Terms & Conditions for Participation – 

Burn in Motion 2020 Event ("The Event")

These terms & conditions constitute an agreement for all intents and purposes between The Midburn Association (RA 580567600) and/or producers involved with the Association (hereinafter the “Event Organisers“), and the person who has purchased a ticket for the event (hereinafter the “Participant“).


You are hereby requested to read the following terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly:


In the event that you disagree with any of these Terms and Conditions, we request that you not participate in the Midburn Event

Your participation in the Midburn Event constitutes complete consent and agreement with these Terms and Conditions without reservation.

Any mention in these Terms and conditions of “participant(s)“, whether as a first or third party, whether in singular or plural, includes their children/minors under their care, and/or anyone who accompanies the participant and for whom the Participant is responsible.

Please note that all information detailed in this document is in addition to all detailed in the "Terms and conditions for participation in Midburn Association’s Events" (“THE TERMS”). Your consent with the Terms & Conditions of Burn in Motion 2020 is also a consent with the Terms & Conditions for participation in Midburn Association Events.


  1. What is the Midburn Event?

Once a year, thousands of people gather in the Negev desert to create ‘Midburn City’; a temporary city dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. All are welcome at this melting pot of participation and creativity.

The Midburn Event is a unique and focused project dedicated to members of the Midburn community as well as to the global Burning Man community in Israel and worldwide. It is based upon the format of the “Burning Man” event in Nevada, USA. 

The Midburn Event involves the creation and existence of a temporary city in the desert of Israel for several days (herein the “Temporary City“). At the end of the event, ‘Midburn city’ is dismantled including the removal of all items which do not naturally belong to the area, as well as returning the land and environment to its natural state.

The Temporary City is based on content created by the community members and on the Ten principles of Burning man which guide and theme the event. 

Everything created for and/or in the Temporary City is based on the creation, building, activity, and participation of oneself and of fellow Participants. It is important to emphasize that the Event Organisers are not responsible for the content, even if the content was approved by them prior to the Midburn Event.


  1. Burn in Motion is a Midburn Association Event, inspired by and based upon the same principles and values as the flagship event. The event is characterized by the notion of Motion. This is not necessarily acrobatic movement or a particularly flexible movement. It can be any form of continuous movement which keeps momentum and breath going. We Burn when we move, breathe, create, cleanse, change, live. When we are ‘in motion’, things happen.

As in any city, there are essential foundations in it and community services including: City planning, medical and Emergency services, Security and safety departments, sanitation and the likes. All these support the infrastructure of the civil organism created mostly by volunteers. The rest is ‘up to you’. 


Residents of the city create, behave, participate and conduct themselves in keeping with the ten principles

You are requested to read these Ten Principles before attending the event and to abide by them as long as you are in ‘MIdburn City’ and toward your fellow participants in the event.


Wherever the ‘Event’ or ‘temporary city’ is mentioned, this also refers to the periods of the setting up of the city and of striking the city down.


  1. Ticket Purchase and cancelation:
    1. Payment will be executed by credit/debit card only. For clarification; payment will be processed, handled and operated by an external payment processing system (hereinafter “The payment processing system”). For clarification; Each purchase made via The payment processing system will be compliant to the website terms and conditions of the payment processing system. The Event organisers will endeavour to hire a payment processing system with authorisation for operating data bases and for keeping these secure under the 1981 privacy laws of data protection which operates under strict security measures.
    2. Transaction cancelation will be made possible within the ticket sales website, according to the customer protection regulations (transaction cancelation) 2010 within 14 days from the date of original purchase and not less than 7 working days prior to the event. For clarification; start date of the event with regards to this section, will be classed as the day of the beginning of building the event on site,ie 01.10.2020 (hereinafter the “start of the event”).
    3. Following transaction cancelation by the customer as described above, the customer will be entitled to monetary refund according to the price they paid less a 5% cancellation fee. The customer and/or anyone associated with the purchase will not have any complaint re the cancelation fee.
    4. Should the event be canceled by circumstances beyond the event organiser’s control (hereinafter “Force majeure”), and this occurs before 30.09.2020, the customer will be entitled to a refund less cancelation fees and participation in ‘lost’ event production costs as follows. The costumer and/or anyone associated with the purchase will not have any complaint towards the event organisers re the cancelation fee:
      1. Tickets purchased in June 2020 – Cancelation fee will be 15% of the transaction 

(5% processing fee plus 10% participation in production fees already spent).

      1. Tickets purchased in July 2020 – Cancelation fee will be 20% of the transaction 

(5% processing fee plus 15% participation in production fees already spent).

      1. 3.4.3 Tickets purchased in August 2020 – Cancelation fee will be 25% of the 

transaction (5% processing fee plus 20% participation in production fees already 


      1. Tickets purchased in September 2020 – Cancelation fee will be 30% of the 

transaction (5% processing fee plus 25% participation in production fees already spent).

    1. Should the event be canceled by Force majeure, and this occurs between 01.10.2020 and midnight on 05.10.2020, the customer will be entitled to a refund less processing fee plus participation in production fees already spent of a total of 50% of the original transaction.

The customer and/or anyone associated with the purchase will not have any grounds for complaint towards the event organisers re the cancelation fee above.

    1. Should the event be canceled by Force majeure, and this occurs from Friday the 06.10.2020 onwards, and/or the event will be stopped after it has officially started, the customer will not be entitled to any refund amount.
    2. For the sake of doubt removal, the event organisers and/or the managers of the website, will not be responsible for any direct or indirect, monetary or otherwise damage occurring as a result of cancellation or postponement of the event. Any reliance on the events taking place at the planned times is the sole responsibility of the customer.
    3. The ticket is designated by name to the customer and is transferable up until 7 working days prior to the event start (as defined above), under the conditions of the event organisers and depending upon their authorisation.


  1. Entrance to the event:
    1. 4.1 Participant entry to the event will be possible from the time of the opening of the gates as will be advertised.
    2. 4.2 Early entry to the event will be made possible for authorised participants such as:

production team, dpw (department of public works) team, theme camp set up participants, set up of art installation, various volunteers and service providers, all of whom have been granted early access in advance and who’s details will have been transferred to the ticketing and the gate departments.

Authorisation of early access will be subject to guidelines from the ticketing and the gate departments.

    1. 4.3 Entry is subject to presentation of a personal designated entry ticket, identification of the participant via ID which matches the ID details which appear on their designated ticket. Without the above details ‘matching’, entry will not be permitted.


  1. 5. Arrival at Midburn city:
    1. When entering the Temporary City you will be met by the reception staff (hereinafter the “Greeters“). The Greeters will warmly welcome you and give you the Event city map. 

This map marks the city streets, theme camp locations, parking and free camping areas, as well as other important and relevant information. The map will help you locate your camp and will assist you in orienting yourself within ‘Midburn City’. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to park your car or to camp outside the designated areas, which are clearly marked for those specific purposes.

    1. 5.2 Please note, Vehicular traffic within the Temporary City is strictly prohibited, with the exception of previously authorized vehicles only. 

If you park your vehicle within the Temporary City, you will be therefore prohibited from moving your vehicle until the end of the Midburn Event. 

If you plan to leave the Midburn Event before its end, you will have to park  in the specific parking lot intended for this purpose.


  1. Leaving the Midburn Event

Please note that entry into the city by vehicle for the purpose of loading up equipment is strictly forbidden prior to the end of the Midburn Event. 

In the unusual event that this is needed, you must coordinate with the Event Organisers regarding unusual entry and follow their instructions. The Event Organisers are not obliged to give this approval.


  1. Installations and Art in the Temporary City
    1. The Temporary City we are building is dedicated to complete self-expression and art, art installations (which include any type of statue or artwork displayed at the Midburn Event), performance, theme camps, and unique outfits are part of the Midburn Event. 

This is the perfect place to let your creativity soar and allow creation without boundaries or limitations. The art created for the Midburn Event is not commercial and is not commissioned or branded in any way.

    1. If you wish to create an art installation for the Midburn Event, you must sign up and receive permission from the Event Organisers in advance. 
    2. This current ‘Burn in Motion’ event will not allow actual physical burning with fire. 

Please note, it is completely prohibited to burn art installations during this event.


  1. Theme Camps:

Theme Camps are an integral part of the fabric which creates the event. 

Unlike regular camps which are dedicated to providing their members’ basic services (such as living quarters, food, etc.), Theme Camps also provide a space inviting additional event participants to come and enjoy dedicated content for example: music, dancing, workshops, relaxation area, creative space, etc.

If you intend to set up a Theme Camp, you must plan in advance and consider every safety aspect concerning your particular 'theme'. 

You are required to bring with you everything needed for the purposes of building, maintaining, and de-constructing your theme camp in a safe and responsible manner, while preventing any risk to camp members and camp guests alike.


  1. Living Conditions:
    1. Note that the Temporary City will be erected in the desert, in the open air, where even during the late summer months there may be extreme weather conditions including, but not limited to, dramatic temperature differences between the day and night, as well as occasional sand and dust storms.
    2. More information can be found on the web which will help you prepare for the Midburn Event.


  1. Safety:
    1. Personal safety – First and foremost, Take care of yourself Please! 

Remember that you are setting up a temporary home in the desert, so make sure you are drinking enough water to avoid dehydration in these harsh conditions. Beware of long exposure to the sun, wear warm clothing at night, listen to your body, and pay attention to your safety while assembling and dismantling your camp or any structure at the Midburn Event. 

Be sure to have enough lighting with you and on you at night for you and your surroundings, watch out for objects, including tents, stakes, and anything else that may harm you.

    1. Safety in your Camping Area – Setting up a tent or a camp in the Temporary City may be 

accompanied by many safety risks, such as: stakes, poles, posts, shade structures, other installations that are built or brought by you, the use of tools, electricity, gas, fire, or other risk factors arising from creating and living in a camp. 

Extreme weather conditions and strong winds may occur that can blow away anything that is not fastened or tied down properly, thus creating a safety hazard. 

You must take all measures required to avoid & prevent such risks.

    1. Safety of Art Installations, Facilities, and Theme Camps – In addition to the aforementioned 

risks, the establishment of a Theme Camp or art installation in the Temporary City may be accompanied by additional safety risks, including, but not limited to – a fall, collapse, electrocution, overcrowding, and any other risks arising from these. Therefore, if you participate in the construction of an art installation or Theme Camp, it is your responsibility to take care of the construction, operation, maintenance, and dismantling of the installation, facility, or theme camp safely and responsibly, while preventing any risk to yourself and other participants throughout the duration of the Midburn Event. The use of or participation in any art installation, facility, or Theme Camp is the Participant’s responsibility and taken at their own risk.

    1. Fire Safety – It is strictly forbidden to light fires in the Temporary City without the express 

permission of the Event Organisers. Lighting a fire with permission will be done only utilizing appropriate equipment (half a barrel, BBQ, etc.) and in a controlled manner, under close supervision.

    1. Work Safety – During the setting-up, construction, dismantling of anything in the Temporary 

City you are required to follow the General Safety Instructions and any other safety instructions that will be announced in the future.

  1. Participation
    Participation is an inseparable part of the Midburn Event experience, and the participants are the ones who build the city, operate it, and eventually disassemble it.

If you would like to participate in the building  and running of ‘Midburn city’, please register here and you will be contacted as needed by the various departments.

During the Midburn Event itself, there may be an additional requirement for participation in various positions. If you want to participate during the Midburn Event, you may contact the Playa Info Center during the Midburn Event and register there.

  1.  Medical Services:

We strongly recommend you have suitable medical insurance for your entire stay at the Midburn Event.

The Temporary City will operate a volunteer medical clinic that aims to provide medical care for anyone attending the Midburn Event, along with additional medical services required by the authorities’ licensing conditions. Be aware that in case medical attention is necessary, you will have a choice between receiving medical care from the clinic staff or you may seek other medical care independently. In case you choose to use the clinic’s services, you hereby release the clinic’s staff and the Organisers from liability for any consequences that may arise from such treatment, whatever these may be.


  • Distancing from Midburn association events: 


It is herein made clear that Midburn association reserves the right to distance from the event, from future events, permanently and with immediate effect; any person who has been reported or suspected to have behaved violently and/or in a sexually abusive manner and/or been revealed to have entered the event fraudulently or without consent and/or does not hold an entry ticket which matches their Israeli identity/passport number, and/or a person who does not hold a wristband which proves that they have legally bought an event ticket.                                                                                             

Midburn association and/or anyone acting on their behalf will not compensate the distanced person for the ticket value or for any damages which they may claim distancing from the event has caused them.


  1. General:

Jurisdiction in respect to any matter pertaining to the Midburn Event and/or these Terms and Conditions, will be vested in the Tel Aviv District Courts.



HYPERLINK PLEASE Terms and conditions for participation in Midburn Association’s Events (“THE TERMS”)