Leave No Trace
Useful Tips

Leave No Trace (LNT) is a very simple principle: leave the place you’ve visited in the same state, or even better than the one you found it in. We do not leave any traces so that others, humans and animals alike, will be able to enjoy the area after we leave.

We breach the principle when we:

  • Drive outside of marked roads and paths, thus creating erosion and scars in the ground, while also harming the vegetation.
  • Leave fire scarring
  • Leave human waste and garbage on the ground
  • Make noise that disturbs the wildlife

Plan ahead and be prepared

You’re already at a great starting point by reading this page. Think about every single item you bring to the Playa. How do you mean to dispose of it? Plan the dismantling of your camp as you pack for Midburn. If there are people leaving your camp early - send some accumulated garbage with them.


Bring as little packaging to the Playa as possible

The less you bring, the less you have to take back. Leave unnecessary packaging at home. Remove all excess packaging from everything you buy (food, supplies, tools) before you pack it. For example, remove the cornflakes bag from the box, which can be left in behind in the recycling bin.

Always choose reusable dishes over disposable ones, cans over bottles and reusable items over both.


Rethink your food rations

Prepare reasonable amounts that you can finish in one meal - leftovers quickly become a burden.

Coordinate everything you bring with camp members, that way you will minimize waste. If you find yourself with a huge dish of leftover food, invite your neighbours for a meal! Avoid creating damp waste - it’s what happens when you throw food leftovers to the garbage.


Bring means to gather MOOP (Matter out of place)

Bring a broom and rake to gather tiny remains of garbage. Line-sweep your camp. Walk shoulder-to-shoulder with your campmates and clean your campsite in a grid pattern. Pick up any type and size of garbage. Cleaning during the event will make dismantling at the end much easier.


Don’t use the playa as a toilet seat

Don’t do your business on the ground. It’s unacceptable, unsanitary and just plain disgusting!! This is why we supply chemical toilets.


Take your bike home

Do not leave your old bike behind. If you don’t get rid of them we will still have to.


Pay attention to extra small items

Don’t miss small items such as nails, matches, cigarette butts, feathers and cable ties. Remember that food leftovers such as orange peels and egg shells are also garbage. When you’re on the Playa, collect all the MOOP you find into a container or your MOOP bag and throw it in the trash when you return to your camp.


Do not pour grey water on the playa

The procedure concerning grey water is simple. DO NOT pour it on the ground.


Do not pour fuel remains on the Playa

It’s toxic! You wouldn’t do it in your own backyard, don’t do it here either.


Minimize fire risk

Our desert is very sensitive to fire scarring. Avoid leaving a mark by not lighting fires directly on the ground. Make sure the ground on which you made a fire has been cleaned of all remains such as coal and ashes. Collect EVERYTHING.


Minimize ground scarring

Do not dig into the ground if it’s not essential. Also, don’t use sand as building material. At the end of the event cover any holes you’ve made for stakes etc.


Treat wildlife with respect

Do not harass the wildlife. We are guests in their home and we must act accordingly!!!!

Remember, Midburn is not a place for dogs or any other pets. Bringing them along is forbidden.

Do I need to take my trash with me all the way home?

Not at all! There are several garbage collecting facilities and recycling areas in the regional council. Find out where they are before your arrival and plan your exit so that on your way home you can place your garbage in the designated areas. A list of garbage disposal facilities will be published before Midburn.


Why can’t I throw garbage in the toilet?

Chemical toilets are designed to deal with human waste and toilet paper ONLY. Throwing any kind of other waste is not allowed and disrupts the hygiene of these facilities.


Can I cook on a bonfire?

Fires that are directly on the ground are not allowed at Midburn, because they cause erosion and scarring on our beautiful desert for many years to come.


Can I burn my garbage?

You may burn only items that are made of paper, and do not release toxic materials and gases. For this purpose there will be designated areas, which will be indicated in the Playa