How to enjoy Midburn and return home safely?!

We all want to come and enjoy midburn, as well as to return home safe and sound to tell about it.

First and most important is to remember: the best medicine is - prevention.

Radical prevention

First and foremost, the responsibility for health and safety lies on each and every one of us, Burners of all genders. In our experience from last year, 80% of the events requiring medical attention could have been avoided by ensuring several simple rules:

Bring basic first aid kit from home

Did we mention radical self-reliance ? it is your responsibility to bring all your required basic first aid kit: plasters, dressings, syrups for children, thermometer, tweezers, pain & fever-relief &  medications, sunscreen lotions etc., for you and your family.

If you need any medication regularly, it is your responsibility to bring it; the variety of medications at our disposal is very limited and intended for emergencies. You are consuming regular medication? Bring enough for the whole event and more, and the means to cool it, if needed.

Water Water Water

Missing part of the magic because of dehydration is a shame, but unfortunately it happens all the time during the event. In the desert, often what we think is a lot is actually not enough. In the existing conditions we are talking about minimum of 6 liter of water for adult per day.

How can we know if we drink enough ?

  • Ask yourself and your surrounding, “ when was the last time Ipissed?” if it's been over two hours since the last time you urinated, you are at risk of dehydration.
  • Memorize the following (rhymes in Hebrew) - Yellow pee- No V!(not good) Clear pee- you are free (good).

Protect your body

Make sure to have a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen in the burning sun. the area is filled with stones, holes and venomous animals such as centipedes and scorpions that are suffering from our invasion into their habitat/ environment. Be sure to go with closed shoes, watch out when lifting stones In the desert and use work gloves if you are engaged in construction.

This is the place to remind you: if you see any obstructing object, safety hazard. or MOOP that can endanger someone or something, it's your obligation to act immediately to remove it. Has Civil responsibility been mentioned?