Location: Arad Motor Park
When: October 30th – November 2nd 2019
Size: Intimate, up to 4000 burners, girl, boy and unicorn (unicorn is unisex if you were asking yourself)

Burn InMotion was born out of a need for continuity, after
realising that there was no space where we could establish the temporary city of Midburn in 2019, we were looking for ways we could create something new that would gather the energy and form this year’s burning torch.

When we arrived at Arad Motor Park, and found a racing track, we pictures a Playa in motion. An art space that was different, that includes art cars, bikes, unicycles, tricycles, Segway .. And anything that signifies movement.

Because only if you stay in motion then things happen. It doesn’t have to be acrobatics, or a particularly flexible type of movement, it can be a simple movement, one that maintains continuity, breath.

We burn as we move, breathe, create, aspire, change, live. 

The base is us and what we bring with us to the space and of course, the ten principles.

From there came the concept, Burn InMotion because InMotion we Burn.

Burn InMotion event is a brand new, different event. We all participate, we are all guests and we are all the hosts, we all create the movement as individuals that work together in one body, each has its own role within that body and we are all equally important to the movement that the body produces .. It is the vision for this event, a vision that will take us on and also generate future energy for Midburn. 2020.

As with any community event, we support and strengthen community participation that is at the core of our endeavor.

theme camps

Burn In Motion is a Burn event organized entirely by community members. Theme camps are an essential part of our community events whether at Burning Man, Midburn or any other Burn event. This is one way to unite and offer music, dance, workshops, relaxation spaces, creative spaces or anything else that gives the event participants value.



Production departments are those who will guide you in the parking lot, they are the greeters who will set you mood at the entrance, they will keep you safe and healthy, they are the nomads who will greet you every morning, they will be at the control room for the event. At an official Burn event there are about 20 production departments that are all made up of volunteers just like me and you and they are here so that we all will have a perfect and safe event


Art & Art cars

The Midburn Association, through the Art Foundation, aims to encourage and promote unique and multidisciplinary art. The foundation and the art department work to motivate and enable any person or a group of people who want to create art that breaks conventions, without boundaries and limitations - groundbreaking art that is not influenced by social norms or commercial considerations and expresses the artist's view without influences. We are proud to take part in one of the largest art galleries in Israel and around the world.