Ticket transfer is now open and can be done only at our profile system.

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Any attempt to fraud or scam tickets is a violation of the rules of the event and the principles of midburn. In these cases, the production reserves the right to cancel the tickets and the profiles of those involved!

As a reminder, child tickets are meant for children under the age of 14, while youth tickets are for teens ages 14-18. Tickets are required for Midburn participants of all ages, and participants whose ages do not match the ticket type they are carrying will not be granted entry.

The system is now open and will stay open until a week before the gates open (end of May 2017)
To transfer a ticket to another participant at the event gate, you must present all of the following documents, printed on paper at the box office:

The ticket will be transferred by the box office staff, the ticket receiver will receive an entry bracelet and be requested to get back to line in order to enter the city.