Midburn Profile

What is a Midburn profile?

Midburn profile is part of a new system, developed in preparation for Midburn 2015 by our talented developing team, composed solely of volunteers, who have worked tirelessly building it.

Midburn profile is meant to help and facilitate the flow of information arriving from participants on a regular basis, and will allow to buy tickets, register theme camps, art installations and mobile art, and any other information required to build and create in Midburn.

The information on Midburn Profile is private and secured, and will not appear in search engines (for further details, see Terms of Use and Privacy Policy).

More detailed information on the subject is on the tickets page.

Why are there required fields in a Midburn profile?

The required fields are necessary to make a purchase via our payment system, an external system that charges for the tickets. Members of production have had many discussions in order to lower the amount of required fields to a minimum.

There is a detailed explanation about the purpose of this information and our commitment to maintaining our community members privacy.


Why is Midburn a ticketed event and what does the ticket price embody?

Midburn 2017 – the temporary city that will rise from the desert dust and exist for five days – is expected to hold about 10,500 participants including families, children, volunteers, and more.

Producing an event of this magnitude requires; we must take care of licensing and permits from the authorities and police, insurance, fences, public toilets, infrastructure, public areas, art grants, professional personnel in various fields, firefighting and rescue services, medical services and much more.

Ticket prices are set by the Midburn Association – a non-profit organization, and are derived strictly from the predicted production costs. The objective of selling tickets is to cover all productions costs and raise funds to allow the Midburn Association to fulfill it’s vision: Having a Midburn event every year, maintaining communal activities throughout the whole year, promoting art and promoting a social and awareness changes – driven by vision and inspiration.

Midburn 2017 production budget was estimated in light of the experience from previous years, in order to be able to hold an event without reaching a budget deficit.

It is important for you to know what this community members have long known – most of the production team is composed of volunteers working around the clock to make Midburn events happen.

As a non-profit organization and in accordance with our perception, at the end of every Midburn event, a transparency report is issued. You are welcome to read the Midburn 2014 transparency report to understand how the budget is being handled.

In case of excess money at the end of the event – all resources will be fully transferred to the Midburn Art Fund and will be used for future events and Midburn associated activities.

Is it possible to sell / transfer the ticket?

In accordance with the event Terms and Conditions, the ticket is personal, and it is strictly forbidden to sell it for the purpose of profit.

Transferring a ticket you have purchased to another participant is possible via the Midburn Profile system, under the conditions and limitations as listed on the ticket page.

Is it possible to cancel a ticket I purchased?

It is possible to cancel a ticket purchase, under the conditions specified in the section regarding transaction cancellation policy In the event Terms and Conditions.

Transaction and cancellation are possible in the first 14 days from purchase and no later then a week prior to the event, and is done by contacting the ticketing department via email support@midburn.com.

Since there is great demand for tickets we recommend transferring your ticket to another participant instead of cancelling it – someone else will be happy to make use of your ticket.

More information is available on the tickets transfer page.

When can I buy tickets?

Ticket sales dates are published on the tickets page.

Can I buy a ticket at the gate?

There will be no tickets available at the gate!

Since the event is not meant for random visitors and bystanders, and also for licensing and security reasons, reducing risk factors and maintaing the quality of the participants, the production has decided there will be no tickets sold at the gates.

More information is available on the tickets page.

Why is there a limited number of tickets?

The number of tickets is limited due to the production’s assessment of mix of participants, i.e. the ratio of veterans vs. newcomers. Participants that are familiar with Burning Man culture and maintain it, know and respect the ten principals and act on them, are the majority of the participants in order to maintain Midburn’s characteristics, create the experience, the art, self expression and radical self reliance. The event can’t exist without newcomers, and that is why everyone is invited.

I can only attend part of the event, is there a ticket for part of the days?

A ticket to Midburn allows entering the event regardless of number of days you will be attending.

There is no possibility to purchase a ticket for only part of the time for a lower price.

Since Midburn is a powerfull experience that can only be fully experienced by staying in the temporary city for a few days, we encourage you to spend as much time as possible at Midburn.

There is a limited amount of low income tickets. More information can be found on the tickets page.

What are the criteria for low income tickets?

Details about applying criteria for low income tickets are here

Can I pay for my ticket in cash (I don’t own a credit card)?

Tickets can only be bought through the Miburn Profile system, and only with a credit card.

You can not pay for a ticket in any other way.

If you don’t own a credit card, you can buy a rechargeable visa at the post office bank and use it as a credit card.

Event Preparations

What kind of food and beverages will be sold in the event?

It won’t be possible to buy food, beverages, water, alcohol or anything else during the event. Come prepared with everything you need for your five day stay in the desert. This is one of the basic principles of the Burning Man event and regional events, including Midburn.

How much water should I bring to the event?

Water is used for drinking, cooking, washing dishes and showering. We recommend you bring at least 5 Liters (about 1.3 gallons) per person per day. If you plan to have a daily shower and/or massive dish-washing events, consider even 10 Liters (about 2.6 gallons) per person per day. It won’t be possible to purchase water at the event. We recommend you bring the water in large containers instead of bottles. It will save money, make the transportation easier and is better for the environment.

Where is the event takes place?

The event takes place next to Boker River, not far from Sde Boker. for more information, visit the Getting There page

Will there be any organized transportation to the event?

No. We recommend to carpool. Look for a ride on our ride-share board, this way, you could save time and money and will also get to know wonderful  people on the way. Please note that you can reach the “off the track” point by public transportation from Beer-Sheva toward Mizpe-Ramon on road #40. Get off the bus at the station signed “Midburn”.

Is it possible to bring generators to the event?

It is strictly forbidden to make use of private generators of any kind. The use of electricity during the event is possible by reserving service from the event’s official electricity provider only, according to a predetermined price list. The use of generators without the explicit approval of the event’s production team will result in expulsion from the event and may jeopardize the entire event.

Midburn will have a complete electrical grid, powered by Biodiesel generators in order to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact. The grid is laid out so that every spot in the city can be connected. Therefore you don’t need to know your location beforehand, you can place your electricity order in advance and update the provider with your location after you’re already settled down.

You can also make the order after you settle down, but you should consider a certain waiting time, as the provider will serve the pre-ordered reservations first.

The event’s electricity provider company is “Power On”.

You can reach the company at the following numbers:

Office line: +972-77-4149904

An extra office line and field number: +972-55-6653684

For more details, click here.

Can I bring my dog or any other pet to the event?

No. They are cute and fun to play with, but in a multi-participant event, they can get lost and, unlike humans, they don’t use toilets or abide by the ten principals. Animals will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Will there be garbage bins in the event?

No. You must bring bags or containers for collecting garbage, take them with you out of the event grounds and leave them in organized garbage bins outside. Methods for minimizing the amounts of garbage by keeping the “Leave No Trace” principle can be found here.

Will there be a kitchen where I can cook?

There is no central/public kitchen in the event, but many camps have a shared kitchen for the camp’s members.

Will we have toilets?

Yes. There will be public portable potties on site. We request in every way possible to use them, and not the desert sand.

Can I use gas / camping stove in the event?

The use of personal camping gas burner equipment with disposable gas tank (peck, screwing, pressure valve) is completely forbidden within the temporary city area. Gas burner equipment / Containers of this type that will be found will be confiscated immediately by the organizers.

The use of standardised camping gas stoves with reusable  (refillable) gas tank, up to 5 kg, is allowed, while maintaining the safety regulations.

More details and safety rules can be found here.

What is the procedure in regards to Grey Water?

The procedure is simple – Do not dump grey water on the ground. For detailed explanations and methods for dealing with grey water click here.

Cars and RVs

Is entering and parking vehicles on the event grounds allowed?

In accordance with police requirements, there will be no vehicles allowed on the event grounds. The city was re-planned to fulfill this requirement and the parking is located at its perimeter.

To make things easier for the participants, the distance between the camping area and the parking area is between 30 to 150 meters.

Vehicles with a disability pass will be allowed inside for loading and unloading purposes only, and will be required to leave upon finishing.

Are caravans and RVs allowed on event grounds?

Caravans and RVs that that are licensed as such are allowed on grounds. Other vehicles converted for housing are not allowed.

According to the regulations and the instructions from the authorities, cars are not allowed inside the temporary city. Licensed and proper caravans that wish to park inside the city (and not the parking area), will be directed to a waiting point at the entrance, where they will wait to an escorting team that will escort them to their designated parking space. The owner of the caravan must make sure to have two escorts of his own. At the end of the escort, the caravan will be disconnected from the car and the car will be escorted back to the parking area.

Additional details on the caravan page.

Can I connect to electricity and water with my trailer?

Midburn does not supply electricity and/or water during the event. In accordance with the principal of radical self reliance. the caravan owner must be responsible for filling and emptying the water in the caravan and proper electrical connections.

Entering the city with generators is not allowed, so don’t bring any kind of generator! There will be no place to store them in the city. Participants that will not comply with these regulations are breaking the law and putting the existance of the entire event in danger. Safety teams assinged by Midburn will make sure such generators aren’t being operated.

If you wish to connect your caravan to a power source, you must connect to the power source of the event in a special price for caravans (starting at the first day of the event until the final day at noon).

Where can I empty the black and gray water from my trailer?

The water in the caravan turns into grey water after it’s use and it is strictly forbiden to pour it on the ground.

Every caravan has a different method of emptying water, but each one has a central emptying point for grey water draining from the sink, shower and bathroom. In non mechanical caravans (motorhomes) emptying the grey water is through the holding tank for grey water.

Black water is the water from the caravan’s bathroom, and emptying it is done by removing the drain camp and pumping with the help of a supplier who will be at the event, with advance coordination.

Additional details on caravans can be found on the caravan page.

Where can i park my car?


When you arrive at the event, after passing through the gate and paying a visit to the greeters, you will meet the parking department volunteers that will assist you in parking your car, before entering the city.

Step 1: Print the parking sign.

Please note – Cars will not be allowed to enter the city limits without the sign attached to the front window.

Step 2: after being greeted, you will be directed towards the parking lane. Each car will only be allowed in the lot it’s supposed to park in!

Step 3: At the entrance to each parking lot you will meet the department’s volunteers that will direct you towards the closest free parking space. You won’t need to look for a spot or drive around the lot. Listen to the volunteers’ directions – they are there to help you and the city.

Step 4:  Park your car where you were directed to do so, unload your things, give a big hug to the volunteers helping you and welcome to Midburn!!!

For full details on the structure of the parking lots and the parking procedure, please visit the Parking at Midburn page.

Theme Camps

Is it mandatory to register with a Theme Camp to be a part of the event?

No. You can come to the event independently as long as you are able to take care of yourself in regards to sleeping arrangements, food, water and anything else you may need or want for the event. However, staying with a camp helps with organizing yourself for the event and allows you to share resources with camp mates. Joining a Theme Camp will also make you more active in the event and will let you give to the community in a much larger scale then if you would come alone.

How do I register for a camp?

Each camp is run independently and each has it’s own rules. You can see a list of the camps and contact people here and feel free to contact the camp you would like to join.

What are the advantages of joining a theme camp?

oining a theme camp gives you few advantages:

  •      Shared logistics & organizations: most theme camps share plans and costs for various things such as: water, electricity, food, gray water disposal, etc. – which usually lowers the costs and simplifies all the organizations for the event.
  •      An option for shared gifting: the theme camps are one of the main sources of community involvement. Each camp provides the city with different kinds of gifting and contents. Becoming a part of a theme camp lets you give more and take more pleasure in the joy of gifting.

Are there disadvantages to joining a theme camp?

Sometimes the theme camp and its members might not be the best fit, which can be unpleasant and create tension between the members of the camp. Therefore, before you join any camp, you should meet with the camp’s leaders and make sure you’re aware of the camp’s needs, its character and general requirements. Such as: the cost of joining the camp and what it includes, how much you connect with the camp’s theme and its gifting, requirements in terms of time investment – preparations for the event, the camp assembly and operation during the event and disassembling the camp at the end.

I want to start a camp, Who should I coordinate this with?

If this is about a basic camp that offers services only for it’s camp members, there is no need to coordinate anything. When you come to the event you can choose any free area you can see within the area of the event and put up your camp.

If this is about an especially large camp, it is recommended to pre register to iensure a proper place for you in the City. Pleas note that Theme camps and camps that play music must pre register.

To register fill out the registration for theme camps.

I want to start a camp, Why do I need to preregister?

To create an experience that will allow as many people as possible to enjoy the same space, a lot of thought and planning is put in to who will be next to who so that a camp that offers Yoga in the morning and meditation in the after noon will not be next to a sound camp that plays loud music 24 hours a day. There is a difference between a camp that is a part of the city and a camp that is basic and spontaneous. When a camp creates a certain activity or an installation there is a dialog on where it will be in the city and when the camp registers in advance it helps the production team decide where the best location for it will be.

How can I stay updated on all the info from the theme camps team?

It’s super easy! Just join the theme camps mailing list – and get all the info straight to your inbox!

Entrance to Event

When can I arrive at Midburn?

No sooner than 10 Am on Sunday, May 28th, 2017. Arriving earlier will create problems for all of us.

Will it be possible to enter the event grounds prior to opening time?

Don’t show up on Saturday night-  it is not an original idea… You will be directed to leave and come back on Wednesday. And NO, you cannot camp along the road. The police might give you a ticket.

How will I know where to drive to from the road?

Follow the signs on the road – they are there for your safety and your mental entertainment.

you more than welcome to visit the Getting there page

As the event opens we will have flaggers on the highway controlling traffic and giving Help. Please follow their directions once you leave the highway.

What is the speed limit from the road to the gate?

Obey the speed limit of up to 20 kmph on the Gate Road! Speeding destroys the delicate powder road for all of us. If you go fast – you will ruin the road. If you go fast – you may hurt someone.  We are out there helping you- PLEASE do not dust us.

Drive Safe, do not speed or park on the shoulder of the road. It is important for this event to continue that we all act with civic responsibility.

Which documents do I need to bring to the gate?

As you approach the Gate (entrance to city) there will be a Gater who will ask if everyone has their tickets. Each person in your car must have ready: A paper copy or a picture on your phone of the QR code of each ticket and the matching ID card. If someone in your car does not have the QR code and an ID, then your car will be directed to the “will call” point, until all unclarities are settled. All tickets and IDs must be with you in the car and easily accessible (not in the trunk) because you need to stay in your vehicle.

VERY IMPORTANT: If ANYONE in your car needs to go to “will call” – it means the car & all passengers.

Will my car be searched?

When you reach the Gate your tickets will be scanned and your car searched. Plan ahead for the search:

    1. No stowaways (people sneaking in)
    2. No petrol generators or any petrol bottles/canisters
    3. No potential MOOP
    4. No animals

After our Gate search – your car will be searched by the hired security company and they will be looking for illegal items such as weapons.

Where do I go to after the gate?

After you are done at the gate, we will send you to the Greeters. You can ask them your questions, and they will give you a map and schedule. You can get a hug if you’re lucky!

Tips for a fast way through the gate

  1. Be prepared for the process listed above: ID, QR, and vehicle search.
  2. Respect your fellow Burners and volunteers – they are there for you. Make your way efficient and safe to the playa.
  3. We have buses and fellow Burners. Carpool! fewer vehicles = less traffic = shorter wait times = good things!
  4. Stay in your vehicle. Stay in your vehicle. Stay in your vehicle. Stay in your vehicle. Got it?
  5. Be well informed: There is a lot of valuable information on the Midburn website – please check it out. It is your responsibility to be radically well informed – The rules apply even if you don’t know what they are. Know what items are prohibited, know what you need for early arrivals, and if you are a camp or project expecting deliveries, know that process far in advance.
  6. Each One Teach One. Please share this info with your fellow friends and campmates.

During the event

What music will be playing?

Excellent question! We honestly don’t know. This is not a music festival and the event will not have an organized schedule of musical acts. All of the musical content is created by the participants of the event and they are the ones who decide the type of music that will be played. We can assure you that there will be plenty of places to hear music most hours of the day, including live performances and excellent parties at night.

Can I take pictures at the event?

The temporary city serves as a space that enables the participants to behave and express themselves in their own unique and special way. In order to enable all participants the freedom to express themselves radically and without concern, taking pictures at the event is limited and only permitted as stated in the photography rules specified in our Terms and Conditions.

You must follow certain basic rules, the most important of which is asking for permission before taking a picture of anyone and getting their approval to publish it. In addition, the pictures will be for personal use only. For more information see Photographers etiquette guidelines.

If you are a professional photographer, journalist, media representative or plan to make commercial use of the photos you have taken, please contact the Documentation and photography department for more details and permission, via e-mail. knowledge@midburn.org

Is it allowed to light fire?

The use of open flame fire of any kind is forbidden at the tenttheme camp area,  except metal receptacle such as a half barrel or barbecue. the use of liquid fuels of any kind is also absolutely forbidden.

The use of fire is allowed only to those who are age 18 and up.

The use of fireworks, explosives or fuel under pressure is forbidden(except for substandard gas balloons as part of gas systems as mentioned).

While using open fire extinguishing equipment must be kept in reach.

It’s important for us to keep everyone’s safety therefore make sure to follow the fire safety rules.

Is it possible to use gas / Gas burner equipment in the event?

The use of personal camping gas burner equipment with disposable a gas tank (peck, screwing, pressure valve) is completely forbidden within the temporary city area. Gas burner equipment / Containers of this type that will be found, will be confiscated immediately by the organizers.

The use of standardise gas burner equipment with a reusable (refillable) gas tank is allowed, while maintaining the safety regulations.

For further details- fire and gas regulations link

Children & Teenagers

Can I bring children to the event?

Of course you can! Please note that the entrance of children under the age of 18 depends on the accompanying of a parent. In the area of the Midburn event there will be a section specified for families that will be called the children sector, Which will be far from the noise and chaos, There will also be activities and workshops for children in the Children sector.

From what age are children required to buy a ticket?

Children under the age of 14 must purchase a ticket, for a lowered price of 150 NIS. Youth from 14 to 18 years must purchase a full priced ticket. Please note you may be required to show proof of the age of your child, so prepare the ID + Form of one of the parents or some other proof of age. The entrance of children up to the age of 18 requires an accompanying parent.

Will Alcohol be served to minors in the event?

The event is run by law and as such, giving alcoholic beverages to minors under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited. To remove any doubt, there will not be any selling or serving alcohols to minors by the organizers of the event. It may be that participants of the event will choose to consume or serve alcohol independently and we ask them to follow the law and in any case of doubt in regards to the age of a participant, ask them for an ID before any alcoholic beverages are served.


I want to volunteer and help build the event, Who should I contact?

Excellent! volunteering is an important part of our community. For details on how you can volunteer visit the Volunteering page.

I want to perform / run a workshop / play music during the event, Who should I contact?

Excellent! You can join one of the many theme camps or perform in the Salon (Center Camp).

If you wish to perform in the Salon, please fill out the performance registration form.

Selling areas and cooperation

I want to open a stall and sell food / water / clothing for the event, Who should I contact?

The Midburn event is non-commercial and as such it is not possible to open a selling area of any kind. If you want to voluntarily open a stall and offer your wares for no cost – You are vary welcome to do so in the frame of your camp.

I want to give a money donation to Midburn, Who should I contact?

Thank you for your donation! Please contact the resource gathering department to get details on contributing.