Important Guidelines

Interested in getting more information about the tickets sale? This is the right place!

Several important guidelines:

  1. You can not buy a ticket without a valid Midburn profile. If you created a profile in the past, please make sure that it works, and reconfirm or update the necessary details. If you do not have a midburn Profile - create it now. It will not be possible to open a new profile during the sale rounds.
  2. International participants can apply for a ticket via this form. Who is considered as international participant?  Someone born overseas, and doesn't live in Israel and isn't a resident of Israel. Make sure you are upload a copy of “proof of residency” (copy of your Passport)and  fill up this form (first come first served).

  3.  During a sale round you will need to enter the queue (which will be shared here as a link in advance) and wait for the opening of the line registration. There is no need to refresh (F5), the system automatically opens! If you entered among the first ,you will be notified by e-mail through which you can log on and purchase the tickets.
  4. Each midburn profile may purchase up to two adult tickets and two kids tickets. There will be no purchase of additional tickets using the same profile midburn (even if the ticket has been transferred).
  5. The E-ticket is personal. However , you can transfer the tickets at any time, only through the Midburn Transfer tickets system.
  6. Purchased two tickets? Make sure to transfer the second ticket to the person you bought it for. Anyone who comes to the event is required to have a profile midburn and a ticket in it.
  7. The payment for the tickets is possible only by credit card, However the system will not accept American Express card or debit card. Any transaction can be divided up to five payments without interest.
  8. The number of tickets for the Midburn 2017 event is limited. Opening a “Midburn profile”- does not guarantee a ticket to the event.
  9. It is absolutely forbidden to trade the ticket for more than the originale price!

In the process of purchasing the tickets you will get an option to support the Midburn Art foundation - for additional support of the art at Midburn 2017. Support is not mandatory.

After completion of the purchase, you will be sent an email receipt. In addition, you can see the list of tickets purchased by clicking on "My tickets" in the menu of the profile.

Midburn is a participation based event.
Without volunteers it is not possible to make the event happen and it is not possible to produce the magic that makes Midburn a unique experience and a remarkable event.

If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up for one of the volunteering departments or more during the purchase of the tickets. If you desire to do so later, you can sign up for the volunteer page, where there are plenty of ways to volunteer and participate.

Read the Survival Guide and the information about the ten principles that are the essence and spirit of the event!

Ticket sales for Midburn

Ticket sales for Midburn 2017 :

Sale type QuantitySale opening Price
Support tickets300 TicketsStarting from January 7th, 20172500 NIS
Only for 2016 volunteers5000 TicketsJanuary 14th, 2017780 NIS
General public1000 TicketsJanuary 28th, 2017  at 19:00780 NIS
 International950 TicketsJanuary 28th, 2017 at 19:00780 NIS
Kids and Teens575 TicketsStarting from January 14th, 2017150 NIS
Low income program300 TicketsStarting from January 14th, 2017350 NIS
OMG Saleabout 900 tickets*April 15th, 2017780 NIS

*  The final quantity will be decided closer to the OMG sale.

Support tickets sale

A small amount of 300 tickets will be offered to the general public for the price of 2500 NIS each for those who are able and willing to offer support for the event low income tickets program. Please note that these tickets are regular tickets just like the rest of the tickets for the Midburn event. The Support tickets will remain available for purchase until they last.

2016 Volunteers ticket sale

Anyone who volunteered significantly for Midburn 2016 will receive the first chance to purchase two tickets for the Midburn 2017 event (according to measurable criteria and quantification).

General tickets sale

A sale open to the public will take place on January 28, 2017.

Sales to overseas or international participants

Participants from abroad are an integral part of the midburn community and the international burn community. This year 950 tickets will be allocated for participants from abroad.

Who is considered an international participant?

Someone born overseas, and doesn't live in Israel and isn't a resident of Israel.

The tickets will be distributed by the allocations that will be given for any official regional burning man event as well as to participants with profiles that are updated with a copy of “proof of residency” (copy of your Passport) and will fill up this form (first come first served).

Please note! Anyone who tries to enter the lists of international participants and isn't coming from abroad, their profile will be blocked.

OMG sale

Open sale for the general public. The exact amount of tickets for this sale will be determined closer to the day and will be published in advance.

Low income slae

The low income ticketing program is designed to allow participants who can not afford to purchase a full-price ticket to still attend at Midburn event.The program aims to encourage these participants to receive their right to participate at the Midburn event.
The program is allocating 300 tickets in a special price of 350 NIS. The registration for the program will be open on January 14th, 2017.
For more information about the registration for the low income program click here.

Children tickets

Children are part of the Midburn community. Each age must have a ticket and children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent (who purchased an adult ticket) when entering the event and during its course. If you bring several children, you will need to have a children's ticket for each of them.
Children's tickets will be sold from the opening round of the first sale and throughout all the rounds of sale, while supplies last. Every adult with a Midburn profile will be able to purchase up to two children tickets.

Coming with more than two children? Please contact the support team by email at
Towards midburn 2017 ,will be allocating 575 children tickets at the cost 150 ₪.

Youth tickets

For teens age 14 to 18 - please acquire a “Youth” ticket.
Every age is obligated to have a ticket and those under the age 18 requires a parent accompany to enter the event and throughout the event.
Youth ticket price is the same as adult - 780 Nis
To purchase a Youth ticket send a request to the support team at and attach a copy of the teen ID.
Youth tickets will be sold from the opening round of the first sale and throughout the rounds of the sale, while supplies last.


Am I eligible to participate in the volunteer 2016 sales?
Enter the profiles system and there you will clearly see if you are eligible to participate in the sale that will be held on January 14, 2017. Questions regarding the eligibility must be refered back to the camp / department / art installation leaders.


I couldn’t get a ticket – what should I do?
Wait for the OMG sale. If you didn’t manage to purchase a ticket in any of the rounds, please do not email us about it – we cannot help you with this.

What should I do if I plan to arrive with 3 children or more?
No problem, purchase two tickets during your purchase and contact the support team at


I encountered a technical problem during purchase, what do I do?
In case of a problem during purchase, payment or opening a profile (and only these subjects), you can contact The ticketing volunteers will try to answer all emails as quickly as possible, please be patient and remember the support team are all volunteers as well that want to help you (so be nice).


I bought a ticket but am unable to attend midburn 2017 , can I transfer my ticket?
The ticket has your name on it. All tickets can be transferred only to people with a Midburn profile.
For more info about transfer tickets click here.

For what price may I sell my ticket?
Only for the price you paid for it! According to the Event’s Terms and Conditions, any Profiteering will result in cancellation of the ticket and the seller’s Midburn profile.


Is it possible to pay with payments on the card?
Yes, you can divide up to 5 payments.

Can i cancel a purchased ticket?
According to the Consumer Protection Regulations, it's possible to cancel a transaction within 14 days from the purchase and up to a week before the event. Cancellation of a transaction involves a cancellation fee of 5% from the ticket value. Ticket cancellation will be done only by the ticket owner, by sending written notice from the owner email (as appears in the profile) to and under the conditions specified in the Terms and Conditions.


Last year I was in a theme camp, amI entitled for a ticket?
Whether your camp took part in the 2017 event or not, you should ask the camp leader What is your status. Camp leaders passed a list of eligible Midburn profiles eligable for tickets to the theme camp department.

A Few Final Words

Good job for making it all the way to the end! Don’t stop here, read our Survival Guide, and share it with friends. If you have any more questions, please visit our FAQ page.

Questions? Something unclear? Midburn support team will be glad to help, you are welcome to send any questions and clarifications to: