Pay attention! Deatils for Midburn 2017 will be updated soon!


Midburn is the official regional event of the Midburn community which is the Burning man community in Israel.

For 5 whole days a temporary metropolis will rise from the beautiful terrain of the Negev and will thrive on rich community life and the freedom of art, creation and radical self-expression.

Midburn is not your usual music festival. It is more of a metropolis than a festival. The participants take a crucial role by volunteering and creating the town and giving it its sole.

As wonderful a place as it is, the desert is governed by physical laws that cannot be ignored. You are responsible for your own survival, safety, comfort, and well-being, and for ensuring you LEAVE NO TRACE.

This Survival Guide will help you prepare to survive and thrive at Midburn, from the moment you decide to go, through your time on the Playa, to your safe return home. Reading is essential for first-timers and veterans alike.

Read the survival guide thoroughly, making sure that each person in your group reads it too.

Main guidelines

Please read carefully, we have started with the most important things:

The 10 Principles

Our community’s ethos is built on the values reflected in the 10 Principles. “Midburn” is perceived not only as an event, but as a referral to a way of life that can serve us well in reality too. The Ten Principles are meant to be taken as a complete set of commonly understood values that arouse out of the history of the Burning Man experience:

  • Radical Inclusion
  • Gifting
  • Decommodification
  • Radical Self-Reliance
  • Radical self-Expression
  • Communal effort
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Leaving No Trace
  • Participation
  • Immediacy


Unlike traditional festivals, Midburn is an entirely participant driven event. Midburn’s participants make Midburn what it is. YOU are responsible for your own experience. No spectators!

Leave No Trace

Garbage disposal facilities will not be provided during the event. Please take everything you bring to the event back home with you, even the tiny scraps. Clean up as you go! Nothing goes in the portable toilets except human waste and toilet paper. Do not deposit garbage in neighbouring towns or along the highway – use only designated disposal sites.


You cannot buy or sell anything, Including food and beverages. The city is a place of sharing and free exchange within a gifting economy. The only thing you will be able to purchase is ice as a matter of public safety.


In accordance with the Israeli law, you cannot enter with a car into the event (excluding emergency vehicles). Should we manage to receive vehicle entrance permits we will announce in advance. In any case, vehicle entrance will be subject to production team and police demands and off road driving limitations. All information will be posted and explained in the entrance to the event.

Please make sure to take out everything that can heat up in the car like food, petrol container or anyhing flammable when parking.


All the rules of the state of Israel apply to the participants as the event is taking place on public grounds. Police forces will be present at all times and you are risking arrest should you choose to break the law. Midburn does not condemn, nor does it support illegal drug use.

Arriving to Midburn

the Gate: What to expect upon arrival

Everyone in your vehicle must have a ticket in hand when you reach the gate or your entire car will be turned around

Picking up a pre-booked ticket? Gate staff will help with directions.

Your car will be searched at the Gate, so please keep this in mind when packing to help make the search faster and easier.

After you go through the Gate you will be welcomed by the Greeters who will give you a printed city map and other event information.

No Early arrivals

Do not come to the event site before our gate opens at the time that will announced. We are not ready to receive participants until we have finished building the city and have our full public safety and sanitation infrastructure in place. Special early arrival permits will be issued to a small group of artists and camps for set-up. Please note that early permit holders do need to purchase a ticket and will be denied entrance should they arrive without it.

Items that will have to stay out of Midburn

  • Any plants dead or alive and anything that might break and / or fly in the wind.
  • Explosives, flares, fireworks or rockets
  • Weapons of any type, including air rifles or paintball
  • ATV’s or scooters
  • Motorbikes which were not the transportation vehicle to the event.
  • Dogs or any other pets.

Midburn’s infrastructure: On Playa Resources

Midburn operates as a lively "temporary" metropolis, and just like other cities, has an infrastructure and the necessary communal services crucial to its survival.

Midburn Nomads (Rangers)

Midburn’s Nomads department was established in June 2014, inspired by Balck Rock City’s Rangers. The first Nomads training course was conducted by rangers from the universal orgenizations who volunteered for the job.

The nomads are participants who were trained and receive their authority from the community. Their objective is to help maintain a safe and pleasant environment and the safety of Midburn’s citizens. They preserve and broaden the echoing of the Burning Man values in this changing and growing community, through watching and monitoring, but mostly through inspiration and personal example.

The Nomads are a link between Midburn’s citizens and the event organizers, the security detail and the authorities, They help in dealing with safety hazards, controlling extreme happenings, and conflict resolution between participants in some cases.

The nomads patrol the city during all hours, starting with the arrival of theme camps for construction, during the entire event and until the end of dismantling. They can be recognized by the bright Nomads gown, embroidered with the Nomad’s symbol. Don’t hesitate to contact the Nomads in any case concerning your safety, your comfort zone or any question or assistance necessary. They will assist kindly and politely. If necessary, you must follow the Nomad’s instructions and cooperate.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Emergency medical services

As a member of a community built on self-reliance, you are responsible for your own basic first aid needs. However, if you or someone you know (or encounter) requires medical assistance contact the emergency clinic which is situated by the living room (center camp).


It is strictly forbidden to make use of private generators of any kind. The use of electricity during the event is possible by reserving service from the event’s official electricity provider only, according to a predetermined price list. The use of generators without the explicit approval of the event’s production team will result in expulsion from the event and may jeopardize the entire event.

Midburn will have a complete electrical grid, powered by Biodiesel generators in order to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact. The grid is laid out so that every spot in the city can be connected, however you will need to place your order in advance.

Participants who camp in Free Camping zones can get more information here: Electricity in the Free Camping Zone

Ice sales

As a matter of public safety, it will be possible to purchase ice in the ice shop situated by the living room.


You can direct questions to the knowledgable Playa Info volunteers by the living room. Opening hours for Playa info are generally 10:30AM-07:00PM unless otherwise posted. If someone is answering questions after hours, believe them at your own risk. Check out the roll-ups for the latest city info and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Press & Media

Commercial use of all imagery taken at Midburn is forbidden without receiving specific permission to do so. All professional photographers with intent to publicly distribute a Midburn imagery (including editorial or gallery use) must receive a specific permission from the event producers.

Lost & Found

Mark all your possessions with your name, phone number, Email address, and camp location. Take a picture of your contact info and leave the image on your camera or mobile phone. If you find something in Midburn’s premises, turn it in to Playa info at the center camp so that it might be returned to its rightful owner. After the event, you may post a message on Midburn’s Facebook or the lost & found section on the website should you have lost or found something during the event.

Public bonfire areas

For those who may have larger items to burn, please use the public bonfire areas situated at the Playa.

The public bonfire areas are the only areas in which open fire may be lit. Check the map or ask at Playa info for the locations.

The burning of PVC, toxic materials, synthetic materials (like Sofas, stuffed furniture, carpets etc.) are forbidden and must be taken back home.

Burn only clean items, like wood or paper and refrain from burning any oversized items that might cause ashes spillage or small particles flying around in the Playa, away from the designated bonfire area. Don’t burn more than the necessary. If anything can be re-used, donate it. Please bring tools to break big pieces of wood for donation or just take the wood back home with you for safekeeping for next year.

The Center Camp – “The living room”

The “living room” is our community gathering space. It is situated in the center of the city and borders the neighborhoods from the Playa. In the living room you can find an open stage, public and intimate chill out areas, unique workshops, a sound system, a gallery and a platform for many exciting smaller scale events.

Mobile & Internet access

Midburn production team does not promise any mobile or Internet access, although there should be mobile access in the area.

City layout

City plan

The city consists of the main camping area formed by a series of concentric and radial streets, and an “open playa” reserved for art installations. The city plan will be posted before the event in the website. During the event you will be able to find the city map at the Playa Info near the living room.

Midburn city center

At the city center you will be able to find the center camp “the living room”, in near vicinity to the Playa info, the producers and administration area, the clinic, emergency and fire forces, and the Rangers camp.

Porta Potties

Banks of porta-potties can be found throughout the city and on the playa. Please use them and keep them clean

Leave No Trace

There is no garbage collection service at Midburn. We are the largest Leave No Trace (LNT) event in the world and it is up to all of us to ensure the long term survival of our event by practicing LNT techniques to remove all Matter Out Of Place (MOOP). That means we are ALL responsible for the trash at Midburn. Every camp is responsible for its refuse. EVERYTHING you bring has potential to become trash: tent stakes, bottle caps, ashes, wood debris, orange peels, cigarette butts, pistachio shells, rope fibres, sequins and even abandoned bikes. We will only be able to restore the desert's untouched beauty if all citizens share the responsibility to line-sweep their camps and the city for MOOP.

Prepare to leave no trace

There are things you can do in advance to your departure for Midburn to start off your LNT efforts right and make LNT easier when you are on playa.

  • Remove all excess packaging from everything you buy (food, supplies, tools) before you pack it.
  • Don’t bring glass containers of any kind — they can shatter. Metal/plastic bottles and plates work well.
  • Smokers: make a portable ashtray (a mint tin, for instance) to collect your cigarette butts and ashes.
  • Bring extra tarps to put under MOOP-heavy areas like your kitchen, construction areas and workspaces.
  • Pack some work gloves to help you pick up the sharp bits.
  • Bring rope or tie-downs to secure everything in your camp, and to securely strap down your load on top of your vehicle.
  • Leave at home anything that will break up and blow away in the wind.
  • Plants (dead or alive) are not allowed as they die and make a mess – use artificial ones instead.
  • Don’t bring loose glitter, feather boas, Astroturf, Styrofoam coolers, plastic bags, sheets of paper, string, disposable drink cups, hay bales, straw or gravel as they can blow away in the wind or turn into MOOPy messes before you know it.
  • Learn how to make evaporation devices and properly dispose of your grey water

Press here should you need further information.

Leave no trace on playa

Never let it hit the ground and clean as you go!

  • MOOP attracts more MOOP. When you see trash on the ground in Midburn, pick it up and take it with you – you won’t see it later as layers of dust accumulate.
  • Weigh it down! Put a weight on or tie down anything that can blow away.
  • If it wasn’t made by your body, don’t put it in the potty! No tampons, garbage, cigarette butts, etc. Toilet paper ONLY.
  • Bring your own mug to the event for coffee and tea. If you bring your
  • own bottled or canned beverages to the living room, please take the drink containers back to your camp. There are no trash cans provided in Midburn, including in the Living room.
  • Carry a MOOP bag. Wherever you go, carry a small bag to collect any MOOP you find. Some customize their MOOP bags to make them a part of their playa wear.
  • Burn Barrel Ashes. If you plan to set a bonfire, bring a shovel and metal containers to scoop up and remove any ashes.

Before you leave Midburn

  • Line-sweep your camp. Walk shoulder-to-shoulder with your campmates and clean your campsite in a grid pattern. Pick up EVERYTHING.
  • Community Clean-up! You are asked to join your neighbors for a couple of hours on the last day of the event to clean up main areas and their camps.
  • Secure and cover your load! Pack carefully and make sure your trash and other items do not come loose on the ride home and litter our highways.

On your way home

Leave No Trace does NOT end when you leave Midburn. DO NOT dump your trash anywhere in neighboring communities that is not a designated dumping spot.

Your survival at Midburn

Acclimation – beating the heat and cold

Midburn takies place in the Negev. The Negev is a desert with an average temperature of 32°C, a maximum temperature of 37°C and low humidity around June. This climate causes radical loss of body fluids. Since the air is so dry, you may not feel the heat but dehydrate quite fast. Sunscreen, lipbalm and lip dryness moisturizers are best friends on the Playa. Please apply sunscreen every morning, and be sure to re-apply several times during the day.

Almost everyone takes a day or two to acclimate to desert conditions. Increase your water intake when you approach the desert. In order to stay in good health and enjoy Midburn, drink water all the time, whether you think you need it or not. 3 liters a day per person, counts as reasonable. Remember to eat salty foods to prevent electrolyte imbalance. Users of alcohol, caffeine or other medicines are particularly at risk of dehydration, and should pay careful attention to their water intake.

Dehydration can cause headaches, abdominal pain, constipation or flu-like symptoms. If someone you know complains of such symptoms, lay him / her in the shade immediately and contact the emergency clinic located near the living room.

Make sure you bring some kind of shade for your camp and try to lay low during the hottest hours of the day (save your energy for the night time). Use sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and water. If you don’t take a few basic steps to protect yourself, the desert’s midday sun will cook you in no time. However, when the sun drops over the horizon, temperatures can quickly drop to 15 degrees, so you’ll want to bring warm clothing and a good sleeping bag as well.


The Midburn does not provide water. You must bring water. You should bring five liters of water per person per day for drinking, washing and cleaning. Always take a full water bottle with you when you leave the camp.

Common injuries

According to our medical staff, the most common problems are dehydration and lacerations from stepping or tripping on unprotected re-bar or tent stakes. Please avoid injury and act responsibly.

Illuminating yourself

The Negev Desert is dark at night, and it's very easy to run into people or things you can't see like unlit art installations or bikes. Do your part for your safety and the safety of others: light up yourself, your bike, your art, and your belongings WELL, front and back. Consider a good LED headlamp, LED blinky lights, or EL wire. Weak glow sticks and bracelets DON’T cut it and become instant trash and potential MOOP.

Personal survival checklist

You must bring:

  • Your entrance ticket, or your photo ID and the confirmation number if you are collecting the ticket at the gate.
  • At least 5 Liters of water per person per day for drinking, washing and cooking.
  • A reusable water bottle to keep with you at all times.
  • Adequate food & beverages for those in your group.
  • An extensive first-aid kit.
  • Warm clothing for evenings—this is a desert and it can get cold at night.
  • Garbage and recycling bags.
  • Tools to clean up your camp site (rakes, magnets, gloves, etc.).
  • Rope or tie-down straps—one way or another, you’ll need them.
  • Duct tape—you’ll find a need for it, guaranteed.
  • Any required prescriptions, contact lens supplies (disposables work great), or anything else you need to maintain your health and comfort in a remote area with no services.
  • Flashlights and spare batteries (headlamps are useful) so as to see and be seen at night.
  • Sunscreen/sunblock & sunglasses.
  • Portable ashtrays (e.g. mint tin that closes securely).
  • Fire extinguishers to protect your camp and property, and if you plan to burn your art.
  • Common sense, an open mind, a sense of humor and a positive attitude.

Strongly suggested you bring:

  • Shade structures, umbrellas, parasols, sheets; something to break the midday sun.
  • A wide brim hat (a chinstrap is useful in the wind).
  • A bicycle (mountain bikes are the best).
  • Lights for your bike and your body for safe night time travel.
  • A bike lock.
  • Tag your bike with your name, playa address, email address, and contact info.
  • Bicycle tire repair kit, pump, spare parts and extra tubes.
  • Portable shower with a drain system to collect & manage grey water.
  • Earplugs (Not everyone will want to sleep when you do!).
  • Watertight protective bags (e.g. heavy zip-type) for cameras or electronic gear. These are also useful for organizing your stuff and keeping stuff dust-free until you are ready to use it.
  • Lotion & lip balm to treat dry, cracked skin.
  • Costumes, musical instruments, props, banners, signs, and anything that might make the experience more fun for you and your playa neighbours.
  • Extra tent stakes.
  • Plastic bottles or tennis balls to top and protect dangerous rebar stakes.
  • Extra set of car keys (keys are easily lost and there is no locksmith in Midburn!)

How to be a good citizen

Batten down your camp

  • keep objects (any light paper or plastic products, clothing, tarps, everything) secure from the wind at all times.
  • Metal rods are perfect as stakes, but make sure to secure them and cover the top edge with a plastic bottle or a tennis ball.
  • Please mark ropes and wires so they are noticeable at night.

Commerce & Concessions

  • The sale of products and services by participants is prohibited within our community.
  • Bring what you need.
  • The display of commercial logos and banners, or distribution of commercial and promotional items or materials is prohibited.
  • Sales of handmade items and food items “in order to cover costs of the trip” are not allowed.
  • Ask your neighbors if you need a specific item. Confront your own survival. This is not a consumer event.

Children, Families & you

If you are planning to bring your children, please read the important information provided in the Family Survival Guide.

If a child goes missing or you encounter a lost child, alert a Midburn Ranger immediately.

Always be respectful and aware of the presence of children in Midburn, and be considerate of their needs as valued members of our community.

Protect yourself & your belongings

While Midburn city is built on principles of community and cooperation, that doesn’t mean citizens are protected from the actions of those with bad intentions. Maintain awareness of your personal safety at the event. Secure your valuables in a safe hiding place while not in camp or lock them in the car.

Tip: Bring 2 sets of car keys, take one with you and hide the other one.

Introduce yourself to neighbours and your local Midburn Rangers. Work together to keep your neighbourhood safe. Let someone know where you are going if you wander off alone or with a new friend, and be sure to check in frequently. Be cautious about accepting drinks in open containers from strangers. Most importantly, use and trust your best instincts.

Freedom & the Media

The media are a part of our experience in Midburn. Freedom of the press dictates that we cannot exclude them, nor would we want to—they are our opportunity to affect the world by illustrating what we do together as a community.

Given today’s technology, everyone contributes to reporting and documenting; this is yet another form of self-expression. However, you have ultimate responsibility for your image and should ask photographers or videographers how your image will be used. Should you feel that someone toting a camera is creating a nuisance, contact a Midburn Rangers.

For further information please read the Photographer’s Etiquette Guidelines.

Protection of Art

  • If you witness anyone vandalizing artwork, please inform a Midburn Ranger.
  • Don’t burn anything that isn't yours. Don’t burn other people’s artwork. If they want their art burned, they’ll do it themselves and you can watch.

Waste Reduction & Recycle Resolutions

In Midburn we strongly believe in protecting the environment and moving towards a sustainable event – and we need YOU to help make that happen! Sort out the garbage, take it home with you and dispose of it only in designated recycle and disposal sites.

Respecting Personal Boundaries

Midburn can be an erotically charged environment. Help prevent sexual harassment and assault while ensuring that sex-positive free expression thrives, through communication.

Speak up for yourself and your personal boundaries. It is essential to know and express your own sexual boundaries and to ask about and respect your partner's boundaries.

As the Bureau of Erotic Discourse (B.E.D.) reminds us: Silence is not consent. Communication is the best lubricant! To find out more visit


Should you choose to expand your participation by volunteering – there are many opportunities. Please visit Playa info by the Living room to hear about the wide variety of rolls you can volunteer for.

Porta-potties: if it Wasn’t made by your body, don’t put it in the potty

Portable toilets will be provided and emptied regularly. The uses of these utilities are for the purpose for which they are intended and not for disposing of your trash or grey water. Do not put in them anything but human waste and a tiny bit of toilet paper. Any other items will make their pumping almost impossible and it would threaten the survival of the event. Never dispose of: tampons, pads, trash or wet wipes in the Porta Potties! Yes, this means you, too!

Do not defecate on the playa; it is an unpleasant mess for everyone, especially for those who restore the playa after the event.

Burn scar prevention

Midburn’s ability to return to the Negev next year is in direct correlation with our ability to Leave No Trace- which includes burn scars. Volunteers have spent thousands of hours cleaning up burn scars from past Burning man events around the world and continue to do so. It is your responsibility as a citizen to ensure no burn scars left on the Playa – NEVER start a fire directly on the Playa’s surface. Use a fireplace, burn barrel or a barbecue (in permitted areas only) for small fires.

Fire art & fuel storage safety

We love fire at Midburn, but we must burn safely. Whether you are planning to have a bonfire, burn your art work or incorporate flame effects into your art work, you must follow our Fire art safety guidelines.

All participants using combustible fuels in an art installation or storing fuel in camp must comply with best practices for storing and handling these materials.

Rental cars & corporate Logos

Corporate advertising is not allowed at Midburn. Participants with company and rental cars are strongly encouraged to cover or decorate prominent logos. Any display or giveaway items with corporate advertising nature are strictly prohibited.

Transportation & Traffic

The city’s layout is planned for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Any sort of use of motor vehicles is prohibited, except for security, evacuation and rescue vehicles

Motorbikes & Electric scooters

Use of motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters and ATVs are prohibited.


Bicycles are not just a matter of convenience; they are part of our culture. The city was designed for walkers and cyclists. No bicycle repair services will be available onsite so it is important to make sure your bike is in good condition before the event and bring bike maintenance tools with you.

Light up your bicycles!

It is very dark on the Playa at night, and there are many people around. Please light your bicycle to prevent injuries to yourself and others.

Lock your bicycles!

It is strongly advised to lock your bikes once they are not in use. Never lock your bikes to any infrastructure cables as it could pose as a safety hazard. Furthermore, it is forbidden to lock bikes to any art installation as it can come in the way of the art exhibition or the burning of it. No bike will count as stolen unless the lock is cut, and no bikes are counted as lost before the end of the event. If your bike is nowhere to be found you can report it to the lost and found center by the Living room.

Decorate your bicycle!

It is less likely that your bike will be “innocently borrowed” if they are unique and special.

Mark your bicycles!

Make sure to mark your bikes with your name, phone number, Email and Playa address. Do so as well as with other valuable items you’ve got (bags, camres, etc.).

Law enforcement at Midburn and the surrounding area

This chapter might be the most important chapter you will read before arriving to Midburn.

Police presence

The police forces are not around to ruin your life or limit you in some way. They are here to fulfil the same task of the police in every city. They are here to assist search and rescue, and help with evacuations. It is also their duty to respond to any illegal event that is brought to their attention.

What is illegal?

Even though Midburn is in a remote environment, state and local laws remain in effect. The following are just some of the laws you should be aware of:

  • The use and possession of illegal drugs are violations of the law.
  • Serving alcohol to minors is illegal. If your theme camp has a bar where alcoholic drinks are gifted, the person serving alcohol must check that any person being served is over 18.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is a violation of the law.

Laws specific to Midburn

Violation of the rules of conduct set forth by the production team and the experience from past events and is displayed both in the survival guide and on billboards in the city, or refusal to cooperate with the Rangers may lead to exclusion from the event.

How to behave with law enforcement

Law enforcement agents have a difficult but important work inside and outside of the Playa. Please be patient and treat the police officers with respect and courtesy. It is the duty of all members of the law to enforce the law. All illegal activity observed by police can lead to a fine or detention. Your best defense is to obey the law and everyone is entitled for a due process, kindness and respect by the representative of the law.

Use of gas and Gas burner equipment

The use of personal camping gas burner equipment with a disposable gas tank (peck, screwing, pressure valve) is completely forbidden within the temporary city area. Gas burner equipment / Containers of this type that will be found, will be confiscated immediately by the organizers.

The use of standardise gas burner equipment with a reusable (refillable) gas tank is allowed, while maintaining the safety regulations

For further details- fire and gas regulations link

Public fire points

For those with bigger things to burn, please use the public bonfires located around the Playa.

Public bonfires are the only place where the fire is allowed to exist openly. Check the map or in the Playa information center for the public bonfires locations .

Combustion of toxins and \ or synthetic materials such as sofas, stuffed furniture, carpets, PVC, etc. are prohibited. You are responsible to take those things back home with you.

Burn only clean things, wood or paper, and nothing unusual in size which can result in loose ash or fractures on the Playa and the campfire area. Do not burn more than necessary at the public bonfires. If it can be usable wood, contribute it. Please bring tools to break large pieces of wood for distribution or for you to take the pieces home for the next year’s structure.

Fire Art and safe fuel storage.

We love fire at Midburn, However it must be used safely. If you are planning to have a fire in a barrel, burn your art creation or to integrate flames in your art car, you are obligated to follow the fire safety regulation and the use of gas.

Each participant who holds flammable materials within their art installation or store fuel at their camp is obligated to act responsibly by the best practices for handling and storage of flammable materials.

The safety of the participants is of the out most importance, you must read the safety instructions and act accordingly.