In consideration of being allowed to participate in and attend the Midburn 2017 event (the "Event" or the "Midburn Event"), I agree to comply with any and all rules, regulations, terms, and conditions of the Midburn Event. These terms constitute an agreement for all intents and purposes between The Midburn Association (RA 580567600) and/or producers involved with the Association (hereinafter the "Event Organizers"), and the person who has purchased a ticket for the event (hereinafter the "Participant").

You are hereby requested to read the following terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly. If you disagree with any of these Terms and Conditions, you are required to not participate in the Midburn Event. Your participation in the Midburn Event constitutes complete consent and agreement to these Terms and Conditions without reservation.

Any mention in these Terms of "participant(s)", whether in first or third person, whether in the singular or plural, includes their children, minors, and/or anyone who accompanies the participant and for whom the Participant is responsible.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions are in addition to the "Terms and Conditions for Participating in Midburn Events" which you signed when registering, or updating your Midburn profile in the Association's website.

1. What is the Midburn Event?

Once a year, thousands of people gather in the Negev desert to participate in the Midburn Event, a temporary city dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. Participants are invited to a melting pot of participation and creativity.

The Midburn Event is a unique project dedicated to the members of the Midburn community as well as the global Burning Man community in Israel and worldwide, based upon the principles of the "Burning Man" event in Nevada, USA. The Midburn Event involves the creation and existence of a temporary city in the desert of Israel for several days (herein the "Temporary City"), at the end of which is dismantled including removing all items that do not naturally belong to the area as well as returning the land and environment to its natural state.

The Temporary City is based on content created by the community members. Everything created for and/or in the Temporary City is based on the creation, building, activity, and participation of you and the other Participants. It is important to emphasize that the Event Organizers are not responsible for the content, even if the content was approved prior to the Midburn Event.

The Temporary City is a thriving metropolis comprised of necessary infrastructure and community services which include, but are not limited to, city planning, medical and emergency services, security and safety divisions, sanitation, etc. The aforementioned services are required and necessary for creation, operation, and support of the survival model that characterizes the Midburn Event, which is based mostly on volunteers. The rest is up to you.

Participants within the Temporary City create, work, and co-habit together within the spirit of the "10 Principles". You are required to read the 10 Principles prior to arriving to the Midburn Event, and to abide by them during your stay in the Temporary City, as well as towards all other participants.

Wherever the "Midburn Event" or the "Temporary City" are mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, it will include the setting-up and dismantling of the Temporary City.

2. Positioning – City Map

2.1 After entering the Temporary City you will meet the reception staff (hereinafter the "Greeters"). The Greeters will welcome you and give you the Midburn Event program and city map. This map mark's the city streets, theme camp locations, parking and free camping areas, as well as other important and relevant information. The map will help you find where your camp is and will assist you to orient yourself during the Midburn Event. Note that it is strictly forbidden to park your car, or set up a camp, outside the designated areas which are marked for those specific purposes.

2.2 Vehicular traffic within the Temporary City is strictly prohibited, with the exception of previously authorized vehicles only. If you park your vehicle within the Temporary City, you will be prohibited from moving your vehicle until the end of the Midburn Event. If you want to leave the Midburn Event before its end, you will need to park in advance in the specific parking lot intended for this purpose.

3. Early Entry into the Midburn Event

3.1 Entry to the Midburn Event will be allowed only at the designated open gates time, which will be published on the website.

3.2 Early entry to the Midburn Event will be allowed by authorized personnel only, which includes, but is not limited to, the production team, Department of Public Works (DPW), participants involved in the setting up of theme camps, or art installations, various volunteers and authorized suppliers whose entrance has been approved in advance by the production team and their details were provided to the Ticketing and Gate Department (TGD). Early entry authorization will be subject to the guidelines created by the TGD. All Terms and Conditions will also be fully applicable to early arrivals.

4. Leaving the Midburn Event

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to enter the city by vehicle for the purpose of picking up equipment prior to the end of the Midburn Event. If needed, you must coordinate with the Event Organizers how to enter and follow their instructions. The Event Organizers are not obliged to give such approval.

5. Installations and Art in the Temporary City

5.1 The Temporary City is dedicated to complete self-expression and art (which includes, but is not limited to any type of statue or artwork displayed at the Midburn Event), performances, theme camps, and unique outfits during the Midburn Event. This is the perfect place to set free your creativity and allow creation without borders and/or limitations. The art created for the Midburn Event is not commercial and is not commissioned or branded in any way.

5.2 If you wish to create an art installation for the Midburn Event, you must sign up and receive permission from the Event Organizers in advance. You can find information regarding this on the Midburn website.

5.3 As is the custom in Midburn, towards the end of the event the "Adam & Eve" and "Temple" installations, as well as other installations will be burned. If you want your installation to be burned at the end of the Midburn Event, you must specify it explicitly when applying for permission to build the installation. The Event Organizers have full discretion whether to approve it, and even revoke an approval after it was given, for whatever reason. The Event Organizers will schedule the burning of installations subject to weather conditions and approval of the relevant authorities. Note that the burning of any installation is strictly forbidden without prior coordination, or at the scheduled time.

5.4 While burning installations, all Participants must follow the instructions of the Fire Department, the Event Organizers, and the Perimeter Crew.

6. Theme Camps

6.1 Theme Camps are an integral part of the web that forms the Midburn Event. Unlike ordinary camps which are intended to provide the basic needs of their members (food, shelter, etc.), a Theme Camp welcomes outside Participants to take part in themed activities such as music, dance, workshops, relaxation, creation, etc.

6.2 If you wish to establish a theme camp during the Event, please read the full Theme Camp Guide and fill out the Registration Form

6.3 If you register to create a Theme Camp, you must plan ahead and take into consideration every possible aspect of safety and security. It is your responsibility to bring with you all resources needed in order to assemble, disassemble, and maintain the Theme Camp safely and responsibly while preventing any risk to Participants and guests in the Theme Camp.

7. Living Conditions

7.1 Note that the Temporary City will be erected in the desert, in the open air, where even during the summer there may be extreme weather conditions including, but not limited to, dramatic temperature differences between the day and night, as well as occasional sand and dust storms.

7.2 More information can be found on the website which will help to prepare for the Midburn Event, including a general Survival Guide. You are required to read this guide carefully and use it to prepare for the Midburn Event.

8. Safety

8.1 Personal safety - Take care of yourself! Remember, you are setting up a temporary home in the desert, so make sure you are drinking enough water to avoid dehydration in these harsh conditions. Beware of long exposure to the sun, wear warm clothing at night, listen to your body, and pay attention to your safety while assembling and dismantling your camp or any structure at the Midburn Event. Make sure to have enough lighting with you at night for you and your surroundings, watch out for objects, including tents, stakes, and anything else that may harm you.

8.2 Children - If you are planning on coming to the Midburn Event with your children, you are required to read the Family Survival Guide.

8.3 Safety in your Camping Area - Setting up a tent or a camp in the Temporary City may be accompanied by many safety risks, such as: stakes, poles, posts, shades nets, other installations that are built or brought by you, the use of tools, electricity, gas, fire, or other risk factors arising from creating and living in a camp. Extreme weather conditions and strong winds may occur that can blow away anything that is not fastened or tied down properly, thus creating a safety hazard. You must take all measures required to avoid & prevent such risks.

8.4 Safety of Art Installations, Facilities, and Theme Camps - In addition to the aforementioned risks, the establishment of a Theme Camp or art installation in the Temporary City may be accompanied by additional safety risks, including, but not limited to - a fall, collapse, electrocution, overcrowding, and any other risks arising from these. Therefore, if you participate in the construction of an art installation or Theme Camp, it is your responsibility to take care of the construction, operation, maintenance, and dismantling of the installation, facility, or theme camp safely and responsibly, while preventing any risk to yourself and other Participants throughout the duration of the Midburn Event. The use  or participation in any art installation, facility, or Theme Camp is at the Participant's own risk and responsibility.

8.5 Fire Safety - It is strictly forbidden to light fires in the Temporary City without the express permission of the Event Organizers. Lighting a fire with permission will be done only utilizing appropriate equipment (half barrel, BBQ, etc.) and in a controlled manner, under close supervision.

8.6 Work Safety - During the setting-up, construction, dismantling of anything in the Temporary City you are required to follow the General Safety Instructions and any other safety instructions that are announced in the future.

9. Volunteering and Participation

9.1 Volunteering is an inseparable part of the Midburn Event experience, and the volunteers are the ones who build the city, operate it, and eventually disassemble it. If you would like to volunteer please register here, and if necessary, the Volunteers' department will contact you.

9.2 During the Midburn Event, there may be an additional requirement for volunteers in various positions. If you want to volunteer during the Midburn Event, you may contact the Playa Info Center during the Midburn Event and register as a volunteer.

10. Medical Services

10.1 We strongly recommend you have suitable medical insurance for your entire stay at the Midburn Event.

10.2 The Temporary City will operate a volunteer medical clinic that aims to provide medical care for anyone attending the Midburn Event, along with additional medical services required by the authorities' licensing conditions. Be aware that in case medical attention is necessary, you will have the choice between receiving medical care from the clinic staff or you may seek other medical care independently. In case you choose to use the clinic's services, you hereby release the clinic's staff and the organizers from liability for any consequences that may arise from such treatment, whatever such may be.

11. General

11.1 The Terms and Conditions as regards ticket purchasing, payment, and cancellation are detailed in the “Midburn 2017 Tickets” section in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

11.2 Jurisdiction in respect to any matter pertaining to the Midburn Event and/or these Terms and Conditions, will be vested in the Tel Aviv District Courts.

12. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood these Terms and Conditions, and undertake to fulfill all the conditions herein. I renounce any claim of ignorance in respect to these terms and any condition herein. I fully acknowledge and am aware that without agreeing to these terms, the Event Organizers would not have consented to my participation in the Midburn Event from the beginning. If I arrive to the Midburn Event with minors, I hereby confirm, as their legal guardian, to the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, and accept the conditions herein on their behalf.