Theme selection for Midburn 2017

The theme is a concept that creates an inspirational, intellectual and philosophical framework. It is the foundation and the seed for the content. The theme is drawing a line, running through every aspect of the event, connecting all the elements, making a comprehensive and complete creation. The spirit of the theme encompasses this creation and holds in it the connection and the essence of all participants. The theme guides and inspires the art in the event.

Last year’s theme, “Abracadabra”, gave a deep philosophical meaning to Midburn. It carried an important message and inspired varied artistic directions. The word could be interpreted in different ways, but the basic meaning had a common understanding. The spirit of Abracadabra could be sensed months before the event and during the event itself. It was present everywhere, in every experience and yet allowed full freedom to each and every one to take it to the place that felt right for them.

So, what will be our theme for 2017?

The process started with a call out to the Midburn community. In 5 days we got 47 proposals. After clearing some duplicates we presented 40 proposals. After a short voting process we stayed with the final 3!

For more info about the process:

List of suggested themes (click the theme to read more about it):

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