Terms and conditions for participation in Midburn Association’s Events (“THE TERMS”)


Section 1 – Preface

These terms and conditions are an agreement for all intents and purposes between the Midburn Association, R.A 580567600 (“the Event Organizer”) and/or its producer (the association and/or the producer will be referred to hereinafter jointly and severally: “the Organizers”) and between each and every one who has a registered profile in the Association’s site with regard to their participation in any Event organized by the association (“Event/s”).


You are requested to read these terms carefully and attentively. In case you do not agree to any of these terms, you are required not to participate in any Event; Your participation in any Event constitutes a complete and unreserved consent to all provisions of these terms and conditions.


Any mention in these terms of “participant(s)“, whether in first or third person, whether in the singular or plural, includes their children, minors, and/or anyone who accompanies the participant and for whom the Participant is responsible.

In case of a contradiction or inconsistency between the content of these terms and the content appearing anywhere else on the website, these terms shall prevail.


1.1 The ten principles for personal conduct during the Event

Anyone participating in the Event creates, operates, participates, and exists in light of the Ten Principles.You are required to read these Ten Principles prior to your participation in the Event, and operate according to them and towards all the other participants for the duration of your presence in the Event’s compound, including during the construction, organization and deconstruction periods, in case you are participating in them.

1.2 Environmental conditions in the Event

Please note that substantial parts of the Events take place outdoors, in various weather conditions, some of which can be extreme or severe, in accordance with the location and time of year.


In some of the Events, any kind of trading or commerce is prohibited and it may not be possible to obtain and/or purchase anything during the time of the Event.


Therefore, you must rely on yourself as much as you are required for the purpose of your sustenance, welfare and maintaining your health during the Event, as well as follow the guidelines and recommendations in the Survival Guide, considering the conditions of the Event, its location and the time of the year.


Section 2 – Personal responsibility


2.1 Maintain your Safety!

First and foremost – Take care of yourself! Listen to your needs and to your physical requirements, maintain your safety and the safety of those around you and notice anything that might endanger you.

2.2 Maintain your Health!

By participating in the Event, you hereby confirm and declare that you are healthy and able to participate in the Event and any activity it entailsת and that you are not forbidden by any doctor to participate in Events or activities of such or similar kind. If at the time of the Event you are not in good health that allows you to take part in it, you are required not to participate in the Event.

2.3 Watch the kids!

Children under the age of 18 are welcome to participate in the Event, accompanied by their parents. You are personally required to keep the safety of your children throughout the Event, and have the full responsibility for their participation, their presence or their viewing of different activities during the Event.

It is prohibited by law to serve alcohol to minors under the age of 18.

For the removal of doubt, these Terms fully apply to your children, and by bringing them to the Event you hereby confirm these terms on their behalf as well, as their guardian.

2.4 Watch the Environment!

You are personally responsible for the cleaning of your close environment for the entire duration of the Event, and especially upon its termination. You must take away with you any equipment, material or waste, whether you brought it with you or if it accumulated near/by you while staying at the Event, so there is no trace left that you have been there.

As part of your participation in the Event you are also requested to donate some time and help clean during and after the Event.

2.5 Watch your belongings!

You are personally and exclusively responsible for anything you bring with you to the Event. We recommend marking your belongings with your name, e-mail and phone number. In addition, make sure you leave your valuables under supervision or in a safe location. The organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to your belongings.


Section 3 – Entering and Exiting the Event


When entering the Event, you will meet the gate volunteers (”Gaters”) who will assist you in using your ticket and help you with entering the Temporary City.

3.1 Using your ticket

Entrance to the Event is permitted only upon displaying the following:

  1. A valid electronic ticket for each participant, which includes personal details.
  2. A valid identifying document (Such as I.D, driver’s license, passport, etc.).

Please note that any trade or resale of tickets is prohibited. Tickets are only transferrable using the online ticketing system, on specific dates and according to directions which will be announced on the website.

3.2 What are you not allowed to bring in to the Event?

  1. Animals – It is prohibited to bring any animals or pets to the Event, excluding guide dogs.
  2. Any type of hazardous, poisonous or harmful material is prohibited by law.
  3. Any type of weapon, firearms or cold weapons are strictly forbidden at the Event. Please note that this also applies to persons with a permit to carry a firearm. There will be no place to deposit your weapons in the Event.
  4. Drugs – It is prohibited by law to bring any form or type of illegal drugs into the Event.
  5. Any items or substances or materials that are proscribed by the licensing authorities.

3.3 Consent to Search

The Organizers or the Israeli Police are allowed to perform a search of the vehicle you arrive in – to check that you do not possess anything which is not allowed by law or these Terms, as well as to ensure that all passengers have a valid entrance ticket. You are required to cooperate with the authorities and the Organizers. Non-cooperation may lead to you being denied entrance to the Event.

3.4 Wearing the Midburn Bracelet

When entering the gate, the Gaters will place a bracelet on your person. Children under the age of 18 will receive a different colored bracelet that stands out from the rest of the participants’, among other reasons, to help enforcing the ban on serving alcohol to minors. Each participant must wear the bracelet during the entire duration of the Event. Being at the Event without wearing the bracelet could lead to your expulsion from it.

3.6 Accessibility for Disabled Participants

People with disabilities are invited to attend community Events. The Organizers will work to make Events as accessible as possible, depending on local conditions and in accordance with the law.

3.8 Leaving the Event Compound

Leaving the Event compound will be possible only through the gates. Please note that if you leave the Event and would like to return, you will have to wait in line and re-enter in the exact same manner as for the first time (including e-ticket presentation, displaying bracelet, identification and possible vehicle search).


Section 4 – Code of Conduct


4.1 Inclusion and Tolerance

Radical self-expression comes from the uniqueness of the individual. You can define and determine the characteristics of your uniqueness, but in order to allow you and the other participants to fully experience and enjoy the Event you must respect the rights and freedoms of all of the other participants with inclusion and tolerance.

4.2 Zero Tolerance for Violence

The Organizers advocate zero tolerance towards violence, whether it is physical, verbal or behavioral of any kind. If you are harmed by another participant in the Event, it is your duty to report this to the authorities.

4.3 Radical Self Expression

It is important that you know that some of the participants of the Event may behave or dress differently than their everyday comportment, according to each person’s individual self-expression. Such self-expression may include among others: partial or full nudity, non-conformal behavior or unusual clothing. You hereby confirm that you have chosen to participate in the Event with an understanding, knowledge and intention to attend such an Event.

4.4 Sexuality, Sexual Expression and Boundaries

Radical self-expression, even if expressed as nudity or sexual exhibitionism, is not an agreement or invitation for you to touch or to perform any offensive sexual behavior.  
Sexual harassment violates & offends human dignity, liberty, privacy, and equality between the sexes, contravene the Association’s policy, and it will not tolerate them. The Association will handle such acts as guided by the Exemplary procedure provided by the law & regulations, which constitute a part of these Terms for any purpose whatsoever.
Sexual harassment is also a criminal act and a cause for tort claim in court. If you are harassed by a participant in the Event we recommend that you report it to the authorities.

4.5 Forbidden activities

Any political or commercial activities whatsoever, including distribution of ideological materials, advertising, banners or signboards of commercial entities, political parties or organizations with the aim to influence or recruit supporters are strictly forbidden

4.6 Nomads (Rangers)

Some Events will have teams of Nomads. The Nomads are volunteers who are trained to mediate and help solve conflicts that may arise between the participants of the Event. The Nomads help keep the safety, peace and quality of the experience of the Event. The Nomads are not part of the law enforcement authorities and they do not intervene directly in legal offences. The Nomads patrol the Event 24 hours a day and are identified by a khaki colored vest with the Nomads’ patch. You are requested to listen to and obey their instructions.

4.7 Maintaining Law & Order

The laws of Israel fully apply to you during the entire Event. It is your responsibility to uphold the law and civil order and observe the instructions of the security authorities and of the Organizers. Failure to comply with the directions of the security forces and/or the Organizers may cause your expulsion from the Event.


Section 5 – Photography, Filming and Documentation


5.1 Photography at the Event

As a rule, the Event is a space that allows the participant to behave and express themselves in any unique way they wish. To ensure not harming their experience and privacy, we recommend leaving your camera in a safe place and getting a direct and unmediated experience of the Temporary City and the Event, and not through the camera’s viewfinder.

5.2 Rules of Photography

Since photography is sometimes an inseparable part of the experience of many of the participants, and being able to document the Event while giving the opportunity to all of the participants to freely express themselves, photography at the Event is subject to the rules set forth in this section (the “Rules of Photography“), in addition to the provisions of the law:

  1. Photography will be for personal use of the photographer or the photographed person only. Photography for any other purpose is strictly forbidden.
  2. No participants’ pictures will be taken without their explicit consent and/or if they are in the nude and/or if it in any way compromises their privacy.
  3. No publishing or disseminating of images of any participant where he/she may be visually recognized will be included or posted in any form of media or communications, websites, blogs or social networks, without his/her express consent.

5.3 Authorized Photographers at the Event

During the Event photographs may be taken by authorized photographers, wearing a special badge. These photographers will be instructed and approved by the Media Department of the Association to avoid violating the privacy of participants and the nature of the Event while taking pictures and making them public. The photographs of authorized photographers shall be subject to different rules than the above rules of photography. Subject to full compliance with the rules applicable to them, they will be able to make pictures public even without the explicit permission of the subject.

As a participant in the Event you authorize the Association to use photos of you taken by authorized photographers to document and promote the Association’s goals, including through the website and social networks/media. However, if you consider any use made of your picture as violating your privacy, please contact the Association which will act to remove such.

If you are a journalist, artistic photographer or documentary creator, if you want to take photographs for publication for any reason, if you wish to film using drones during the Event and also if you would like to volunteer to be a photographer for the Organizers, you can apply for advance approval of the Media Dept. by e-mail: gallery@midburn.org .

5.4 Violation of Photography Rules

The Rules of Photography are a fundamental condition for your participation in the Event and by your consent to these Terms you undertake to comply with them without reservations. Violation of any of the rules of photography would constitute a severe harm to the community spirit of the Event and may cause the Event Organizer and the participants substantial damage. The Organizers will take any measure necessary to prevent this.

5.5 Agreed Compensation for Posting Images Contrary to the Rules of Photography

For your information, in all cases where you advertise, publish or show on websites or social media, images taken in violation of the Rules of Photography, you may be sued for compensation by the Organizers, and/or by participants who were harmed by the images.

In light of you knowing and understanding the damage you may cause to the Event Organizers by breaching the rules of photography, and specifically in publishing images in violation of these rules, and especially in case of images that are offensive, revealing or an invasion of privacy, you hereby declare and undertake that in case you publish such images, you will compensate the Organizers for damages in the estimated compensation agreed upon by you in advance, in the amount of NIS 50,000 in respect of any image and/or advertising. You agree that this amount is reasonable and acceptable under the circumstances and that you will be required to pay the full amount even without the Event Organizers having to prove the damage and without depriving them from the privilege to sue and prove greater damage.


Section 6 – Safety at the Event


6.1 – Safety above All

The Organizers consider safety as a top value and a fundamental and essential condition for holding any Event. Each participant has full responsibility not to endanger anyone else by his/her actions. You are required to be alert to the risks that exist in your environment and take action to prevent and/or remove them, and if necessary, alert the Organizers immediately.

6.2 Safety in Your Camping Area

If the Event includes staying overnight at its parameter and you intend on setting up a tent/ shading/ camp, you should plan ahead and take into account all possible safety aspects regarding your encampment before your arrival at the Event. You must bring with you everything needed for a safe and responsible construction and stay, and ensure the setting up, maintaining & dismantling of your camp or tent or any facility therein is done in a responsible & safe manner, including preventing risks throughout the duration of the Event.

6.3 Safety of Art Installations, Activities and Facilities

Some of the Events include, and are dedicated to total self-expression, art installations (any kind of sculpture or art that will be displayed at the Event), exhibits, performances, content/theme activities and unique clothing. It is the perfect place to give freedom to your creativity and enable creations without limits and limitations. The art that is created in the Event is non-commercial, not ordered and not branded in any way.

If you participate in constructions, organization’s, operations or performing in an art installation/facility/activity as mentioned above, it is your responsibility to take care of the construction, operation, maintenance and dismantling of the installation, facility or any activity connected to it, while preventing any risk to yourself and other participants throughout the duration of the Event.

The use or activity by any participant in any Art Installation, facility or performance allowing such use or activity are at the participant’s own risk & responsibility.

6.4 Safety of Content Activities

If you plan to hold activities during the Event that may be a risk or danger of any kind, such as fire activities (e.g. juggling), circus and acrobatics or any other risky or dangerous activity, it is your full responsibility to conduct such activities while rigorously safeguarding & maintaining your and other participants’ safety.

If you choose to participate during the Event in hazardous activities of any kind, you are fully responsible for yourself & and do so at your own risk.

6.5 Safety – General

Throughout the Event, you must act according to the safety instructions that will be published and advertised in regards to this specific Event, as well as obeying all other or additional safety instructions given to you by the Organizers by any means or methods.

Please note that the Organizers or anyone on their behalf may instruct you to fix, remove or stop any safety hazard, and reserve the right to take immediate action to fix or remove anything that constitutes a danger to the public, and you will have no claims in this respect. In addition, the Organizers have the right to charge you for expenses incurred by fixing or removing such safety hazard.


Section 7 – Volunteers – Participation


As part of our community values, we encourage communal effort and participation. The basic premise is that joint creation builds human bonding and communal partnership. This is, of course, in addition to the possibility of creation on a larger scale. Volunteering is an inseparable part of the Event’s experience and the volunteers are the ones who enable it to happen.

Please take notice! Volunteering for the Association or at the Event is NOT recognized as “volunteering” under the Israeli Social Security Law.


Section 8 – Risk Awareness, Waiver and Disclaimer


8.1 Risks at the Event

The Organizers are doing and will do everything in their power to manage all aspects of safety during the Event, in accordance with the Event’s licensing conditions and the law. However, considering the number of participants and potential risks, you are aware of the possibility of risks, and by purchasing a ticket and attending the Event you confirm knowing and understanding that during the Event you might be a part of possibly dangerous activities, as a participant, a viewer or a bystander, that might involve the risk of injury, disability, death, loss of possessions or any other possible damage, that may occur as a result of any of the following causes or a combination thereof:

  1. Actions or lack thereof, errors and bona-fide mistakes made by the Organizers, volunteers or other participants.
  2. As a result of the conditions and limitations of the Event, including the equipment in use.
  3. Weather and temperature conditions.
  4. The state of the other participants of the Event.
  5. Other unforeseeable risks.

8.2 Waiver & Disclaimer

Given the above, by purchasing a ticket and using it to enter the Event and/or actively participating in the Event in any way, you commit and declare on your own behalf and on behalf of anyone for whom you are responsible the following:

  1. You are solely responsible for anything that may happen to you during the Event or because of a result of participating in it.
  2. You fully understand and acknowledge the Event will feature works of art, installations, theme camps, activities and performances, which are not under the responsibility or ownership of the Organizers, and therefore you are aware of and undertake all risks that can be associated with your participation in any manner.
  3. You release the Organizers and all those acting on their behalf of any responsibility for damage caused to me or to my possessions during the Event.
  4. You hereby undertake to indemnify the Organizers, and anyone acting on their behalf, or third parties, for any expense incurred by them due to any damage caused by you during the Event as a result of the risks and factors listed above.


Section 9 – General


9.1. You agree to receive messages and updates from the Organizers through the email address you gave while registering/updating your profile in the Association’s site, including updates or changes to these Terms, which shall apply to all participants upon their mailing, and you undertake to abide by and comply with such. The provisions of these Terms shall apply also to updates mailed to you as above.

9.2. If the Organizers shall become aware that you acted in the past or intend to act at the Event without respecting the 10 Principles, or in contravention of any provision herein, the Organizers shall be entitled, at their absolute discretion to cancel your ticket and/or revoke your participation in the Event. In such case, you will be entitled to a refund of your ticket, but not be entitled to any other compensation.

9.3 If during your participation in the Event, you shall contravene any of the 10 Principles or any provision herein, the Organizer may act towards you at its absolute discretion at any one or more of the following, without being liable towards you whatsoever:

(a) Discontinue immediately your participation in the Event and expel you on the spot.

(b) Request immediate repair of the infringement/damage done by you for all it entails.

(c) Prohibit and prevent you from participating in any other Event, for a period of time or at all times, and/or suspend or cancel your registered profile on the Association’s site.

9.4 Jurisdiction in respect of any matter pertaining to the Event or these Terms will be vested in the competent court in the Tel-Aviv district.


Section 10 – Acceptance of these Terms


I hereby confirm that I have read and understood these Terms and undertake to fulfill all the conditions herein, and I renounce any claim of ignorance in respect of these Terms and any condition herein. I fully acknowledge and am aware that without agreeing to be bound by these Terms, the Organizers would not have consented in the first place to my participation in the Event. If I arrive to the Event with my children, I hereby confirm as their natural guardian all of these Terms, and accept on their behalf all the conditions herein.