Do you ride a bicycle?

The Midburn event is held on a large area, big enough for it to be most comfortable to use two wheels. This means that if you begun organizing your list of things to bring, bicycle should be on top of it.

What sort of bike do I bring?

In the past few years bikes became very popular. The trendiest thing today is buying extremely expensive ones. We say, do the opposite! You don’t have to bring the latest thing, a simple bike that can handle dirt roads and carrying you and the things you decorate it with will be more than enough.

We recommend to make sure you have basic repair tools, spare parts and a pump. You are responsible for yourselves.

Night Lights

Means for nighttime lighting are necessary. Remember, the city is located in the desert, far from the city lights. In the dark, with no light or street lighting, riding may be dangerous for you and those around you. Use LED lights or EL WIRE.


Help us make the city more colorful and beautiful. Designing and decorating your bike are some of the most important characteristics of the event. Let your creative mind go crazy! Here are some examples to stimulate your creativity. Decorating you bike will keep them from disappearing, no one would want to take a bike that will stick out in the crowd. In the worst case, identifying your “lost” bike will be a lot easier.

Self service repair services

You are your own bicycle technicians! As mentioned, there will be no bike repair services in the city. Bring your own spares, basic tools, and a pump.

Park properly

A bike lying around, even for just a moment, can trip someone and even cause injuries. If you ride and stop, park your bike as neatly a possible, for minimal disturbance to by-passers. If your building a camp and expecting many visitors, you may want to think of an area designated for bikes.

Watch your bike

Even though we are all good people, like in any other city stealing may occur. Bikes, if they don’t stand out too much, can attract thieves. Make sure to secure your bike, locked or stored in some kind of way, to reduce the chances of stealing.

Don’t leave your bike behind

Last but not least - take them at the end of the event. Under the Leave No Trace principle, don’t leave your bike in the desert. It belongs to you. Take it the same way your brought it. If you have someone to give it to, great, but please don’t leave it behind.