction, during the entire event and until the end of dismantling. They can be recognized by the bright Nomads gown, embroidered with the Nomads’ symbol.

In accordance with the authority given to the Nomads by the community and the association, suppoterd by the event’s rules and regulations, the citizens of Midburn are expected and required to listen to the Nomad’s instructions and cooperate with them.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

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