The low income ticket program was designed to include participants that may not be able to afford a full fare ticket to Midburn. The objective of this program is to encourage participants to fulfill the right to take part and contribute to this unique experience that Midburn offers. The program will have 300 subsidized tickets at the price of 350 ILS.

Low income tickets criteria

  • The ticket is for participants over the age of 18 only and is a personal ticket and non-transferable.
  • A person holding a full fare ticket to Midburn will not be able to submit a request for low-income ticket
  • In order to receive a low income ticket you must meet the following conditions:

1. Submission of a request for a low-income ticket.
2. Compliance with the criteria which is detailed below.
3. Request approval - after completing the request discussion held by a designated team by Midburn, and receiving an email notification by the tickets department confirming the low income ticket entitlement.


Low income ticket - Who can submit

  • Each owner of a Midburn profile can submit only one request for a low income ticket.
  • The criteria by which the committee will review the request do not refer to the economic state of the applicant but is meant to review his realistic ability to earn a living.
  • Please note - The level of involvement in Midburn events, participating in the production of community events, significant volunteer work and any other involvement in the community and in the event will be amongst the considerations that will be reviewed.


Low income tickets- Time table

  • Submissions request via a form in the website will start at Jan 14th and will close on Feb 18th.
  • Answers will be sent within 6 weeks after the submission request.

Low income ticket submission process

  • Request submissions will only be allowed at the times that were stated in the time table.
  • The submission request for a low income ticket will only be done via the designated form.
  • The submission can be in Hebrew or English.
  • Requests submitted by individuals without Midburn profiles will not be reviewed.
  • Participants that their request was approved will receive an email notification with detailed instructions for completion of purchase.

Required documents for applying

In addition to the submitted request form the requestor should add the following documents:

  1. An individual with limitation or disability – a copy of a disabled ID or a document stating his condition.
  2. Soldiers in the IDF - a copy of ID and army ID.
  3. Single mothers / fathers / families - a copy of relevant documents from the NII.
  4. Exception - any document attesting to limited ability to make a living of the requestor.

Requests evaluation process

Evaluation Method of requests by the Midburn Committee

  • The requests will be presented to the Midburn committee with anonymity in order to allow the committee to examine each application on its own merits without prejudice.
  • The committee will decide according to the criteria listed above which request is approved or not, the committee is not obliged to give reasons for their decisions to applicants.

    The program is now closed.