So, you’ve decided to rent a caravan and arrive with it at Midburn? Great!

We believe you have lots of questions, all of which we’ll try to answer here:

What is a caravan?

A caravan combines transportation and a house. There are two kinds of caravans:

  1. Trailer - a house that is being towed by a motor vehicle.
  2. Motorhome - a motor vehicle in which you can also sleep, cook, etc.
    The vehicle license of a trailer will mention it as such.

Vehicles that have been transformed independently into a dwelling without registering legally are not defined as caravans and are not allowed to enter the city without special permission, prior to the event coordination, from law enforcement and the event production staff.


How do I enter the city with a caravan?

Motor vehicles are generally not allowed in the city (rather than the parking lot). If you have a licensed caravan that is authorized to park inside the city (and not in the parking area), you will be directed to a waiting point at the entrance, where you will wait for an escorting team of Nomads that will escort the caravan to its parking spot in the city. In addition, for safety reasons, the owner of the caravan must make sure to have two escorts of his own when entering the city. After being escorted to its spot, the caravan will be disconnected from the towing vehicle and the vehicle will be escorted back to the parking area. Please note that caravans arriving on Wednsday and not during early arrival are likely to wait a very long time before they can be escorted into the city.


Is it allowed to move the caravan in the middle of the event?

Moving the caravan, in any way, inside the territory of the city and/or in the camp’s territory during the event is strictly forbidden. In exceptional cases, and only when the caravan must leave the event’s territory, the caravan’s owner must contact Playa Info (the information center), which is located near the Center Camp (at the intersection of 6:00 and Esplanade) and ask for an escort out of the event. When Nomads become available, the caravan will be escorted out of the city, just as it was escorted in. Note that motorhomes must leave their keys in the control room (Habak), until the the end of the event, in accordance with licensing requirements.

If you know in advance that you’ll have to leave the area before the event’s end on sunday, June 12th, 2016 at noon, we request you park in the parking area and not bring the caravan into the city’s territory.


Can I take my caravan into the city before the event begins?

Yes. We encourage caravans to arrive before the event starts; the preferred time for arrival is Tuesday, June 7th, between 6am and 3pm. It is important to note that anyone arriving at Midburn before the event begins must have a ticket and an I.D, just like any other participant.


Please note! Children of the RV Driver arriving in the RV will be allowed to enter the event on Tuesday, other children or persons besides the owners and occupants of the RV will not be allowed to enter the event on Tuesday.


Is it permitted to operate the caravan’s generator?

Generators are not allowed in the city, so don’t bring any kind of generator (just leave it at home)! There will be no place to store them in the city.

According to regulations, there is a complete ban on the use or operation of gasoline powered generators at this event. Most of the caravans in Israel are equipped with generators, but it is strictly prohibited to operate them. Participants that will not comply with these regulations are breaking the law and putting the existence of the entire event in danger. Safety teams assigned by Midburn will make sure such generators aren’t being operated.


How can I connect my caravan to an outside power source?

Every caravan has a designated socket that can be connected to an outside power source to provide electricity for all the caravan’s systems. If you wish to connect your caravan to a power source, you must connect to the official power source, which costs 1500 NIS for the entire event (starting on June 7th, at 9am(ish) until the final day at noon).

The official power source is "Power On". Office Tel: 077-4149904, while on the playa: 053-7017698

Please note: Electricity will be provided on June 7th, and not as it says earlier.


How can I fill the water tanks in my caravan?

There is a fresh water container in every caravan for drinking, showering, etc. The size of the container differs in accordance with the size of the caravan. Most caravans have an indicator to measure the amount of water in the container. When the water level is low and needs refilling, you can do it manually through the opening located on one of the caravan sides. You can also arrange in advance to  fill your tanks with the help of one of the water suppliers in the city.


Taking care of grey and black water

When fresh water is used for any purpose other than in the toilet (for washing, etc.) it is called grey water. It is strictly prohibited to pour grey water on the ground. Every caravan has a different method of emptying water, but each one has a central emptying point for grey water draining from the sink, shower and bathroom. Non mechanical caravans (motor homes) emptying the grey water is through the holding tank for grey water.

Black water is the water from the caravan’s bathroom, and emptying them is done by removing the drain camp and pumping with the help, coordinated in advance, of a supplier that will be at the event.


To contact the grey water supplier: Zax. email:, Phone: 052-553-8108, 050-845-6005.

Black water supplier: Clean Negev. Etai: 052-595-2827 50 NIS for each drain.