Volunteering during the event

Volunteering is an inseparable part of the Midburn experience. The volunteers are the ones to build, operate and teardown the city. Volunteering does not automatically award you a ticket, but this year the priority is to allot tickets to volunteers in the different departments.

List of departments open for volunteers

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Health Care

The infirmary provides comprehensive medical facilities to the temporary city while it is being built, during the event...

and through disassembly, as a gift and service to the city community and to to assist in the flow and existence of the event.  ------ Medicamp

The Salon

At the center camp we understand Midburn, the 10 principals, the immediacy of self-expression and inclusion all...

--this is where these come into actual manifestation. The center camp space will be founded on the element of water, a pleasant space that gives a home and a stage to the community. We are looking for stage people and doers extraverted or not.

The center camp department are looking for volunteers to the various teams : design, building, constructions, technical management and also operation during the event.


The department was created to assist in maintaining  a safe and pleasant environment and the safety of the city residents...

Midburn Nomads  are participants who are trained and get their authority from the community, assist in dealing with safety hazards, controlling extreme events and finding solutions in conflicts between participants in the event. They patrol the city at all times of the day, and you can recognize them by their bright nomad cape, which carries the nomad symbol.


The happiest and the most colorful department on the Playa. In charge of greeting the members of the community when they are coming home...

and to make sure that their entrance will be an unforgettable experience. So if you are full of energy and joy, not afraid of hard work and dust in your eyes, you belong with us, the peacocks, waiting to give you big hugs.


Join our Dining Room team and feed all the volunteers that build and dismantle the city!...

We make sure to provide enough food and energy to the Mapatz (DPW) team while they build the City. 


The Gate to the city is a unique and special place , it is the place that separates the default world from the magic city we create...

 The gate is the first place people meet the magic and the place where you leave reality behind and walk into a dream. The Gate department is in charge of managing and operating the entrance to Midburn, including the first welcome to the Midburn’s particiapnt with an exciting convoy at the entrance, issuing the personal entrance ticket to the event and the most excting part - the wristband ceremony .

Department's responsibility :

  • Recruitment of about 100 volunteers for manning the temporary city gates.
  • Planning team buiding activities for the gate’s family.
  • Defining the protocol for the gate oporation.
  • Logistic planning of the gate, including purchasing, corporation with other departments and carrying out in the field.
  • Planning and building art installation at the gate area .
  • Construction, operation and deconstrcutions of the gate at Midburn.
  • Planning and building the camp for the gate’s volunteers.

Gate department has 4 main teams:

  • The volunteers team
  • The art team
  • The logistics team
  • Alligate camp team of the gate volunteers.

The gate’s department works all year round, we are in touch with all of our volunteers and plan fun team-building events and training before the event, We would also have camp and art installation constructions days that would give us another reason to celebrate. We form a unified and United family which together will allow us to operate the Gate best. Attention - it’s a habbit that is hard to kick - you have been warned.

The department volunteers are the first Burners the participants of the event meet! It is important for us that our volunteers will have positive eneregy, lots of patience, a smile and the willingness to listen and solve problems.

For more questions you can contact one of the regional heads of volunteers:

Shiran Maor - Jerusalem area shiran.maor5@gmail.com

Itamar Goren - Beer Sheba area  itamidburn@gmail.com

Naama Golan - Center area tlvgatevolunteer@gmail.com

Oded Keren - North area cocoabracadabra16@gmail.com



The fire tribe’s goal is to create super-sensory (sensational) experience and to provide a platform for self-expression in various areas...

The main activity of the tribe is everything that related to FIRE (including the burns and their fire safety!)

In addition to the fire show with our exciting fire performers, this year we are giving the platform to whomever wants to participate and to contribute with dance, music (all the instruments all the styles), acroyoga/balance, body painting, LED art and more.


MAPATZ (DPW - Department of Public Work) is the department that plans, assembles and disassembles the infrastructure of the city and its public structure...

DPW is the first in the field and last to leave. DPW volunteers are highly responsible, are highly moral, are diligent and durable in bad weather and other difficult conditions, are good in team work and are willing to work hard for common goals. (DPW Camp).

Playa Info

The information center of Midburn. If you lose or find something, need information on content...

a service provider or anything else, our job at the Playa Info is to give you an answer or to know where to refer you to.


Coolest place on the playa, we sell ice to the citizens of the magical city and make it as fun as possible...

Ice is the only thing you can purchase with money on the playa so we need fun cool but also responsible volunteers.

Matar (LNT)

Midburn is an opportunity to touch thousand of people and inspire them. An enormous potential for communal and self-transformation...

If the responsibility for the environment and sustainability are burning within you, you are welcome to find your radical expression within the LNT family.

Chabak (Control Room)

The department that manages the event in real time. We are looking for those outstanding individuals who want to experience the bubbly arteries of Midburn...

to give and to get added value from the event. Our volunteers are sharp--managers to the bone--and know how to get things done.

Midburn Traffic

The most dynamic department in Midburn . The place where we take care of Midburn movement flow- over the access route...

in parking and with the service supplier and caravan entrance to the city itself.

We in the Traffic department make sure that you won’t get stuck or sink. Come and join us


Come and Program Midburn! The department is active throughout the year, in charge of development and maintenance of Midburn systems, including:

ticketing systems, theme camps, art, and above all – one formidable Infrastructure shared with Burner communities around the world.


Radical Inclusion is more than just two words. The department's role is to expand the boundaries of "inclusion" and to make it even more radical, making this event more and more accessible to everyone...


The main goal this year is to attract  more people with disabilities and make Midburn possible and accessible for them.

Theme Camps

Do you want to be the first to welcome camps, show them where to set up the camp and see the city come to life?...

When the water supplier bails and there is no one to turn to? Be those whom they can turn to and get the support.

The theme camps department is looking for field volunteers to be there and support theme camps with location and construction information during and after the event.