We assume you have many questions regarding the event, so we created this page, where you can find useful information to help you get ready.

Survival Guide

If you still haven’t read the Survival Guide, now is the time. This guide is here to give you basic information about the event.

Taking Care of the Environment

We are committed to operating in accordance with the Ten Principles of Burning Man. The Leave No Trace principle is one of them.

  • Click here for a guide that will help you get ready to leave no trace.
  • We do not allow spilling grey water on the ground! Click here to read about grey water and the ways to handle it during the event.
  • You are requested to take back out everything you brought with you to the event, including trash, or as we like to call it – MOOP (Matter Out Of Place).



  • There is no steady source of electricity in our temporary city. We recommend that you equip yourself with alternatives such as batteries and solar power.
  • It is strictly prohibited to make personal use of generators of any kind! There will be a net of bio-diesel powered generators throughout the city, to reduce emission and protect the environment. The scatter of the generators allows for power anywhere in the city, but must be ordered in advance.
  • Free campers will be allowed to order electricity supply only from the official supplier for the event, according to a pre-set price list. Participants operating a generator without permission are jeopardizing the existence of the event and will be removed from it. For more information visit the Electricity at the Free Camping Zone.
  • For those arriving in caravans, it is also strictly prohibited to make personal use of generators of any kind, including private diesel fueled generators. It is possible to order electricity from the official supplier, for a pre-set price (2,730 NIS to connect the caravan to the electrical net). The supplier’s details and additional information can be found on the Caravans in Midburn page.



There is no water supply in the temporary city. You must make sure to bring all the water you will need for 6 days in the desert.

Fire Safety and Gas Usage

  • The use of open fire flame of any kind at the tent\theme camp area is permitted solely for cooking purposes and solely in metal receptacles such as a half barrel or barbecue. It is not allowed to light a fire directly on the ground.
  • The use of personal camping gas burner equipment with disposable gas tank (peck, screwing, pressure valve) is completely forbidden within the temporary city area. Gas burner equipment / containers of this type that will be found will be confiscated immediately by the organizers.
  • The use of standardise gas burner equipment with reusable (refillable) gas tank is allowed, while maintaining the safety regulations listed below.
  • Please read the entire Fire Safety Regulations and Use of Gas page to avoid unpleasantness.



If you are planning to arrive at the event in a caravan, you must be aware of the regulations for Caravans in Midburn and prepare yourself accordingly.



click here for important details and explanations regarding bicycles.



We all want to come to Midburn and return home safe and sound to tell about it. We prepared a few rules and guidelines to help you maintain your health. Click here to read them.


Arriving at the Event

Arrival Instructions

The event is held in the area of Sde Boker. Click here for a map and instructions.

Gates open

The gates of the event will open for the public on Sunday, May 28, 2017, 10:00 am. Do not come before the gates open if you do not have an early entrance pass.
On the way to the gate
Before your arrival to the event area, please make sure that you have printed tickets and identification. Please note – you may be required to stand in line for several hours, depending on the load on the gate on the time of your arrival. Please be prepared with food, water and a lot of good mood.

Parking – 

The parking areas are numbered in accordance with the hours of the city, so that a camp that is located at 4:30, will park at lot number 4, etc. In order to make the distance between the parking and the camp as short as possible, each lot was divided in two, for example, citizens of a camp located between 6:00 and 6:30, will be directed to parking 6A.

To park in the city you must bring a parking sign (printed or handwritten on recycled paper), with your name, phone number, your camp name and the parking lot you will park in.

Please note – Cars will not be allowed to enter the city limits without the sign attached to the front window (the greeters will be happy to help you).

At the entrance to each parking lot you will meet the department’s volunteers that will direct you towards the closest free parking space. You won’t need to look for a spot or drive around the lot. Listen to the volunteers’ directions – they are there to help you and the city.

For more details, please visit the Parking at Midburn page.

The Map

A PDF version of the event map will be published in shortly before opening of the gates. At the entrance to the city you will receive a detailed printed map.

Where do I camp?

  • If you are part of a theme camp – your location is already known. Tell the greeters the name of your camp and they will make sure to point you in the right direction. Please note, the speed limit at the parking lots is 15 kmph!
  • If you are planning to camp in the free areas, note the markings in the areas of the city, the signs mentioning areas reserved for theme camps or areas where camping is not allowed. The area allocated per person in free camping is 12 square metres gross. The space in the city is limited, please be responsible and respectful, think of the people arriving after you that also need a place to camp.
  • Be aware of who you settle next to. The principle of radical self expression is held together with the principle of communal effort, and it is important to be good neighbours. If you are not sure where you can camp, the Nomads are there to help you. They are also there if you encounter differences you can’t settle.

Theme camp builders

If you are part of a theme camp – the representative or camp manager is the first to come to the area and they must:

  • Update the gate on their arrival.
  • Register the camp in the information center.
  • Fill out the arrival form and sign the safety / moop and electricity regulations.
  • A representative from the placement department will come meet you in the information center and will take you to where you are to set up your camp.
  • Once the event is over you must come to the information center to receive an approval to leave.

During the event

Ice sale – 

The Karachana (Arctica) will sell ice every day between 10 am – 3:30 pm. The center will open on Sunday, May 28, 2017, and will operate throughout the event. A 5kg pack will cost 20 NIS, please bring exact change in cash. We ask you not to arrive at the canter when it is closed.


Due to the intent to create a free space for radical self-expression, and the understanding that such an expression exists in a pure and free form in our events but not in our daily lives, we decided to write a short guide to explain the Photographers etiquette guidelines.


Midburn is an event that promotes volunteering – you are welcome to the Playa Info (information center) at any point in the event to offer your services for anything.

Couldn’t find an answer to your question?

Try and see if it appears on our FAQ page. If you still haven’t found an answer, contact us and we will answer anything.